Edward Mirell Necklaces

We believe at the bottom of our heart that Edward Mirell make the worlds best titanium rings. Our multi award winning US based manufacturing partner has proven over a long period of time that their fashion and wedding bands are not only sought after by our clients, but respected by judges and scribes the world over.

But many people might not know that they don’t just limit themselves to mens rings. Edward Mirell also produce a variety of other products. These products include a variety of womens jewellery lines, mens and womens bracelets, and mens and womens necklaces. Cufflinks are also made in their Florida facility. We thought we’d treat you to some of Edward Mirell’s incredible bracelets in this post.

These bracelets feature black and grey titanium, as well as their famous “memory cable” the same of which can be found in their black titanium rings

So check out their bracelets below, and if you’d like to know more, feel free to drop us an email or call for a chat.

black titanium bracelet 988_14-black-spinel-black-titaniu-and-black-titanium-memory-cable-bangle-bracelet_edward-mirell_b975b-s_l

10_edward-mirell_gray-titanium-bracelet-with-black-memory-cable_b953c-00000_l 667_black-titanium-bracelet-with-diamonds_edward-mirell_b551b-d1010-080_l 144_edward-mirell_black-titanium-and-sterling-silver-bracelet_b807o-00000_l 124_edward-mirell_black-titanium-and-sterling-silver-bracelet_b806o-00000_l 116_edward-mirell_black-titanium-and-sterling-silver-bracelet_b808n-00000_l 9_edward-mirell_gray-titanium-bracelet-with-black-memory-cable_b947c-00000_l 927_black-cable-wrap-bracelet-w-bronze-weave-end-cap-4mm-faceted-cab-amethyst_edward-mirell_b1050z-am000_l78_edward-mirell_gray-titanium-bracelet-with-black-memory-cable-18k-yellow-gold-screws_b975c-00000_l 340_edward-mirell_black-titanium-and-sterling-silver-bracelet_b838o-mlt00_l 218_edward-mirell_black-titanium-bracelet-with-sterling-silver-diamonds_b380o-d1010_l 164_edward-mirell_gray-titanium-bracelet-with-black-leather_b146a-l0000_l 341_edward-mirell_black-titanium-and-sterling-silver-bracelet_b838o-pnk00_l 143_edward-mirell_gray-titanium-and-sterling-silver-bracelet_b807n-00000_l 921_boulevard-steel-3-piece-hinged-cuff_edward-mirell_b3171p-00000-600_l 993_black-ti-templar-cuff-bracelet_edward-mirell_b550b_l 342_edward-mirell_black-titanium-and-sterling-silver-bracelet_b838o-tel00_l 87_edward-mirell_gray-titanium-bracelet-with-black-memory-cable-18k-yellow-gold-screws_b980c-00000_l

964_tango-3-cable-bronze-cuff-with-white-saphires_edward-mirell_b1000z-sw000-700_l 837_black-ti-24-ctw-blk-diamond-dbl-groove-nitinol-bracelet_edward-mirell_b980b-v0000_l 970_tango-5-cable-ss-cuff-with-blk-spinel_edward-mirell_b1001o-spn00-700_l 215_edward-mirell_gray-titanium-bracelet-with-sterling-silver-diamonds_b300n-d1010_l 217_edward-mirell_gray-titanium-bracelet-with-sterling-silver-diamonds_b380n-d1010_l 1007_south-beach-heart-with-pink-sapphire_edward-mirell_b127a_l


Midnight Cable – Black Titanium Ring, Cufflink and Chain collection

Midnight Cable by Edward Mirell is one of the most alluring collections currently available. At the core of every Midnight cable piece is the proprietary Edward Mirell Black Titanium. In each piece is set Black Titanium memory cable and in almost all cases, black diamonds. The effect is moody, strong, and incredibly attractive.black titanium mens ringThe above ring has two Black Titanium memory cables inlaid, with one black diamond bezel set into the black ti. Such a unique look and yet so remarkably attractive.
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gents ring black titaniumThis particular ring doesnt have diamonds yet it maintains the same philosophy of the Midnight Cable collection – Black Ti with a band of Black Ti memory cable and the barrels equally placed along the cable.
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black titanium gents ringOne of the showpieces of the collection, this ring is simple yet so powerful in its appearance. Again with Black Ti, an inlaid Black Ti cable and a single Black Diamond, this is one of the most incredible rings in all the Edward Mirell collection.
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Mens black titanium cufflinksThe Black Titanium Cufflinks are in the same theme as all the rings in the Midnight Cable Collection. 2 Black Ti memory cable complete this piece to give a wonderful visual effect. Black Mens Cufflinks never looked so good.
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Necklaces and mens bracelets are also available in this collection. We have found that there are quite a few people out there that love the Black Ti, but want a slightly understated look. Using Silver or Gold inlays or cables can often bring out the personality of the ring too far. Black cable is a way to slightly tone down the image of the ring, giving a great textural contrast between the base metal and the cable, but subtle because the colours are common.

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Midnight Cable is proving to be a much admired collection amongst the Edward Mirell range. Alpha Rings is delighted to stock all of the collections range. If black mens rings are what you are after, look no further than the Edward Mirell Midnight Cable collection.