Black Tungsten vs Black Titanium

When a client wants a black mens ring, there are two main products that they ask us about. The first product is Black Tungsten, the second product is Black Titanium. What clients want to know is, what is black tungsten? what is black titanium? is black titanium or black tungsten better? Lets examine some of those points below.


What are black tungsten rings?

There is actually no such thing as “Black Tungsten”. Black Tungsten utilises regular Tungsten, but then uses a PVD (physical vapour deposition) coating. This means that a coating is applied in an environment of extreme heat and pressure, to the normal Tungsten product.

This seems a completely counter-intuitive process however. The main benefit of a Tungsten ring is that its surface is extremely scratch resistant. So why on earth would you add a coating to that? Despite what retailers might say, Black Tungsten has very poor scratch resistance. The reason for this, is that when you scratch the coating, the grey of the tungsten shows through very easily.

Black Tungsten is normal tungsten with a PVD coating

Black Tungsten is normal tungsten with a PVD coating

So the facts are that there is no product that in and of itself, is real “black tungsten”, and the PVD coated Tungsten which is sold as “black Tungsten”, offers very poor scratch resistance.


What is Black Titanium?

Much has been written on this site about black titanium. However it is important, once again to distinguish the difference between Edward Mirell patented Black Titanium, and what is marketed in the industry as black titanium.

The only real Black Titanium product on the market is the Edward Mirell manufactured product. This is made in the USA at their South Florida facility. Edward Mirell has over 40 patents, with Black Titanium being one of them.

Black Titanium fashion ring

Black Titanium is superior in almost every way to Black Tungsten

This product is truly unique in the jewelry industry. It takes regular commercial pure grey titanium and a well guarded, proprietary blend of alloys, and subjects it to super heating. The result is that the outside of the grey titanium product turns black. The incredibly unique thing about Black Titanium though, is that it maintains much of the malleability and ductility of regular grey Titanium, with the added benefit of the ultra hard black  surface.

Non Edward Mirell Black Titanium is very similar to Black Tungsten jewelry – it is a PVD coating which is highly prone to scratching and fading, leading to an inferior product.


So which is better, Black Tungsten or Black Titanium?

After examining the facts about the two products, it really isnt a contest between the two materials.  The only place that black tungsten has the edge is with cost. Black Titanium is quite a bit more expensive. However you are without question paying for quality. Black Tungsten will definately scratch and fade over time, showing a grey colour underneath the black. Black Titanium is magnitudes more scratch resistant than Black Tungsten, and will stand the test of time well beyond that of other cheaper, inferior products.

The Bevelled Tungsten Ring

Sometimes partners want some input into what ring they should buy their partner as a surprise. They want some guidance as to what the most popular rings are. Enter the Bevelled Tungsten ring with no inlays.

This ring comes in with a few subtle variations. Firstly we make it in either a 6mm width or an 8mm width, and secondly it comes with a polished or brushed face. Overwhelmingly, the brushed face is the most popular, as it adds some nice contrast to the ring with the polished bevelled edging.


8mm Tungsten bevelled ring

The 8mm and 6mm versions are nearly equally popular, it really just depends on what the client is looking for. The 8mm version is quite heavy, weighing in at around 16gm. A similar Titanium Ring would weigh somewhere around 5gm.

This ring is a really good option for people who work outdoors and like to keep their ring on whilst at work. The reason for this is that there is no inlay to scratch, and its very difficult to scratch a plain Tungsten Band.

If you are intereted in these bands, the 8mm tungsten band can be found here, and here is the 6mm tungsten band!


Are ceramic rings dead?

black ceramic ring

Ceramic rings became extremely popular in the last decade or so. The reason for this is that they offered a new way to introduce permanency to the colour of mens and womens fashion rings. Stainless steel was able to be used and was subjected to coatings such as PVD (physical vapor deposition) where the ring was subjected to high temperatures and pressures to add a certain coating. Other types of coatings were things like enamels which were “painted” on. The end result is that there was a product that could be manufactured cheaply, with bright colours and patterns, but at the expense of long term quality and durability.


steel rings

steel and enamel ring

Enter Ceramic rings. Ceramic rings solved some of the problems that were around with steel rings.



Advantages that Ceramic rings held over steel rings include

– They didnt need any type of coating

– The base was not a “Silver” colour, but any colour that the manufacturer wished

– Ceramics are harder  and less prone to scratching

– If it did scratch, it would scratch the same colour

– Stainless Steel rings, are overwhelmingly renound for lacking quality due to being soft – they scratch very easily and bend out of shape too easily. Much like gold, which is shocking for rings and really only used for the status. (Gold is great for accenting and inlaying however)

– A true black colour was achievable, which is very appealing to men.




– Less intricate designs were possible.

– Lower malleability and ductility means less acute angles were possible so less variety of design

black ceramic ring

black ceramic ring

So whats the problem with Ceramic rings then?

Its not so much that ceramic rings are bad, its just that there are better products out there. The Edward Mirell black titanium product is superior to ceramic in every way. So the problem with Ceramic rings is that they have simply been superseded by a vastly superior product. Our customers also seem to know this, and that is why ceramic sales at Alpha Rings have plummeted, while Black Ti sales are on the way up.



Advantages Black Titanium has over Ceramic

– Incredibly versatile

– A staggering matrix of ductility, malleability, scratch resistance and ability to reflect light.

– Unique colour profile

– With the above characteristics is in no way physically inferior to ceramic



– Much more expensive


black ti Koi Fish – cutting edge engineering

Like most things in life, you pay for quality, and Black Titanium is without question more expensive than Ceramic. This tends to mean that retailers make lower margins on Black Titanium.  Black Titanium is not a marketing gimmick, far from it. Its an incredible product that Australian consumers now have the ability to take advantage of.  We still stock ceramic rings, because clients sometimes have an appeal to ceramic, and thats fine, however due to the nature of the product, there are far fewer choices in ceramic than black ti.


Alpha Rings has a great selection of black titanium rings or black ceramic rings right here



Hitting the wedding

It can be said with a somewhat scientific degree of accuracy (although this might not stand up to a rigorous panel) that just about single guy that gets a wedding invite isn’t going to see their mate make a lifelong commitment to the love of their life.  Sure, it’s great…  For them.  But having to trawl through the internet for some sort of meaningful gift, sitting through a somewhat mundane wedding ceremony, having to awkwardly sing along to hymns you don’t know the words to, and then making small talk with guests at the reception all the while having to watch your intake of alcohol so you don’t inadvertently blurt out about that one time when you and the groom woke up naked in a side alley of Rome needs to have some kind of benefit.


Which leads us to…  The good thing about weddings.  Not only is it ridiculously easy to get drunk at a wedding.  It is also ridiculously easy to find someone to go home with.  After all, it’s not only the bride and groom who should be having all the fun!  With all this talk about love, isn’t it only right that you pay tribute to it by finding your own true love…  Or at least someone who’ll say yes to a fun-filled and naughty night?  If you follow some simple ground rules it shouldn’t be too hard to hit it off.  After all that’s what weddings are for, aren’t they?


Number one rule you ask?  Dress dapper.  Don’t even think about putting on that old suit you once had for that family occasion you once went to.  This is a wedding…  Put in some effort and dress sharp!  It’s always better to look more dressy than less. The great thing about weddings is that you’ll be surrounded by people you don’t know and who don’t know you.  Even if you typically slouch around in a pair of loafers and swim shorts, this is an occasion for you to play at being someone completely different.  International man of mystery, jet-set entrepreneur or billionaire playboy,  whatever your chosen look, you can pull it off at a wedding.


The good news is that as slim fitting suits have become more popular, you’ll find it easier to look your best on a small budget.  Slim fit suits with clean lines and a handsome peak lapel can be snapped up for under $250.  However if you’re struggling to get the right fit and you don’t already have a great suit or several thousand dollars to spend on getting a new one, we recommend hiring a suit for the special occasion.  Prices start from around a few hundred dollars and can increase to around who knows what depending on the suit or available options such as shoes, vests and neckwear.  The color of your suit is entirely up to you.


Remember, fit is everything.


You could go with a snappy looking slim-fitted black or navy blue suit with a white shirt and skinny tie or alternatively opt for a light linen suit, perfect for summer weddings.  Why not add some style to either with a matching pocket square along with a stylish pair of sunglasses? Perhaps a new titanium fashion ring?


Once you’ve got the look down, the rest is up to you.  Make yourself available, head to an area like the bar or buffet where you can easily get into a conversation with that pretty redhead without appearing you’re trying too hard.  If you’ve been eyeing each other all day, but you lack the courage, take your chance when the music is playing to approach her and invite her to dance.  It won’t appear awkward and will give you a chance to woo her with your witty charm.  And most importantly: smile.  Be approachable and confident and it will get you far…

Alpha Rings speaks to Adam Rosenberg – Part II


Nick Fox – What does Edward Mirell stand for, and how do you want to be known in the marketplace?

Adam Rosenberg – The brand Edward Mirell stands for, again with the background, history and heritage of our company, absolutely stands for quality, innovation – we’re definitely leaders in this category, we’ve introduced this category and we continue to lead in it. New processes, materials to achieve all the different looks that consumers are wanting to see in the market today.

Design is really important to us, we have some of the world’s most amazing designers on staff, headed by Eddie Rosenberg. So you will see as you look through our collection we’ve got about 20 men’s collections, we’ve got about 13 women’s collections and a countless number of wedding band programs in different materials. And again we stand for the quality of the materials that we use, but each collection is truly inspired. There is a real thought and emotion behind each collection that we bring to the market, that really brings something much more tangible to the consumer, something real.

NF – The Pallas band is the perfect example of that.

AR – Yeah the Pallas bands were actually inspired as we were thinking “what really gets the male customer excited?” And its that code of valour, strength that we like to adhere to, or like to at least believe we adhere to. And so we look back to the roman warrior era’s and samurai era’s and that’s where we actually came up with the Pallas collection. Looking at the different adornments on the swords and shields and armour from those time periods. The Templar collection actually came from the samurai era’s, so that’s two examples.

Edward Mirell Pallas Titanium Band

NF – And you’ve got the Samurai collection and Stealth aswell, they’re inspired collections

AR – Yeah each of the collections, even in the ladies, have the ordinary miracles collection which is the Koi fish and frogs and it really speaks of the strength of the female spirit. The Koi fish for example swims against current and survives in frozen water to come back in spring. And the frogs represent that metamorphosis of personality and person through their life so its definitely representative of the female spirit.

black-titanium-koi-fish-ringTitanium Frog ring

NF – And I love the Timoku bands, the joining of two separate materials

AR – Timoku is a really exciting new process that we have patented, it’s the first time that contemporary metals have been used in the Mokume process. The Mokume process is a Japanese metaling where they take two different materials and literally fuse them together through isostatic pressing and heat. It creates a sort of banded look which is why they normally call it the wood grain metal. But the story that the Japanese actually created for us, they say because it actually a merging of two metals, they say it’s the binding of two spirits that together make a stronger unit, but still retail their individuality. So it definitely speaks well for our wedding band program.

Bevelled Timoku Ringdomed Titanium TimokuTimoku Ring

NF – Thanks very much Adam!

You can see the full video here

Contemporary vs Traditional Ring materials

In times gone by there was very limited choice for men when it came to wedding rings. Plain gold bands were pretty much the be all and end all of the Mens wedding Ring range.
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Since then more and more fancy rings have come into the market. Not only that but contemporary metals and a range of precious metals have become more accepted as materials to make rings out of. Precious metal rings include Gold, Platinum and Palladium, whilst contemporary materials include Titanium, Tungsten, Cobalt, Steel and Ceramic.
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Gold Rings in the current era are absolutely no longer the automatic first choice for a wedding band. The benefit of gold is its “perceived value”, and the fact it is deemed to be quite a traditional product. The huge downside is that gold becomes dull very quickly, is extremely expensive, and is one of the easiest metals to scratch.

air jordan i

Contemporary metals on the other hand have been engineered to remain scratch resistant for longer. All contemporary metals used in commercial jewellery applications have higher scratch resistance than Gold. All of these metals are also much much cheaper than gold.

A key point for selection of a contemporary metal ring is the quality of the product. It is absolutely imperative that the client does their homework and shops around to ensure they are comfortable with the quality of their new product. Like any product, the quality of mens rings can vary wildly. Cheap mens rings are out there and can be purchased on most online marketplaces.
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Contemporary products undoubtedly offer a great deal to the modern consumer. The styles that can be replicated are exclusive and cannot be made in materials such as gold and platinum due to uniquely engineered ductility and malleability. What this does is gives the consumer a great range of choice in designs. You will not find this with precious metal rings

Tungsten and Silver Bevelled ring
UK Oakley sunglasses

Tungsten domed ring with silver

Tungsten rings offer the most superior Scratch resistance but due to their hardness are somewhat limited from a design point of view.


Titanium & Black Titanium Cable Ring
ray ban clubmaster eyeglasses
Titanium Fashion Ring

Titanium Rings offer an amazing blend of scratch resistance and design possibilities. The results are often quite spectacular.


Timoku Titanium Ring

Timoku-Silver-Ring TitaniumTimoku Rings are amongst the most aesthetically appealing rings found anywhere in the world. They feature all the advantages of grey and black Titanium. Exclusive to Edward Mirell due to the patent on Black Titanium.


Royale Black Titanium RingRose Gold Titanium RingBlack Titanium Rings can only be purchased in the Edward Mirell brand. This is due to EM owning the patent on Black Titanium. Products posing as Black Ti can be bought on the net, however these are just regular titanium coated black. Only the EM product has the unique properties that make Black Ti sought after by some of the worlds largest companies like Tiffany, Porsche and Harley Davidson.

Edward Mirell Black Titanium Rapture Collection

One of Edward Mirell’s most celebrated lines is the “Rapture” collection. The rapture collection features both patented Black Titanium and Gray Titanium within its product suite. Stunning is an overused word in the jewelry industry, but I think its fair to say that the Rapture collection is exactly that. Featuring intricate designs and precise angles, it is an incredibly eye catching collection.  The collection is admittedly one of the more expensive lines that ALPHA Rings stocks, however that is due to the run of diamonds that is consistent with all the products in the line.
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At the forefront of the collection is the two Rapture rings, the Gray and Black Titanium varieties. Both intensely beautiful, our clients who have purchased this ring and in awe of the incredible appearance this creates on their hand. The black version, as with every product in the range, offers the sharpest contrast over the Gray.

One point to note is that the Rapture rings are relatively thick in comparison to a low profile plain band, at about 2.7 mm. generally this is no issue in larger sizes, however at smaller sizes such as 7-8, some people may find it a fraction thick. I have a size 8.5 and have no issues with the thickness.
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Some may view the images and think this range is quite heavy, however that is far from the case. Most products in the Rapture range weigh in at less than 10gm.

You will note that the rings have an inner liner, this is made of Silver. The feature of the rings are the 5 angle set diamonds, set into Silver which is then set into the respective Titanium outer.
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Black Titanium Rapture Ring
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Mens Titanium Rapture Ring
Oakley sunglasses Coupon

The Cufflinks in the collection are also stunning. The Cufflinks, like the rings, will undoubtedly get noticed, particularly on a white shirt. Its difficult to imagine a more striking cufflink than either of these.  As with all products in the Rapture collection, the centerpiece is the 5 angled diamonds.

Black Titanium Cufflinks RaptureGrey Titanium Cufflinks

The next group of accessories is the Necklace and the Keyring. As with all other Rapture products, the distinctive features are the same.
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Black Titanium Necklace RaptureGrey Titanium Necklace Rapture
oakley prescription eyewear

Black Titanium Keyring RaptureGray Titanium Necklace RaptureAnd finally we have the emerging bracelets. Very unique products, there is no doubt that these will catch the eye. Although holding a little more weight than the rest of the collection, they are still considerably lighter than steel

Black Titanium Bracelet RaptureGrey Titanium Bracelet

As Edward Mirell’s exclusive distributor in Australia/NZ you can find all of the above products online at Alpha Rings. Feel free to browse the collections in their respective categories, and we are more than happy to answer any questions you may have about these incredible mens titanium rings, bracelets, keyrings and necklaces.

Midnight Cable – Black Titanium Ring, Cufflink and Chain collection

Midnight Cable by Edward Mirell is one of the most alluring collections currently available. At the core of every Midnight cable piece is the proprietary Edward Mirell Black Titanium. In each piece is set Black Titanium memory cable and in almost all cases, black diamonds. The effect is moody, strong, and incredibly titanium mens ringThe above ring has two Black Titanium memory cables inlaid, with one black diamond bezel set into the black ti. Such a unique look and yet so remarkably attractive.
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gents ring black titaniumThis particular ring doesnt have diamonds yet it maintains the same philosophy of the Midnight Cable collection – Black Ti with a band of Black Ti memory cable and the barrels equally placed along the cable.
ray ban folding wayfarer
black titanium gents ringOne of the showpieces of the collection, this ring is simple yet so powerful in its appearance. Again with Black Ti, an inlaid Black Ti cable and a single Black Diamond, this is one of the most incredible rings in all the Edward Mirell collection.
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Mens black titanium cufflinksThe Black Titanium Cufflinks are in the same theme as all the rings in the Midnight Cable Collection. 2 Black Ti memory cable complete this piece to give a wonderful visual effect. Black Mens Cufflinks never looked so good.
ray ban jackie ohh sunglasses
Necklaces and mens bracelets are also available in this collection. We have found that there are quite a few people out there that love the Black Ti, but want a slightly understated look. Using Silver or Gold inlays or cables can often bring out the personality of the ring too far. Black cable is a way to slightly tone down the image of the ring, giving a great textural contrast between the base metal and the cable, but subtle because the colours are common.

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Midnight Cable is proving to be a much admired collection amongst the Edward Mirell range. Alpha Rings is delighted to stock all of the collections range. If black mens rings are what you are after, look no further than the Edward Mirell Midnight Cable collection.

The 5 worst things men can do on Valentines day

forgot valentines day

Valentines day is one of those days that a great deal of men struggle to get excited about. But the forward thinking male will understand that whilst there is an expectation that goes along with Valentines day, it also creates a great opportunity. Pull off a great Valentines day and your stock goes up big time in the eyes of your girl. Screw it up and all her friends will know what an average bloke you are. If you’re keen on keeping your partner, make sure you take heed of the following points. Tick off 3 or more of the below in one Valentines day, and it might well be the last Valentines you spend with her.
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Forget it

This goes for birthdays, anniversaries and of course Valentines day. If you forget Valentines day then your probably too self absorbed to have a girlfriend anyway. We get hit with weeks of marketing from every company under the sun, there is just no excuse for it. Put a reminder in your mobile or on a sticky at work if your prone to forgetting. Shocking excuse and won’t stack up at all.
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forgot valentines day

Perve on other women

This one is so obvious, and it goes for any day of the year, but no more so than Valentines day. Your Valentine expects that you will devote yourself to her, so checking out other women in front of her will earn you 3 strikes straight away. Show some restraint. I wouldn’t imagine if she catches you looking at porn on your computer she’ll be thrilled either.
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perving on women
nike air max 95 neon

Dont watch Sports

As men, there is a strong chance that Sports are a part of your culture. Valentines day is one day (as well as your wedding day), where you have to put that aside. If the big game is on, complain about the moronic administrators that did the fixturing, and just record it. A large portion of women dont like watching your sport, so she aint gonna be happy doing it when your supposed to be paying her attention.
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Denmark Oakley sunglasses

Dont use your mobile flat out

Although using our mobile phones is becoming a habit –  nothing says to a women “disengagement” faster than looking stuff up on google all night at the restaurant. Put it on flight mode and dedicate a few hours to your partner, its not a big ask. When you’re spending all night on your technology, your partner is thinking you love your phone more than her.

using mobile phone
air jordan UK

Dont buy crap gifts

Rubbish gifts are a wonderful way to get the day off to a bad start. Gift certificates are shockers. They show that you put absolutely no thought or effort into a it and you’re totally clutching at straws. Gym trial certificates are a great one for telling a women you think she’s fat. Big chance she’ll be dropping hints weeks before Valentines day as to what she’s after. Look for the strategically placed cataloges in the lounge room.
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gift certificate


Valentines day really isn’t as difficult as a lot of blokes make it out to be. Some women just want a bunch of flowers and to be told that you love her. Others want the worlds most expensive romantic adventure – if thats your woman, thats what you signed on for and you cant blame her if that’s what she wants.

Put a little thought and effort into it. Think about what she wants and what she’d like to tell her friends. If tomorrow she’s telling her friends how awesome a day you made it for her, then as a man, its job done.


Edward Mirell – The worlds best Wedding Bands for Men

Edward Mirell Titanium mens wedding rings

Edward Mirell rings have attracted a great deal of hype of late, with countless celebrities sporting their modern designs in the US. However Edward Mirell is relatively new to Australia’s shores, and so we have written this blog post to delve into the phenomenon that is taking the jewelery industry by storm.
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Jon Cryer shows off his Edward Mirell bracelet at the Emmys

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Edward Mirell is a collaboration between Edward Rosenberg and Mirella Connor, who created the label.  Central to the belief of both Edward and Mirella was the belief that Titanium offered incredible opportunities to make Jewelry that was somewhat outside the square. Both Eddie and Mirella wanted to create a product that was of exceptional quality, was versatile, bio-compatible and of course, visually appealing. In 2010, Edward Mirell was given the prestigious “Titanium Development and Advancement award” by the International Titanium Society.
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Edward Mirell Titanium Ring

Edward Mirell is known for thinking outside the square



Edward Mirell are the pioneers in the contemporary metal department. They currently own the worldwide patent on Black Titanium, an incredible product that changes Grey Titanium to black at the molecular level. EM Black Titanium rings are innovative, attractive and visually unsurpassed.
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Where Edward Mirell separates itself from the competition is the technology and quality control that is central to the operations of the business. All aspects of design and production are contained in-house, including:


EM factory

All aspects of the process take place in Deefield Beach, Florida


Design – EM’s award winning design team are experts in all manner of CAD programs including Matrix, Rhino, Pro Engineer and Master Cam

Machining – A full compliment of CNC lathes, full 5 axis mills, swiss machining and mini mills.

Tool Room – Well equiped tooling room including presses and manual machining centers

Casting – In 2007 EM aquired  American Casting company Tinomics which was North America’s leading full service casting company
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Assembly – EM, through 30 years of experience has developed a huge array of proprietary tools and equipment specifically for working with Titanium and the physical attributes required to do that.

Other aspects of the process include Welding and joining technologies, marking, stone setting, anodizing, heat treating, etching, manual and mechanical finishings.

QA – EM ensures worlds best practices throughout the entire process, ensuring that nothing passes the QA stage without undergoing rigorous examination.


Every single client that has purchased an Edward Mirell ring from us has been very much satisfied with the product. Titanium products coming out of China can be purchased cheaper, however we believe that there is absolutely no substitute for quality, particularly when it comes to wedding rings. To say that Edward Mirell offers the highest quality Titanium wedding rings in the world is something that we feel very strongly about, having tested countless Titanium brands in the past.
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EM ring

Edward Mirell are capable of the most intricate and stunning designs


The coming together of Alpha Rings and Edward Mirell was somewhat by accident. Alpha Rings was in need of a custom designed black Titanium Wedding Ring. We went to Edward Mirell due to their reputation in the industry for exceptional outcomes, and so the relationship was born. Alpha Rings are the only place where EM can be purchased in Australia or New Zealand.
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Black Titanium Ring

Ultimately this was the ring responsble for EM and Alpha Rings coming together


Alpha Rings is an Adelaide company, specialising in Mens Wedding Rings. Our reputation for providing exceptional customer service and offering world class quality products, has only been enhanced since partnering Edward Mirell. Our corporate goals are almost identical. Both companies treat clients as we would like to be treated, the lost skill of Customer Service is firmly on display when you purchase an EM product in Australia.

The Edward Mirell Warranty and rings for life resizing program ensure that your Mens Wedding Ring stays on your finger for life.