The Royale Titanium collection

Like the Rapture collection, one of the crowning achievements in the Edward Mirell range is the remarkable “Royale Collection” This particular collection includes Rings, Bracelets, Necklaces and cufflinks. All of these products come in both Black Titanium and the commercial pure Grey Titanium.

As you can see from the images, the most obvious feature of the Royale collection is the impressive diamond set. For example, the Royale Black Titanium Ring contains a total of .24ctw diamond accented with 18k gold. This makes the Royale ring an amazingly bold ring, and very much a symbol of masculinity, style and luxury.

mens titanium ring Royale

The workmanship of the Royale collection is everything you would expect from the Edward Mirell range – world class. Faultless on every occasion, the Edward Mirell brand leaves no stone unturned with this collection to show off a mans style and class.


One of the great features of the Royale collection is the fact that it is perfect to wear for those high fashion functions. Nothing says class like a pair of Royale titanium cufflinks on a crisp white shirt under a tuxedo. Great for weddings and formal engagements – in fact that has proved to be exactly what most people want these cuffs for.

black titanium necklace

And lets not forget the necklace. This one will be sure to capture the eye of those around you, with its glimmering diamonds set in the patented black titanium. Such a unique piece, set in the most unique material.

Gray Titanium Royale Ring

We should not forget to mention that all of these products come in the outstanding Grey Titanium also. Moving away from the Black Titanium decreases the contrast with the silver and the diamonds and makes this jewelery piece much more subtle. Some people like this because they actually dont want attention drawn to themselves. Thats the wonderful thing about most of the Edward Mirell pieces, there is generally something for everyone.

The Pea Coat: We salute you!


There are many reasons why winter might not be your favourite season, but one thing it does have is great style. From durable coats to cosy knits, make sure you wrap up in sartorial panache for the colder months ahead.


There is one particular style of outerwear that we believe every man needs to invest in: the pea coat. Whether it’s for work or weekend, this military-inspired staple is effortlessly stylish and will remain in your wardrobe a lifetime.


Nautical Origins


There are certain pieces of clothing that withstand decades, or sometimes even centuries, of ever-changing trends. A pea coat is one of these timeless garments, originating as far back as the 1720s where references to the pea jacket first appeared in American newspapers. Today, the distinctive style remains consistently relevant and often true to its original design.


Originally worn by sailors of European navies, pea coats are recognised by their wide lapels, double-breasted fronts and often over-sized wooden or metallic buttons. Traditionally made from 30-ounce wool, pea coats were designed to keep sailors warm at sea by retaining their body heat.


Mod to Modern Day


The next stage of the pea coat’s journey was when it became more of a style statement than a practical piece. Although the parka is the first style of outerwear you would associate with the 1960s mods, a smarter approach to the look is to don a classic pea coat.


Today, the pea coat remains one of the most stylish pieces of men’s outerwear, while also remaining entirely practical. In recent years it has made a huge comeback, particularly with the resurgence of military style.


How to Wear the Pea Coat


What’s great about the pea coat is how versatile the piece of outerwear is. Whether you’re heading to the boardroom or the bar, this durable style will keep you both warm and naturally on-trend.


When you’re heading off on your commute to work, a classic navy pea coat will keep your tailored charcoal suit dry while ensuring you stand out from the crowd. When heading out with friends at the weekend, a black or grey style will work perfectly over a sporty polo or striped tee teamed with indigo jeans and loafers.


So what are you waiting for guys? Sail on in style…

Camelbak HAWG NV Daypack

Introducing one of the greatest daypacks that Camelbak has produced, the HAWG NV.  Its niche use is for mountain biking, however this versatile back is equally as useful as a trekking/hiking pack or general daypack. The pack comes in at around 16lt + a 3 litre reservoir/hydration system.
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Whilst this might seem a fairly small capacity, the incredible thing about this pack is in the design. The various pockets  allow a large amount of additional storage that might not be available in many other packs.
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camelbak_hawg black

The pack has an external pocket which is designed to carry a helmet. So if you are not needing to carry a helmet, that gives significant extra storage which can be strapped closed. There is a top inner pocket with a soft lining which can carry sunglasses or a phone. My Samsung Galaxy S4 only just squeezes in there however. Side pockets allow for water bottles. The back pocket is designed to carry the 3L bladder. However if you are not carrying a bladder, this can be used as additional storage for thin items.
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The main compartment is big enough to carry all of your daily travelling needs and there is a secondary compartment with additional partitions for things such as phones, torches etc.

Camelbak daypack hydration

This pack excels with its harness system and its unique mesh back. It has both a sternum strap and a well padded, thick waist strap. The waist strap when pulled tight keeps its tension and takes a tremendous portion of the weight. Fully loaded, the weight is well distributed over the chest, waist and shoulders, taking pressure off the back and shoulders.

When I recently traveled doing a week of theme parks I had the pack loaded with the following at one point (with no water bladder)

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1.5 liter water bottle in main compartment

2 small water bottle on the side (3 liters water in total)

point and shoot camera





3 sandwiches

pair of shorts
air jordan Italy
light second layer

2 banana’s

umbrella hanging off side strap


The pack was well loaded, and contained everything that I needed for the day. Although heavy, the weight was well distributed and the difference between it and a more standard pack from a comfort point of view was like light and day.

The pack also has the Camelbak back mesh which keeps the pack slightly off your back in order to allow air flow between the pack and your back.

camelbak back mesh
discounted ray ban sunglasses
Much has already been written about Camelbak’s hydration system. Along with Osprey they have been pioneers in this field. The system works well, is unobtrusive and does the job it is designed for.
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This is without question the best daypack I have ever used. Retailing at anywhere between $150-$200 AUD, it is not a cheap one. However this pack will last as it is very durable. This is a product that really is worth the money. Its a brilliant pack. The pack is highly fashionable and does not look like a hiking pack like some of the Osprey’s.  Suited for a wide range of tasks, there is absolutely no doubt that this would be a pack that I would buy again in a heartbeat.

The 5 worst things men can do on Valentines day

forgot valentines day

Valentines day is one of those days that a great deal of men struggle to get excited about. But the forward thinking male will understand that whilst there is an expectation that goes along with Valentines day, it also creates a great opportunity. Pull off a great Valentines day and your stock goes up big time in the eyes of your girl. Screw it up and all her friends will know what an average bloke you are. If you’re keen on keeping your partner, make sure you take heed of the following points. Tick off 3 or more of the below in one Valentines day, and it might well be the last Valentines you spend with her.
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Forget it

This goes for birthdays, anniversaries and of course Valentines day. If you forget Valentines day then your probably too self absorbed to have a girlfriend anyway. We get hit with weeks of marketing from every company under the sun, there is just no excuse for it. Put a reminder in your mobile or on a sticky at work if your prone to forgetting. Shocking excuse and won’t stack up at all.
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forgot valentines day

Perve on other women

This one is so obvious, and it goes for any day of the year, but no more so than Valentines day. Your Valentine expects that you will devote yourself to her, so checking out other women in front of her will earn you 3 strikes straight away. Show some restraint. I wouldn’t imagine if she catches you looking at porn on your computer she’ll be thrilled either.
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perving on women
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Dont watch Sports

As men, there is a strong chance that Sports are a part of your culture. Valentines day is one day (as well as your wedding day), where you have to put that aside. If the big game is on, complain about the moronic administrators that did the fixturing, and just record it. A large portion of women dont like watching your sport, so she aint gonna be happy doing it when your supposed to be paying her attention.
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Dont use your mobile flat out

Although using our mobile phones is becoming a habit –  nothing says to a women “disengagement” faster than looking stuff up on google all night at the restaurant. Put it on flight mode and dedicate a few hours to your partner, its not a big ask. When you’re spending all night on your technology, your partner is thinking you love your phone more than her.

using mobile phone
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Dont buy crap gifts

Rubbish gifts are a wonderful way to get the day off to a bad start. Gift certificates are shockers. They show that you put absolutely no thought or effort into a it and you’re totally clutching at straws. Gym trial certificates are a great one for telling a women you think she’s fat. Big chance she’ll be dropping hints weeks before Valentines day as to what she’s after. Look for the strategically placed cataloges in the lounge room.
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gift certificate


Valentines day really isn’t as difficult as a lot of blokes make it out to be. Some women just want a bunch of flowers and to be told that you love her. Others want the worlds most expensive romantic adventure – if thats your woman, thats what you signed on for and you cant blame her if that’s what she wants.

Put a little thought and effort into it. Think about what she wants and what she’d like to tell her friends. If tomorrow she’s telling her friends how awesome a day you made it for her, then as a man, its job done.