Hitting the wedding

It can be said with a somewhat scientific degree of accuracy (although this might not stand up to a rigorous panel) that just about single guy that gets a wedding invite isn’t going to see their mate make a lifelong commitment to the love of their life.  Sure, it’s great…  For them.  But having to trawl through the internet for some sort of meaningful gift, sitting through a somewhat mundane wedding ceremony, having to awkwardly sing along to hymns you don’t know the words to, and then making small talk with guests at the reception all the while having to watch your intake of alcohol so you don’t inadvertently blurt out about that one time when you and the groom woke up naked in a side alley of Rome needs to have some kind of benefit.


Which leads us to…  The good thing about weddings.  Not only is it ridiculously easy to get drunk at a wedding.  It is also ridiculously easy to find someone to go home with.  After all, it’s not only the bride and groom who should be having all the fun!  With all this talk about love, isn’t it only right that you pay tribute to it by finding your own true love…  Or at least someone who’ll say yes to a fun-filled and naughty night?  If you follow some simple ground rules it shouldn’t be too hard to hit it off.  After all that’s what weddings are for, aren’t they?


Number one rule you ask?  Dress dapper.  Don’t even think about putting on that old suit you once had for that family occasion you once went to.  This is a wedding…  Put in some effort and dress sharp!  It’s always better to look more dressy than less. The great thing about weddings is that you’ll be surrounded by people you don’t know and who don’t know you.  Even if you typically slouch around in a pair of loafers and swim shorts, this is an occasion for you to play at being someone completely different.  International man of mystery, jet-set entrepreneur or billionaire playboy,  whatever your chosen look, you can pull it off at a wedding.


The good news is that as slim fitting suits have become more popular, you’ll find it easier to look your best on a small budget.  Slim fit suits with clean lines and a handsome peak lapel can be snapped up for under $250.  However if you’re struggling to get the right fit and you don’t already have a great suit or several thousand dollars to spend on getting a new one, we recommend hiring a suit for the special occasion.  Prices start from around a few hundred dollars and can increase to around who knows what depending on the suit or available options such as shoes, vests and neckwear.  The color of your suit is entirely up to you.


Remember, fit is everything.


You could go with a snappy looking slim-fitted black or navy blue suit with a white shirt and skinny tie or alternatively opt for a light linen suit, perfect for summer weddings.  Why not add some style to either with a matching pocket square along with a stylish pair of sunglasses? Perhaps a new titanium fashion ring?


Once you’ve got the look down, the rest is up to you.  Make yourself available, head to an area like the bar or buffet where you can easily get into a conversation with that pretty redhead without appearing you’re trying too hard.  If you’ve been eyeing each other all day, but you lack the courage, take your chance when the music is playing to approach her and invite her to dance.  It won’t appear awkward and will give you a chance to woo her with your witty charm.  And most importantly: smile.  Be approachable and confident and it will get you far…

Are Tungsten rings breakable?

Tungsten Rings

Search in Google and you will find the question posed “are tungsten rings breakable”, or a variation of that question. The reason that this question gets asked so much is that many retailers advertise their Tungsten rings as being “unbreakable” “indestructible”.  However this is simply wrong. Tungsten rings, like any other material, are far from indestructible.
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Tungsten rings are manufactured to embrace the qualities of the material in order to enhance their incredible toughness. This means they become more scratch resistant. This hardness does come at a cost however. It makes them somewhat more brittle. If you watch some of the youtube footage of people hitting tungsten with a hammer, it is almost always a soft tap, or the ring is on a soft surface such as wood.
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I believe this is unscrupulous and a bit of trickery quite frankly. By definition of what the product it, Tungsten rings can be broken. However this should not be looked at with disappointment. It might be a dangerous product to wear if it was truly indestructible as you may get the ring trapped and not be able to remove it. Titanium rings will bend, but a Tungsten ring will not. This means that if you can hit the ring hard enough, it will shatter.

What becomes critical at this point is the composition of the Tungsten ring. If the Tungsten/Carbon ratio is not exact, along with the correct proportion of trace materials, you may very well be purchasing inferior materials.

For the purposes of day to day wear, Tungsten rings are an extremely durable product. They are the most scratch resistant product on the market, more so than titanium, cobalt, platinum, ceramic, gold or silver. The trade off is the ductility/malleability of the metal. Tungsten does not excel in these characteristics.
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Consumers need not be overly concerned with the above, we believe Tungsten to be one of the finest and most resilient materials on the market. There is no reason why you should be concerned that it will break, in fact if you manage to shatter your tungsten ring, you will most likely shatter the rest of your hand as well. I have worn many many tungsten rings over the years, and with general wear I have never broken one – ever.
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The intent of this post is not to deter you from purchasing a Tungsten ring – far from it. We wouldn’t sell them if we didn’t believe in the product. The intent is to get you to use caution where you see retailers advertising “unbreakable” products, and then only go on to warranty against manufacturing defects! Use you keen eye to distinguish deceptive marketing techniques in the jewelery industry, if companies are willing to deceive you on this fact, what else are they keeping from you?

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Alpha Rings is upfront in saying that Tungsten Rings you buy ANYWHERE are not indestructible. But we also offer what we believe to be the highest quality product money can buy. Its tried and tested, and we know that you’ll be extremely happy with your purchase – or your money back.
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