The advantages of prints


The motto of the Stark’s of Winterfell is “winter is coming” – tell me you watch the Game of Thrones if not, this is a little awkward awkward – but this is a rather daft motto because, it says nothing of what we must do when winter arrives. One can hardly be expected to be looking forward to the winter when it’s there with you, day in day out. Anyway, as the clouds roll in, the rains come down, and the world becomes colder and greyer the high street has provided us with vibrant prints that we may distract ourselves from the chilly weather and the shorter day light hours.


Topman seems to be pushing this trend a little bit harder that the rest of its competitors as it’s carrying African fabric inspired print trousers by Dent de Man and a print heavy collaboration with Agi and Sam, who are well known for their use of eccentric prints.


The greatest advantage that this trend provides is that you will always stand out, as the vast majority of men in the world will be too conservative to even think about trying it. You on the other hand will be a commander of attention and a starter of conversation. The conversations you start and the attention you command may not always be positive, but it is infinitely better to be talked about than it is to be ignored.


Dent de Man trousers image

Dente de man

This pair of Dent de Man trousers from Topman provides an excellent middle between the extraordinary and the ordinary. They’ll allow you to express the fruitiest side of yourself, without being too conspicuous.


Agi and Sam suit image


If you’re a more risqué fellow, who doesn’t believe in moderation then this Agi and Sam suit is the one for you. Of course I’ll recommend that you at least wear a different coloured shirt from the suit to avoid blending in with the couch, or the wallpaper.

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