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Being in the business of wedding rings, you hear alot of stories about wedding proposals. Some of them are very ordinary, some of them are good, but there isnt enough of them that are great. A wedding proposal is one great chance to let your bride feel really special. What many guys forget though, is that it isnt just the night of the proposal that she feels special. She will (if things go well) recount this night to friends for the rest of your marriage. Hopefully, for all the right reasons. This post highlights some of the key considerations for that amazing day when the groom asks for his partners hand in marriage!


The vibe

If it doesnt feel right in the moment, dont do it. You need a plan B. Sometimes things happen that are our of our control. Perhaps your partner gets sick the day you plan to propose to her. Sure, its a hassle, you’re probably going to do a whole lot of planning and your going to blow some money, but do you want to propose while she’s crook as a dog? No way!

A mate of mine was going to propose to his wife down at one of the local beaches. It was an ok proposal idea from what I remember, he packed the boot with a picnic, and off he went. Two problems, he drove a crap car and chose the hottest day of the year. Car broke down, him and his girlfriend were pushing the car in 40 degree heat, and he still ended up proposing to her! Memorable, yes, for the right reasons, hell no!




Impromptu proposals can be exactly that, impromptu. But best not to do it, say “in the heat of a steamy moment”. Its really not a very flattering proposal.

A good wedding proposal takes time and efffort, no matter how you do it. Even if you are going to a cosy place in the hills, you still need to plan. You need to think about what your partner likes to eat, drink, how they like to relax. You certainly want to prepare how you are going to say it!

If you are dining out beforehand, you need plenty of time to book the restaurant.

Are you choosing a ring, or are you getting your partner to choose their own?

Are you getting someone to take photo’s – a friend or a professional?


What do they like to do?

This one is really important. If your partner doesn’t like sport, don’t take them to speedway or a game of footy to do it. Not cool and you wont be in the good books.

Some women actually hate being embarrassed. If that’s the case, don’t embarrass her.

As silly as it sounds, I know some ladies who don’t like surprises. Hate them. So tell her you are going to propose. Its ok to keep her guessing a little bit, maybe just don’t spring it right out of the blue.

If she loves flowers and gets stuck into you for never buying her flowers, then organize the biggest bunch of flowers she’s ever seen.


 Blow her away

If you are going to ask a woman to marry you, then you owe it to her to make it a night she will remember for the rest of her life. Really put in some effort

Watch this video, this is just awesome and encapsulates the effort that some men will go to – and I recon its amazing, the best proposal I’ve ever seen!



For my proposal, in brief, I ordered a limo, went to an amazing restaurant in the city, had a horse and cart pick us up and take us around the city, went to a beautiful park this some incredible architecture in the background. I had planned ahead and got a friend to put a card table in the middle of the park, with rose petals, wine, chocolates and a fortune cookie. I’d used tweezers to take out the note that was in there, and I replaced it with “will you marry me”.  The horse and cart pulled up next to the empty table in the middle of the park, I told her to sit down, got down on one knee, and gave her the fortune cookie! Once she said yes, we had a drink, got back on the horse and cart and rode around the city for a bit, ending up at a lovely hotel.

It was a great experience because it was on valentines day, love was in the air, and people were clapping as we went past. When we got out at the hotel, a woman got out of her partners Porsche, and said to her man “Hey! why didnt you get me one of those!!!”

I’m happy with my proposal because I planned it, and incorporated things that I knew she’d like. She felt really special, and it was great hearing her tell her friends what I did.


Things like Gondola rides, hot air ballons etc are great because they are slow, and it gives you time to create tension and atmosphere, and that is what women love. But all this takes planning, you cant just ass it on the night, you need to make an effort, and if you do, you will be very well rewarded!!

Oh and one other thing, DONT FORGET THE RING!!!!!!

burger rings, calamari rings and other assorted foods are not cool.

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  1. hahaha this articles awesome man. I had a mate who proposed on a stinking hot day and his car broke down aswell. seriously wtf is wrong with people lol.

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