Timoku Titanium Rings back in production!!

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Great news for all our Australian customers, Edward Mirell have recommenced production of their world famous, one of a kind Timoku products.

There is no other product like Edward Mirell Timoku anywhere in the world. Reason being that Edward Mirell are the only makers of true Black Titanium, owning the patent on this product.

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The Timoku pattern comes from combining Black and Grey Titanium, joining them together , then twisting and hammering the two metals. A Ring blank is then cut, whereupon the final product can be made.

Many of our customers have enjoyed the incredible Timoku ring – most often for a wedding ring, although we have supplied the occasional Timoku for a fashion ring.

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My personal favourite is the incredible Bevelled ring. Having seen it a number of times it really is quite incredible, with amazing pattern of the Timoku framed by the Grey Titanium bevelled edge. Every customer that has bought it has always commented on how incredible it looks.

mens titanium ring


If you are in the market for a unique titanium ring, and you like something a bit unusual, check out the Edward Mirell Timoku range, we can guarantee they’ll get noticed!!

5 thoughts on “Timoku Titanium Rings back in production!!

  1. Hello Nick I bought a tungsten ring off you a while ago and have been looking at these Timoku rings. Is it still possible to get these?
    Ive been looking for these rings in Melbourne but no one seems to have then

    • Hi Damon,
      Most of them are still being made. Let me know me know which one you’re after and I’ll make sure.
      These rings won’t be available in Melbourne as we’re Australia’s sole supplier of the Edward Mirell Timoku!

  2. Hi I saw a timoku ring on Edward Mirells website but I cant seem to see it on yours. Are you able to get it for me? I’m in Melbourne so how long would it take me to get this ring as its for my wedding in september.

  3. Hi there. I saw one of these rings on Edward Mirells website but I can’t see it on yours.
    Can you get this ring for me or do I need to order it through them?
    Do you know how long it would take me to get it, as it’s for my wedding in September and I need it by then.
    What is it actually made of

    • Hey Zeke thanks for the questions. First of all, the Timoku rings are comprised of black titanium and regular titanium. They the go through a propriety process which includes hearing, bending, hammering and shaping.
      For sure we can get it, send me an email and I will check for you how long that would take but without question you’d get the ring well before your wedding day.
      All the best

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