How to get the correct ring size

ring size tool

The most important issue when purchasing a new ring is an obvious one, choosing the ring you like best!! The next most important point to consider is, what is my ring size, and how do I find out?
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Finding the correct ring size is extremely important. Firstly, if a particular ring is not in stock (and in most instances with more complex designs, this will be the case), then the ring will need to be custom made. With this in mind, its critical to get the ring size absolutely spot on. Failure to do so will require the ring to be returned, and another ring made. This can certainly become an issue if there is a Wedding date fast approaching.
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There are several mechanisms you can use in order to get your ring size correct. We will give a brief discussion on each, from least effective to most effective method.

1/ Paper ring size tool

ring size tool
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This is probably the least effective method for getting your ring size correct. It involves printing a piece of paper and sticking your finger through a hole that you create in that paper. The big problem is that the paper is far too flimsy, and its also way too thin, so you dont get the correct size because your only measuring a width of a fraction of a millimeter. Alpha Rings do not recommend you use this at all.
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2/ String

string to get correct ring size

This method is pretty much the same as the above method in terms of effectiveness – Not at all effective. This method involved getting string, wrapping it around your finger until a “string ring” is formed. From there, the joining point is marked and cut. Once that is done, it is measured and cross referenced against a ring size chart off the internet to give a size. The big problem with this method is:
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– Is the string ring too tight/too loose?

– Does it overlap slightly?

– The string is far too thin, so it doesnt give the correct width perspective.

Just as with the first method, we do not recomend you get your mens ring sized this way at all.
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 3/ Plastic ring size tool

Ring sizer tool

The plastic ring size tool is a reasonably popular method for getting the correct ring size. It has its positives and negatives, but it is a much better method than the first two. You should generally be able to get close to the correct size with this, we would suggest with between 1/4- 1/2 size error margin. The issues with this method are that generally the plastic tool is not “comfort fit” (an inner domed effect) and that point alone will fractionally alter the size. Also, the material is plastic, and prone to flexing.


4/ Jeweler – professional steel ring size apparatus.

ring-sizer mens rings

This is one of the best methods for getting your ring size correct. It involves walking into a jeweler and asking them to size your finger. This generally produces a favorable result. There are a couple of issues with this method however. The first and probably worst for most people is going in to a bricks and mortar store to get their finger sized when they have no intention of buying. Savvy customers are well aware that these stores are selling essentially the same product, but at greatly inflated prices.

The other issue is that the actual tool itself is usually only a few millimeters wide. That creates an issue in that the jeweler often has to use two rings which can create a slightly false result. This, however is probably one of the best methods for getting the ring size correct.


5/ Using actual rings

When you purchase your ring from Alpha Rings, we will call you or email you and have a discussion with you about your purchase. True to our mission statement, we want every customer to have the best experience possible. That means first and foremost finding the best ring for you, and secondly getting the size right. If you have any uncertainty in your size whatsoever, we will actually send you a few rings to size your finger. Whilst it can add a couple of days to the production time, there are significant benefits.  The big benefit of this is that you will be using an 8mm ring which is the exact width of the majority of rings we make. Secondly, it is comfort fit, like all our rings. And thirdly, you have rings with sequential sizes, so if one is a touch tight and one is a touch loose, you will be able to pick which one is going to be best for you.

Unfortunately some men have fingers which make it hard to get the correct ring size. Big knuckles on lean fingers creates a problem in that the ring is hard to get over the knuckle, but loose in its resting position. Its only when you use actual rings that you can ensure your fit will be perfect.

The other issue is that Edward Mirell Rings cannot be returned if the size is wrong, as they are custom made and ordered. This then means that it is essential we get the size spot on.

Here at Alpha Rings, we use the US sizing system. This system is a much more straight forward and methodical system to allow you to get the correct ring size. We also purchase most of our products in America using the US system. So when we get an Edward Mirell product custom made for you – we need the US size. Thats no problem because once you have your size in the British/Australian system, you can use this ring size guide to convert the size easily yourself.

Alpha Rings ensures that you have every opportunity to get your size right the first time.


22 thoughts on “How to get the correct ring size

    • Hi Ben! Thanks for the question. Thats a bit of a tough one. Its not unusual to put on or lose quite a bit of weight over time so I understand your concern. However, you actually do need to change your weight quite a bit for it to affect your ring size to be honest. My weight changed about 6kg (from about 77 to 71kg) which is a fair percentage of my bodyweight – but it didn’t change my ring size, I was still able to wear an 8.5
      The reality is that the ring you like would be near on impossible to resize. It could be stretched a fraction if you put on weight, but anything beyond a 1/4 of a size and the integrity of the Silver inlays would be compromised. In fact, I wouldn’t recommend getting any jeweller to try and stretch a Cobalt ring with inlays – especially not one that beautiful.
      Its just one of those things mate, sometimes people if they massively change their weight, they will put their wedding ring aside in a nice box and buy something cheaper to wear in its place.
      Any client that buys with us, we’d give them 10% off their next purchase too.
      Hope this helps Ben!

  1. Hello I bought a titanium ring for my partner but it is too big and the company is overseas so it will cost too much to get it sent there and back to be replaced, is there any way you can change the size of that ring?

    • Gday Amy. Sorry to hear that your partners ring isn’t the right size – there is nothing more deflating than that! Its a tough one really. Depending on the ring that you have, in many cases it would actually cost more to attempt to resize that ring than the buy a new one. And it is not easy to find someone with the expertise to try it. We would never attempt to resize a titanium ring here – we send rings back to Edward Mirell sometimes because they are world leaders in Titanium machining and even they have limitations on what they can do.
      In the past a person lost a lot of weight and his titanium ring was very sentimental to him. So Edward Mirell actually added some spheres to the inside edge of the ring. this had the effect of creating more surface area and it bought the inside edge closer to the centre point of the ring. It actually worked well and the client was able to continue wearing the ring at that weight. That process is irreversible however.
      So really, for you, you should probably call around and see if anyone in your area can expertly machine the titanium to create the result you are looking for. If not, unfortunately, you may need to choose another product.
      Hope this helps and all the best,

  2. I’ve been to 2 different jewellery stores and I’ve got 2 different sizes, one whole size different. Now I’m confused and don’t know which one to go for. What do you think?

    • Hi Steve. Yeah this happens quite a bit to be honest. Its hard to believe but its true. We’ve had quite a few clients say the same thing. And its hard to know which one is correct. So I’d suggest try a third store, and maybe have a think about the ring you want to buy before you go in there. For example if you are after something really thin, then its ok if you get sized up on a thin band. But if you’re after a 9 or 10mm ring, and you are sized up on a thin band – there will be a fair margin for error. You should always be sized up on something similar to the width in which you are wanting to purchase your ring.
      But I would definitely suggest getting one more sizing done, and prompt the jeweller as to how sure they are that it is correct.
      Hope that helps!!

    • Hi Tim.
      This can give you a really rough idea but its a risk if this is the only method you have for determining the size. If you are going to buy from us, it will help you to get around the mark with what size you are after.
      If you get the measurement and are looking at one of our rings, get in touch and we’ll have a chat about how best to move forward.
      There’s a bit of an art to ring sizing depending on a few factors so we can work out whats best for you.

      All the best,

    • Hi Ian.
      size 8 is right on the cusp to be honest. You could go either way. We tend to make most rings below a size 8 in 6mm width because the width is not as pronounced at 6mm, in size 8 and above we tend to go 8mm for most of our tungsten gear. Its quite a personal call to be honest and there are no hard and fast rules.

  3. I’ve put on about 10kg since my wedding and I lost my wedding ring which had become too small. Should I just order a bigger size?

    • Hi there PJ.
      If you’ve put on a few extra kg then you probably need to double check your size before you order a new wedding ring.
      You could go to a jeweller to get the right size.
      Or follow one of the concepts in this article to get around the mark and we can go from there.

  4. Hey Nick, as mentioned I found that the ring diameter method gave me a ballpark figure for my ring size but it was still a little off. It’s lucky you posted me the 3 rings because it was actually the smaller of the 3 that fit me.
    And once I got my proper ring from Edward Mirell that was the correct one
    Cheers for the help

    • Hey Steve. Thats awesome! Yeah you are spot on, some of the methods of getting your ring size, that are listed in this article, are really only a guide. Some people don’t live near a jeweller and therefore they can’t just go in and get it sorted.
      Glad it worked out and that your ring was the right size!

    • Hi there David,
      Short answer is that it depends on the product you’re after. If the product that you’re after is an Edward Mirell line, then that size would most likely be outside of their standard size range. That doesnt necessarily mean it can’t be made, that that is a possibility. If it can be made, then it would attract a “custom size” fee. Please send me an email and then I can see exactly what it is your after.

  5. Hi I want to buy one of your rings but I’m getting married shortly and want to make sure I get the right size as I won’t have time for a new one to be sent. Can you tell me the best option please

    • Hi DT, I recon the best thing to do is to go into a jewellery in that case, get your size and then hit us up and we can help you from there. Getting a size from a jeweller is generally the most reliable method but just consider the width of the ring you want and let the jeweller know that because ring width will change the size. Cheers!

  6. Hi there Alpha Rings. I’m after one of the black titanium rings and I’m getting married in Sydney in September this year. Just wondering if they can be resized and if not, what is the resizing policy on these and how long do I need to get that sorted out?
    Want to make sure I have plenty of time before the wedding that’s all

    • Hey there Peter.
      Thanks for leaving the comment. Due to the fact that Black Titanium rings are so incredibly hard and scratch resistant, the flip side of that is that it is not possible to resize them. Given that, its essential to try and get the correct size for your finger.
      If however, you order one of the black ti Rings and it doesnt fit spot on, email us and we can talk you through the exchange process. Essentially, we’d get you to send it back to Edward Mirell, and we’d get them to start making the right size for you. Once its done, they’ll ship that out.
      Best regards

  7. Hi, Just wondering if you make rings in size 14.5. I’m after the black titanium ring with the 2 black cables in it. Also I’m in Melbourne and need it by July 19.

    • Hi Dave,
      Thanks for contacting Alpha Rings. Generally a size 14 is considered by Edward Mirell to be a “non standard” size. As in, its larger than the standard ring sizes that can be made. How confident are you that the 14 is the correct size? I can contact the manufacturer and see if this can be produced and I will let you know via email!

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