Spring is here!

Tungsten & wood ring

Spring is here at last! Amazing flowers, snakes and Hayfever are but some of the wonderful things we can look forward to over the next few months! At ALPHA Rings we love spring because it marks the ramping up of the wedding season. We start to notice a lot of people desperately needing a ring at rather short notice from about late August onwards.

So if you are planning to get married over the next 6 months, we strongly suggest that you do your research nice and early so you have a good idea what you’re after nice and early. Then you can make sure, if the ring has to be made, that you’re getting it made with plenty of time to spare.

Theres nothing worse than finding your ideal ring, only to find out that its not possible for the ring to be made in time! At this time of year, Alpha Rings works on about 4-6 weeks to turn around rings that we do not have in stock. Almost all Edward Mirell stock is made fresh for our customers, in their Deerfield Beach, Florida manufacturing facility.

We hold a good selection of Tungsten, Titanium and mens Cobalt Rings but again, please contact us nice and early so that if we do not have it, we are able to project how long this will take to get made.

Here at Alpha Rings we’re all about making sure that you’re experience is as good as we can possibly make it. If that means we don’t have the ring you’re after, we’re never going to try and sell you something you won’t be happy for you. We want you to have the product you love, and we hope that you find that product right here!

Our new Cobalt rings

Mens Tungsten Ring

Our new range of Cobalt rings are almost here! While we haven’t yet had any come out of production, they are only weeks away. So whats so special about these new Cobalt rings? Well first of all if you’ve followed our posts you’ll know that at Alpha Rings, we’re massive fans of the Cobalt product.

Cobalt is just such a great material to make jewellery for men out of for a variety of reasons. First of all they look incredible. If you’re familiar with Platinum, then you’ll be familiar with Cobalt. The appearance of Cobalt is somewhat similar to that of Platinum with its incredible “clean” colour. Some people think that Titanium and Tungsten look dirty in colour, but Cobalt is most definitely not like that. The high scratch resistance of Cobalt is also a key reason why it is becoming more and more popular. Whilst it isn’t as scratch resistant as Tungsten, it most definitely is more scratch resistant than Titanium, which makes it a great choice for a mens wedding or fashion ring.

So our new range of rings will be the simple domed band. We’ve found that this is a really popular design and we believe our customers are going to love them. At the low price point we’ve introduced them at ($149), we think this offers a great balance between cost and quality. Cobalt rings for men really should last a lifetime, and at that price, its an absolute steal.

We’ll upload some photo’s as soon as they come off the production line!

Anodised Titanium Bands

mens blue rings

Although the ability to anodise steel has been around for many decades, its application in jewellery has been mainly associated with female lines, in particular rings and necklaces. Anodising creates remarkable colours by a process which involves electrically charged particles.

mens blue rings

grey titanium with 2 inset channels of anodised blue

Recently however, Edward Mirell have given the anodisation process something of a renaissance! Mens titanium bands are now seeing a splash of colour through them which has not previously been seen in any of the Edward Mirell lines in the past.

anodized-black-titanium-band with blue

The blue anodised effect is more subtle with black titanium

One of the key features to note with the anodised rings is the slight recessed channels where the colour is situated. This has the effect of protecting the colour and greatly increasing its life because it is not surface facing and therefore has a considerably reduced risk of being scratched.

blue titanium ring

Although Edward Mirell have had the ability to create these designs for many years, these are quite new lines so they have only released a select few bands. The theme is predominantly blue mens rings  although other designs are said to be following soon. The products are currently limited to both black titanium and grey titanium. There are no plans to have anodised Cobalt bands at this stage.

mens pattern band

So come and check them out, they’ve proven to be quite popular so far, particularly the grey titanium variety as the contrast between the blue and grey is quite remarkable.

black and blue mens ring

Why buy a Cobalt ring?

Being in the wedding ring game for quite some time, we’ve seen all sorts of trends come and go. We’ve also seen new products come into the market that have really added to the product suite that men have to choose from. Cobalt is one of those such products.

Cobalt rings are a relatively recent innovation, created by some of the worlds top designers and metallurgists searching for a product with lots of upside and reducing the floors of the product. Cobalt was created to have a similar appearance to Platinum, with its brilliant “white” lustre. However, in our opinion, Cobalt is a far superior product for jewellery than Platinium. The only place that Platinum has it covered is the “status” of Platinum.

cobalt wedding ring

Cobalt Rings are made by combining Cobalt, Chrium and Molybdenum as well as other trace materials.

Some of the benefits of Cobalt Rings include

– Hardness & scratch resistance. Cobalt is around 3 times harder than Platinum. The result is that it is an extremely durable product that is highly scratch resistant. I have worn Cobalt as my ring of choice for many years, and whilst the product does scratch – the scratches are very fine. You need to look closely to see the scratches. Its not like Gold, Silver or Platinum that have massive scratches all over the ring really quickly. Also, even though the product is hard, it is not so hard that it becomes brittle, which is really important. Its less hard than Tungsten and is more malleable so it is less prone to cracking.

– Brilliant white Hue. One of the best attributes Cobalt has is its wonderful colour. It is a very “white” colour which is stunning when either polished or brushed. Of all the products we sell, it is Cobalt that really lights up a clients face when they see their ring come out. It catches the light beautifully well. The one downfall of this colour is that Cobalt is near on impossible to photograph properly. Its really hard to capture the true colour and reflection properly.

Cobalt ring combined with ceramic. Precision engineering -  available at Alpha Rings

Cobalt ring combined with ceramic. Precision engineering – available at Alpha Rings

– Price. Compared to precious metal jewellery, it is very inexpensive. Most Cobalt rings can be purchased for less than $300 which is an absolute steal for the product that you are getting. Its certainly more expensive than both Titanium and Tungsten, but it is a different product. Titanium is more versatile so more can be done with it. The machining of Cobalt probably produces an end result closer to Tungsten because of its hardness.

Cobalt fashion ring

Not all Cobalt rings are made equally though. Because Cobalt rings are made with a bunch of different materials, some manufacturers can use cheaper products in higher proportions which compromises both the scratch resistance and the “cracking” resistance of the products. Cobalt products made by Alpha Rings are of the highest possible quality, so whilst we won’t claim that your Cobalt product will never scratch (if you find a retailer that does, I would suggest you be very concerned about buying from them), it will be as high a quality as you will find anywhere. Click here to have a look at our cobalt rings. 

What are Cobalt Rings?

mens engagement rings

One of the challenges of an online store selling men’s wedding bands is conveying the quality of our product to the customer. We believe that we provide amongst the best quality products in the business, and its difficult to get that message across prior to purchase.
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Never is this more apparent with Cobalt Rings. It is very difficult for photography to show the true beauty and quality of these particular mens rings. Cobalt rings have been designed to offer key attributes which make it ideal for making wedding rings and fashion rings. One of the most appealing features of these type of rings, is the strong “whiteness” of the rings which is very similar in look to Platinum. The massive benefit Cobalt Rings have over Platinum Rings is their superior scratch resistance and much much lower price.
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Cobalt Rings can still be scratched, but the visible signs of scratching are much more minor than , say Gold, Silver or Platinum Rings.
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So what exactly are Cobalt Rings then? Cobalt Rings are actually an alloy comprising 3 main elements. Although the makeup of Cobalt Rings differs from one manufacturer to another (with drastic differences in quality outcomes), Edward Mirell Cobalt Rings are considered industry leaders, and joint developers of the Cobalt product. The three Elements in these rings are Cobalt (65%), Chromium (29%) and Molybdenum (6%). In combination, and with advanced manufacturing techniques, Cobalt Rings are born.


Cobalt 8MM Double Grooves Wedding Band

Cobalt Chrome wedding bands give the resemblance of Platinum

Cobalt Rings also offer designers the ability to make unique and compelling jewelry designs. Cobalt Ring are quite similar to Titanium Rings in that their properties make them absolutely perfect for wedding ring design and production. Key points of Cobalt Rings are:

-Resemblance to Platinum

-Superb strength/malleability/ductility and hardness
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-Superior durability and scratch resistance

-Corrosion resistance

-High polish and mirror like finish.
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Cobalt mens wedding band

Cobalt Rings allow unique engineering opportunities

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You might see us advertise our Tungsten Rings as saying “no cobalt” and wonder why, if Cobalt is bad in Tungsten rings, why it is hypoallergenic by itself? Well thats a great question. The answer basically lies in how Cobalt acts as an alloy. In short, its not great when its used as a binding agent in the production of Tungsten Rings. When combined with the required elements to make Cr-Mo-Co rings, this issue disappears.
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Alpha Rings gives a very strong endorsement to Cobalt Rings for the purpose of a mens wedding ring. They are an amazing colour and really are a pleasure to wear on your finger.

If you are unsure if a Cobalt ring would be right for you, feel free to contact us so we can discuss this further.

Alpha Rings for Men

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Here are a selection of my rings. The pictures have a more artistic flavour than purely a photo to showcase the ring for the point of selling to the consumer. All of these rings are Tungsten or Ceramic, with a silver inlay.

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Above is the logo to our webstore, located at www.alpharings.com.au, the home of our “alpha tungsten” range. You will note that the mirror finish of the Tungsten actually soaks up much of the background, giving the rings a much darker feel.

This ring is amazing. It shows how the Tungsten, once brushed, gives a very much gunmetal appearance.

air max tailwind 4
A stunning polished Tungsten ring with a 4mm silver inlay.

air jordan 7 olympic
One of the most amazing rings I’ve ever seen. Polished mens Tungsten ring, this one has beveled edges, and a 3mm silver inlay. The workmanship is quite stunning. This is always our most popular design. The “alpha tungsten” brand ensures its not rubbish that will tarnish aswell. You can see from the second picture how amazing it does look.

Traditional shape for a male engagement ring or mens wedding ring. This Tungsten ring has a domed shape with a silver inlay. The Tungsten is polished and the inlay brushed, which creates the most stunning of contrasts.

This mens tungsten ring is a concave design. It makes the ring almost look like molten metal. A great ring to wear because of the way the ring catches light and the angles of light on its surface.
ray ban sunglasses Closeout

Becoming very popular now. The mens Tungsten band which is polished, and has 2 polished Silver inlays. A great ring. Most people get it as a male wedding ring, but also popular as a male engagement ring, and of course a day to day mens fashion ring.
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For this selection of stunning rings, and many others feel free to drop in at www.alpharings.com.au

Thanks go to Alberto for the photography.

5 things to look for when buying a wedding ring online

First of its important to note at the outset that there is no one perfect wedding ring. The perfect mens wedding ring is the ring that you, the groom, thinks is perfect. And what the groom thinks is perfect is purely a matter of taste and fashion.
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There are, however, some basic points to note when choosing a wedding ring. Our experience in the industry has taught us that not all wedding rings, and indeed not all online retailers are created equally. We have experienced the good and the bad, and this has served to teach us what we want to deliver to our customer, and importantly, what not to deliver. So here it is then, our top 10 things to look for:
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1/ What is the retailers reputation?
Reputation is very important in the online world. Unfortunately many things can be manipulated. Facebook likes can be bought, google + 1’s can be bought, as can twitter followers. That is why word of mouth is such a powerful tool. Your friends will tell you their exact experience. If they had a poor experience with a retailer, chances are you will too. Look at the retailers facebook page and search their name on search engines for complaints.
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2/ Do they know their product?

It continues to baffle those at Alpha Rings, when we do our industry research, how poor some companies product knowledge is, of their own products!! Ask pertinent questions, which gives a good starting point for the questions you should be asking.

3/ Customer service, does it exist?
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We can probably all agree that customer service standards are on the slide. You are probably already under stress thinking about the wedding, last thing you want is the purchase of your ring to be a poor experience. Make some initial enquiries. Ask questions like “whats your policy if my size is wrong”. This is a BIG one. You really need to be comfortable with this policy, because each and every week we would need to do a size exchange when the original order was slightly out. Also see if they charge a restocking fee. A restocking fee is a fee…… For restocking the ring!!!!! We cant see how anyone would feel comfortable paying that.

4/ Wedding Ring quality
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Broken Tungsten RIng

Making fine wedding rings is an art. That is why you need to be absolutely certain when you purchase, that you are purchasing from a legitimate retailer. If your retailer cannot tell you the composition of their rings, then unfortunately they are either buying a mass produced ring in bulk, or they have no idea. In some instances they will however use a patented process, and that would be a legitimate reason for not divulging compositions. Alpha Rings utilise Spectore BlackTi™ which is a patented black titanium ring and these are without peer as far as the quality of the product goes.
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Price of the Wedding Ring

Everyone is looking for the best deal. There’s no doubting that. However you need to be careful when looking for the best deal. As mentioned before, there are so many variables when making wedding rings, that it is critical to not go on price alone. If you go for the cheapest price, purchasing a product that costs $30, $40 or $50, where you have seen it generally more expensive on other online stores, there is a reason. It is most likely mass produced using inferior products and processes, and your wedding ring will be of very poor quality. Middle of the road price points are always fair. You shouldnt need to buy the most expensive ring, but one thing is for sure, you should never ever go for the cheapest. We’ve seen whats out there and its not a pretty sight!
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So there you have it, hopefully you’ve found this article somewhat helpful on your quest for the perfect wedding ring

About Alpha Rings

Titanium Wedding Rings

Alpha Rings is a small Australian business specializing in Men’s wedding rings. They feature a wide range of the most innovative and contemporary Men’s fashion rings, not just on the web, but anywhere. Alpha Rings remains one of the most reliable, and affordable Tungsten ring dealers as a result of cutting out the middleman and passing the savings on to their customers. Eliminating the middle man also clears up a lot of possible miscommunications most small businesses are faced with. Some features of Alpha Rings includes:
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Types of men’s rings. Right now, we’ll focus on three.

  1. Men’s Cobalt Rings – Cobalt rings come in different styles, the discerning thing about Cobalt is their resemblance to  platinum…
  1. Men’s Titanium Rings – Edward Mirell’s distinctive Gray and Black Titanium Rings, ladies love them just as much as our male customers do!!
  1. Men’s Tungsten Rings – probably the most popular of the Men’s Wedding Bands on the market today, and for good reason, they’re available in multiple styles and colors, and remain affordable.

Cobalt Rings
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Cobalt Rings have a white-ish wash to them, giving them a look only Platinum itself could top. The domed Cobalt with Silver inlay is probably our most popular at present. These Cobalt Rings are built to last. 100%  hypo-allergenic, scratch resistant, and tarnish resistant. When you buy a Cobalt Ceramic Ring, you’re buying a ring that lasts.

Titanium Rings

Alpha’s Men’s Titanium Rings come in awesome black Titanium available in both brushed and polished finish. These Titanium Rings are number one on the market. Alpha Rings offers a beautiful Black Titanium ring in-laid with pure silver, surrounded by silver studs which makes an awesome Wedding Ring for Men. This Titanium Ring will literally take your breath away.
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Tungsten Rings

Tungsten Rings are extremely popular men’s rings. They’re very stylish, and very scratch resistant. They come in many styles and colors as well as many in laid styles. The Brushed twin Silver inlay or Black Carbon fiber inlay are probably our two most popular Tungsten Rings at this stage. Both of these rings, like all Tungsten rings, are totally scratch proof and of the highest Quality.

In closing, as men we don’t need much, but we want, what we want. When it comes to Men’s Fashion Rings they must be manly, durable, tarnish resistant, and stress free.
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How can a Ring be stress free?
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A ring is stress free when its affordable and it’s delivered on time with out any issues. All qualities you can expect with an Alpha Ring. For a very limited time, Alpha Rings is offering free shipping (in most cases) and  you may qualify for a free Men’s Fashion Ring with your purchase. Alpha seperates itself from the competition by the quality of its service, and its products.