Men’s Wedding Rings – How To Choose A Great Fit


Compatibility doesn’t stop with your future wife. Ensure your men’s wedding ring is compatible with your ring finger too. A wedding ring is a unique item that only comes around once, (maybe twice, if you decide to marry a Kardashian sister), so choose wisely. It’s important you love the look, feel and fit. Wedding rings are cherished and sentimental symbols, so invest in a ring which stands the test of time.

We’d like to do Australian men a favour and offer these expert tips to ensuring you find a men’s wedding ring you will love forever.

How to find the perfect men’s wedding ring

1. Get your ring size correct

A really obvious first pointer, but you’d be surprised how many rings out there are either too tight, or too loose. You can measure your own ring finger with a soft tape measure. This will give you a measurement in millimetres (mm), on how large the inner circumference of your wedding ring needs to be. Our ring sizing chart helps match up these measurements to Australian ring sizes.

Example: You measure the circumference of your ring finger and it is 55mm, which in Australian ring sizes is an O size. We recommend you go up at least 1 – 2mm to  a P or P and a half size to ensure your wedding ring is not too tight.


Ring Sizing Guide Showing Diameter Measurements

ALPHA Rings encourages you to go to a jeweller to try out test rings to find the best fit. Or, we can send out test rings to your home for you to try on, before you order.

2. Choose a ring that matches your personality

A wedding ring is a symbol of love and a life long commitment. Ensure you love the look of your ring and that it’s an extension of your personality. This way, you’ll feel comfortable wearing it and showing it off. Today there are so many styles and different designs available. So much more than the traditional gold or silver wedding ring. Truly, there is something for every man’s taste.

Are you bold and daring? Maybe a black titanium wedding ring could be the striking statement of your affection that you are looking for.

Black mens ring with silver

Something more conservative and classic? Gray titanium rings are naturally glossy, strong and come in a variety of styles. They also inlay well with gold, silver and diamonds.

Do you want a unique wedding ring which shows off your unique character? Our tungsten rings come with carbon fiber, pearl, silver, wooden and coloured inlays. Our tungsten range also comes in a variety of bevelled, domed and faceted edges.

faceted tungsten ring

3. Choose a ring that suits your lifestyle

If you are going to be wearing your wedding ring all the time (it’s ok – we won’t tell your wife if you don’t), give consideration to choosing a ring that is constructed of material that’s appropriate.

Example: a concreter, builder, plumber or mechanic might want to choose a ring made of titanium as opposed to gold or silver, because titanium rings are much stronger and scratch proof.

A man employed in non-manual labour will not have to be so concerned about scratching or ring wear and tear.

We hope this has helped you with your decision to choosing a men’s wedding ring. Please feel free to contact us for any further questions or concerns.



5 things to look for when buying a wedding ring online

First of its important to note at the outset that there is no one perfect wedding ring. The perfect mens wedding ring is the ring that you, the groom, thinks is perfect. And what the groom thinks is perfect is purely a matter of taste and fashion.
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There are, however, some basic points to note when choosing a wedding ring. Our experience in the industry has taught us that not all wedding rings, and indeed not all online retailers are created equally. We have experienced the good and the bad, and this has served to teach us what we want to deliver to our customer, and importantly, what not to deliver. So here it is then, our top 10 things to look for:
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1/ What is the retailers reputation?
Reputation is very important in the online world. Unfortunately many things can be manipulated. Facebook likes can be bought, google + 1’s can be bought, as can twitter followers. That is why word of mouth is such a powerful tool. Your friends will tell you their exact experience. If they had a poor experience with a retailer, chances are you will too. Look at the retailers facebook page and search their name on search engines for complaints.
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2/ Do they know their product?

It continues to baffle those at Alpha Rings, when we do our industry research, how poor some companies product knowledge is, of their own products!! Ask pertinent questions, which gives a good starting point for the questions you should be asking.

3/ Customer service, does it exist?
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We can probably all agree that customer service standards are on the slide. You are probably already under stress thinking about the wedding, last thing you want is the purchase of your ring to be a poor experience. Make some initial enquiries. Ask questions like “whats your policy if my size is wrong”. This is a BIG one. You really need to be comfortable with this policy, because each and every week we would need to do a size exchange when the original order was slightly out. Also see if they charge a restocking fee. A restocking fee is a fee…… For restocking the ring!!!!! We cant see how anyone would feel comfortable paying that.

4/ Wedding Ring quality
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Broken Tungsten RIng

Making fine wedding rings is an art. That is why you need to be absolutely certain when you purchase, that you are purchasing from a legitimate retailer. If your retailer cannot tell you the composition of their rings, then unfortunately they are either buying a mass produced ring in bulk, or they have no idea. In some instances they will however use a patented process, and that would be a legitimate reason for not divulging compositions. Alpha Rings utilise Spectore BlackTi™ which is a patented black titanium ring and these are without peer as far as the quality of the product goes.
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Price of the Wedding Ring

Everyone is looking for the best deal. There’s no doubting that. However you need to be careful when looking for the best deal. As mentioned before, there are so many variables when making wedding rings, that it is critical to not go on price alone. If you go for the cheapest price, purchasing a product that costs $30, $40 or $50, where you have seen it generally more expensive on other online stores, there is a reason. It is most likely mass produced using inferior products and processes, and your wedding ring will be of very poor quality. Middle of the road price points are always fair. You shouldnt need to buy the most expensive ring, but one thing is for sure, you should never ever go for the cheapest. We’ve seen whats out there and its not a pretty sight!
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So there you have it, hopefully you’ve found this article somewhat helpful on your quest for the perfect wedding ring