Engraving Edward Mirell products

When it comes to symbolic ceremonies, its hard to go past weddings. There are so many aspects of a wedding that elicit profound acts and statements. Love can move mountains!

We often get asked when people purchase an Edward Mirell ring, if they can be engraved. Engraving allows a small but impactful statement to be added to the inside of the ring for its entire life.

However the question is not so simple. Titanium rings are generally quite easy to engrave. They are of a reasonable hardness and colour where a laser engraver will be fine to engrave them. We generally have no issue recommending laser engraving for Titanium Rings.

Black titanium however is a different story. Black Ti rings are so black and hard that engraving them generally doesnt give terrific results. The laser engraving will often be very subtle, and not always deliver the results the client is after. Alpha Rings doesnt recommend engraving Black Titanium Rings.

The other issue is that if a customer wants a manufacture engraving, there is no opportunity to do a size exchange if the sizing is wrong. Thats a big worry because if your size is not 100% spot on, then unfortunately the customer is stuck with the ring.

Its for this reason that we urge customers to very strongly consider after market engraving. Edward Mirell has become reluctant to offer manufacture engraving because its never desirable to leave a customer anything less than 100% satisfied.

The Royale Titanium collection

Like the Rapture collection, one of the crowning achievements in the Edward Mirell range is the remarkable “Royale Collection” This particular collection includes Rings, Bracelets, Necklaces and cufflinks. All of these products come in both Black Titanium and the commercial pure Grey Titanium.

As you can see from the images, the most obvious feature of the Royale collection is the impressive diamond set. For example, the Royale Black Titanium Ring contains a total of .24ctw diamond accented with 18k gold. This makes the Royale ring an amazingly bold ring, and very much a symbol of masculinity, style and luxury.

mens titanium ring Royale

The workmanship of the Royale collection is everything you would expect from the Edward Mirell range – world class. Faultless on every occasion, the Edward Mirell brand leaves no stone unturned with this collection to show off a mans style and class.


One of the great features of the Royale collection is the fact that it is perfect to wear for those high fashion functions. Nothing says class like a pair of Royale titanium cufflinks on a crisp white shirt under a tuxedo. Great for weddings and formal engagements – in fact that has proved to be exactly what most people want these cuffs for.

black titanium necklace

And lets not forget the necklace. This one will be sure to capture the eye of those around you, with its glimmering diamonds set in the patented black titanium. Such a unique piece, set in the most unique material.

Gray Titanium Royale Ring

We should not forget to mention that all of these products come in the outstanding Grey Titanium also. Moving away from the Black Titanium decreases the contrast with the silver and the diamonds and makes this jewelery piece much more subtle. Some people like this because they actually dont want attention drawn to themselves. Thats the wonderful thing about most of the Edward Mirell pieces, there is generally something for everyone.

Alpha Rings talks to Adam Rosenberg from Edward Mirell

ALPHA Rings Director Nick Fox recently caught up with Adam Rosenberg, VP of sales & marketing for Edward Mirell. This is the first of those conversations. The video can be found here
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Nick Fox – First of all I just wanted to know if you can give us a brief rundown of how Edward Mirell came to be?

Adam Rosenberg – Yes sure actually my family’s been in the jewellery business, I’m now 4th generation.  My father actually brought titanium into the consumer market, specifically the jewellery market it back in the late nineteen seventies.
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He was working as a bench jeweller prior to that my family’s been in manufacturing, wholesale and retail jewellery for generations now. He took a step outside the convention when he went to teach at Royal college in London in the trade of jewellery making and Brought titanium back from London back in the late nineteen seventies


The jewellery line was originally all anodised ladies jewellery which was pretty cool it did phenomenally well.

It was about fifteen years ago that we started manufacturing some mens bands and we sold two thousand units the first year in the second year result two hundred fifty thousand units.
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So that’s a pretty big leap and it really allowed us to realize that there was a market that was just unaddressed, men did not have a jewellery line that was designed and engineered specifically for them.
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And the brand name actually came from my father’s first name and his business partner Morella’s first name merged together. So that’s where Edward Mirell was born.
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We’ve reintroduced the ladies line about three years ago but the men’s line has been sort of a strong and heavy for us for the past fifteen years.

Edward Mirell Black Titanium Rapture Collection

One of Edward Mirell’s most celebrated lines is the “Rapture” collection. The rapture collection features both patented Black Titanium and Gray Titanium within its product suite. Stunning is an overused word in the jewelry industry, but I think its fair to say that the Rapture collection is exactly that. Featuring intricate designs and precise angles, it is an incredibly eye catching collection.  The collection is admittedly one of the more expensive lines that ALPHA Rings stocks, however that is due to the run of diamonds that is consistent with all the products in the line.
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At the forefront of the collection is the two Rapture rings, the Gray and Black Titanium varieties. Both intensely beautiful, our clients who have purchased this ring and in awe of the incredible appearance this creates on their hand. The black version, as with every product in the range, offers the sharpest contrast over the Gray.

One point to note is that the Rapture rings are relatively thick in comparison to a low profile plain band, at about 2.7 mm. generally this is no issue in larger sizes, however at smaller sizes such as 7-8, some people may find it a fraction thick. I have a size 8.5 and have no issues with the thickness.
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Some may view the images and think this range is quite heavy, however that is far from the case. Most products in the Rapture range weigh in at less than 10gm.

You will note that the rings have an inner liner, this is made of Silver. The feature of the rings are the 5 angle set diamonds, set into Silver which is then set into the respective Titanium outer.
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Black Titanium Rapture Ring
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Mens Titanium Rapture Ring
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The Cufflinks in the collection are also stunning. The Cufflinks, like the rings, will undoubtedly get noticed, particularly on a white shirt. Its difficult to imagine a more striking cufflink than either of these.  As with all products in the Rapture collection, the centerpiece is the 5 angled diamonds.

Black Titanium Cufflinks RaptureGrey Titanium Cufflinks

The next group of accessories is the Necklace and the Keyring. As with all other Rapture products, the distinctive features are the same.
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Black Titanium Necklace RaptureGrey Titanium Necklace Rapture
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Black Titanium Keyring RaptureGray Titanium Necklace RaptureAnd finally we have the emerging bracelets. Very unique products, there is no doubt that these will catch the eye. Although holding a little more weight than the rest of the collection, they are still considerably lighter than steel

Black Titanium Bracelet RaptureGrey Titanium Bracelet

As Edward Mirell’s exclusive distributor in Australia/NZ you can find all of the above products online at Alpha Rings. Feel free to browse the collections in their respective categories, and we are more than happy to answer any questions you may have about these incredible mens titanium rings, bracelets, keyrings and necklaces.

Edward Mirell – The worlds best Wedding Bands for Men

Edward Mirell Titanium mens wedding rings

Edward Mirell rings have attracted a great deal of hype of late, with countless celebrities sporting their modern designs in the US. However Edward Mirell is relatively new to Australia’s shores, and so we have written this blog post to delve into the phenomenon that is taking the jewelery industry by storm.
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Jon Cryer shows off his Edward Mirell bracelet at the Emmys

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Edward Mirell is a collaboration between Edward Rosenberg and Mirella Connor, who created the label.  Central to the belief of both Edward and Mirella was the belief that Titanium offered incredible opportunities to make Jewelry that was somewhat outside the square. Both Eddie and Mirella wanted to create a product that was of exceptional quality, was versatile, bio-compatible and of course, visually appealing. In 2010, Edward Mirell was given the prestigious “Titanium Development and Advancement award” by the International Titanium Society.
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Edward Mirell Titanium Ring

Edward Mirell is known for thinking outside the square



Edward Mirell are the pioneers in the contemporary metal department. They currently own the worldwide patent on Black Titanium, an incredible product that changes Grey Titanium to black at the molecular level. EM Black Titanium rings are innovative, attractive and visually unsurpassed.
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Where Edward Mirell separates itself from the competition is the technology and quality control that is central to the operations of the business. All aspects of design and production are contained in-house, including:


EM factory

All aspects of the process take place in Deefield Beach, Florida


Design – EM’s award winning design team are experts in all manner of CAD programs including Matrix, Rhino, Pro Engineer and Master Cam

Machining – A full compliment of CNC lathes, full 5 axis mills, swiss machining and mini mills.

Tool Room – Well equiped tooling room including presses and manual machining centers

Casting – In 2007 EM aquired  American Casting company Tinomics which was North America’s leading full service casting company
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Assembly – EM, through 30 years of experience has developed a huge array of proprietary tools and equipment specifically for working with Titanium and the physical attributes required to do that.

Other aspects of the process include Welding and joining technologies, marking, stone setting, anodizing, heat treating, etching, manual and mechanical finishings.

QA – EM ensures worlds best practices throughout the entire process, ensuring that nothing passes the QA stage without undergoing rigorous examination.


Every single client that has purchased an Edward Mirell ring from us has been very much satisfied with the product. Titanium products coming out of China can be purchased cheaper, however we believe that there is absolutely no substitute for quality, particularly when it comes to wedding rings. To say that Edward Mirell offers the highest quality Titanium wedding rings in the world is something that we feel very strongly about, having tested countless Titanium brands in the past.
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EM ring

Edward Mirell are capable of the most intricate and stunning designs


The coming together of Alpha Rings and Edward Mirell was somewhat by accident. Alpha Rings was in need of a custom designed black Titanium Wedding Ring. We went to Edward Mirell due to their reputation in the industry for exceptional outcomes, and so the relationship was born. Alpha Rings are the only place where EM can be purchased in Australia or New Zealand.
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Black Titanium Ring

Ultimately this was the ring responsble for EM and Alpha Rings coming together


Alpha Rings is an Adelaide company, specialising in Mens Wedding Rings. Our reputation for providing exceptional customer service and offering world class quality products, has only been enhanced since partnering Edward Mirell. Our corporate goals are almost identical. Both companies treat clients as we would like to be treated, the lost skill of Customer Service is firmly on display when you purchase an EM product in Australia.

The Edward Mirell Warranty and rings for life resizing program ensure that your Mens Wedding Ring stays on your finger for life.

Edward Mirell Timoku Rings

Timoku & Silver Ring

Alpha Rings is proud to bring the award winning Edward Mirell “Timoku” range to the Australian public!
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EM Timoku rings are a high quality blend of Black Titanium and Grey Titanium, fused together to create the incredible rings that you see before you.
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The name Timoku comes from joining the term Mokume Gane and the atomic symbol for titanium, Ti.

Mokume Gane is an age old technique from Japan used to make swords. Loosely translated, it means “wood-grain metal.”
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The most romantic part of Timoku rings is the concept of two inter-twining souls, the sum of both being stronger than each individual one. It is a representation of harmony with nature, and the joining together of two parties.

The distinctive layered effect of Edward Mirell Timoku is hard to mistake. Only Edward Mirell offer true Black Titanium, meaning that this ring will not have the black scratch off.  Given the ripple effect that is created, any scratches will be less visible than a standard ring and will look a part of the design. Once again Edward Mirell sets itself apart from the competition with their unsurpassed quality and style.

Timoku rings are very light because they are made of Titanium. The average Timoku ring would range from around 5-7 grams which is quite light.
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Alpha Rings Timoku range can be found here
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