About Alpha Rings

Titanium Wedding Rings

Alpha Rings is a small Australian business specializing in Men’s wedding rings. They feature a wide range of the most innovative and contemporary Men’s fashion rings, not just on the web, but anywhere. Alpha Rings remains one of the most reliable, and affordable Tungsten ring dealers as a result of cutting out the middleman and passing the savings on to their customers. Eliminating the middle man also clears up a lot of possible miscommunications most small businesses are faced with. Some features of Alpha Rings includes:
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Types of men’s rings. Right now, we’ll focus on three.

  1. Men’s Cobalt Rings – Cobalt rings come in different styles, the discerning thing about Cobalt is their resemblance to  platinum…
  1. Men’s Titanium Rings – Edward Mirell’s distinctive Gray and Black Titanium Rings, ladies love them just as much as our male customers do!!
  1. Men’s Tungsten Rings – probably the most popular of the Men’s Wedding Bands on the market today, and for good reason, they’re available in multiple styles and colors, and remain affordable.

Cobalt Rings
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Cobalt Rings have a white-ish wash to them, giving them a look only Platinum itself could top. The domed Cobalt with Silver inlay is probably our most popular at present. These Cobalt Rings are built to last. 100%  hypo-allergenic, scratch resistant, and tarnish resistant. When you buy a Cobalt Ceramic Ring, you’re buying a ring that lasts.

Titanium Rings

Alpha’s Men’s Titanium Rings come in awesome black Titanium available in both brushed and polished finish. These Titanium Rings are number one on the market. Alpha Rings offers a beautiful Black Titanium ring in-laid with pure silver, surrounded by silver studs which makes an awesome Wedding Ring for Men. This Titanium Ring will literally take your breath away.
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Tungsten Rings

Tungsten Rings are extremely popular men’s rings. They’re very stylish, and very scratch resistant. They come in many styles and colors as well as many in laid styles. The Brushed twin Silver inlay or Black Carbon fiber inlay are probably our two most popular Tungsten Rings at this stage. Both of these rings, like all Tungsten rings, are totally scratch proof and of the highest Quality.

In closing, as men we don’t need much, but we want, what we want. When it comes to Men’s Fashion Rings they must be manly, durable, tarnish resistant, and stress free.
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How can a Ring be stress free?
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A ring is stress free when its affordable and it’s delivered on time with out any issues. All qualities you can expect with an Alpha Ring. For a very limited time, Alpha Rings is offering free shipping (in most cases) and  you may qualify for a free Men’s Fashion Ring with your purchase. Alpha seperates itself from the competition by the quality of its service, and its products.