Pay for your wedding ring with Crypto


Friends we have good news!

Alpha Rings will now accept certain cryptocurrencies as payment for your wedding ring!

Currently we will accept NEO, GAS, and other NEP5 tokens (such as Ontology, TheKey etc). We believe NEO is the most promising blockchain ecosystem with the ability to make a tangible, positive difference in the real world. NEO’s goals are lofty but they truly have a vision to make the world economy a better place!

At some stage we may accept Ethereum and ERC20 tokens. We do not plan to accept Bitcoin at this stage.

The Wallet address for paying with NEO, GAS or other NEP5 tokens is:

NEO – AU84Wfahev8iYWwFWs62ckqaehcLKybmim


We will give 10% off for any payment using Crypto, contact us for a coupon code.

Unfortunately as this is emerging technology, there is no payment gateway that we feel properly embraces NEO and so we haven’t yet implemented crypto into our shopping cart yet – but that will happen at some point. For now, please contact Alpha Rings to discuss the exact amount to be paid to the wallet. We will use for the calculation.

Best regards,

Alpha Rings!!

4 thoughts on “Pay for your wedding ring with Crypto

    • Gday JC,
      Thanks for the enquiry! We love the fact you’ve enquired about buying your ring with cryptocurrency!
      At some stage I would like to accept Ethereum and I’m sure we will down the track, however at this stage we do only accept NEO and NEP5 based tokens. Feel free to sell some Ethereum for NEO and we can give you a 10% discount when you purchase your ring.
      All the best

  1. Hi mate so how do I actually make the crypto payment do I go through the shopping cart or what.
    I’ve used the calculator and converted to GAS because it’s divisible so I think I’ve got the right amount.
    Just let me know

    • Hey Simon,
      Just email me your phone number and I can call you to talk you through it if you’d prefer. But essentially just send me the total amount as calculated by the coinmarketcap converter. What crypto are you paying in? GAS is probably the easiest as its highly divisible. Just send it to the wallet address above and let me know, I’ll check the wallet and then send you the ring! Put an order through as “Bank transfer” (as discussed, there is no decent payment gateway that seamlessly integrates crypto at the moment, thats why the only mechanism is to select bank transfer), that way you’ll get an invoice and it shows me the shipping address etc.
      All the best

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