Great Fathers day gifts – Black Titanium

With fathers day fast approaching, it is not uncommon to be completely out of ideas when it comes to getting gifts for the special man in our lives. And if you are sick of getting the same of old thing, such as a shirt, a pair of slippers or a new wallet, perhaps a Black Titanium product might be the answer.

Why I hear you ask. For a start, Black Titanium is an incredibly unique product, in fact only one company in the world has the patent on this product. So having something that everyone else does not have, is quite refreshing. It creates a great talking point when you wear your new piece.

Edward Mirell’s Black Titanium products are very versatile. There is something for everyone. That includes incredibly intricate designs, to more subtle low key designs.

Black Titanium Ring

Some Edward Mirell rings are quite simple, but stunningly effective in design

Interestingly, no one style of Black Titanium product is particularly more popular than another, which would indicate that there is something to cater to most peoples needs. The feedback that we get when clients receive their product is always extremely positive. The quality of the product is what stands out to most customers.

Black Titanium Necklace

The stunning Rapture collection of Black Titanium products, accented with a diagonal run of diamonds

So whatever you think the man in your (or your kids) life will like is very much a personal choice. However its generally not hard to work out from his personality if he will like a more basic design or something more complex.

Why not browse our range of black titanium rings and black titanium necklaces and bracelets, you might just find something that hits the spot this fathers day.

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