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Ring packaging & boxes

When you purchase a ring the standard will be that you will receive it with a black drawstring pouch. We are able to ship these at a letter rate which keeps the costs of shipping down. These ship at no cost. If you have a wedding and are expecting photography of your rings, we suggest you consider a wooden ring box.

velvet ring pouch


The ring boxes will generally allow your photographer to nicely capture your ring. An example would be like the below image.

Mens ring box with ring


The cost of the wooden ring boxes are $20 each. This includes the extra cost to post the ring as opposed to the standard pouch. It has to be shipped at the parcel rate. We make almost nothing on each ring box once the postage is included.


*** Please let us know if you need a ring box, which one you need, so we can organise this for you prior to shipment. Also, we don’t always have each box in stock so please allow us to check stock levels ***


Light Brown wood box

mens wooden ring box light wooden ring box for men



Black Wooden Ring box

black wooden ring box black wooden ring box for men



Dark wooden ring box

Dark wooden ring box for men dark wooden ring boxes for men