Wearing a Ring Might Just Save Your Life One Day

Things have changed a lot since several generations ago, when men rarely wore wedding rings.  Following World War II, when many soldiers fighting abroad began to wear wedding rings as a fond reminder of their loved ones back home, now almost all married men choose to wear a wedding ring, both as a symbol of their commitment to their wives and to represent their marital status to others.  There are plenty of reasons why men choose to wear a wedding ring.  But few of them will ever have thought that their choice to wear a ring may just one day save their life.  As if you needed any further convincing, take note from the following true story:


Donnie Register, an ordinary man who never would have imagined that he’d ever be in any kind of life-threatening situation was working at his store in the Antique Market in Jackson, Mississippi when he was ambushed by two men who had asked to see a coin collection he had.  Rather than pulling out a wallet, one of the men pulled out a pistol while demanding money from the store keeper.  Realizing the man was about to pull the trigger, Register, happily married for over 38 years flung his hands up to his head and closed his eyes as the bullet flew from the chamber.


Police credit this quick thinking, and the wedding band he was wearing with saving his life.  In an amazingly fortunate twist of fate, rather than penetrate his skull, the bullet hit his wedding ring, deflecting most of its power as the bullet shattered into small pieces which lodged themselves into the skin around his fingers and neck but ultimately were non-fatal.  His wife, Darlene said she gave “God all the credit” but the facts remain that without the wedding ring, Donnie Register may never have survived.  “I think it’s a good lesson for men out there to learn that it’s a good idea to wear that ring” she continued, “It could come in handy someday”.  With a ring, now slightly bloody and a little dented, Donnie is grateful “I knew being married was a good thing.  I just didn’t know it was that good.”


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