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Why are your rings so inexpensive?

We have very small overheads. No physical shopfront, no enormous marketing/advertising bill. In fact you will rarely see us advertise, our reputation sets us apart and a large amount of our sales are through word of mouth.

We do not agree with the general principles in the jewelry market of marking up their products to insulting levels, in some instances 2000%. We believe in offering good quality, long lasting products, at fair prices.

We do not sell cheap Tungsten rings found all over the internet. Our Tungsten Carbide rings are made with state of the art equipment, with an industry standard 85.7% Tungsten. Many online ring stores actually have no idea of the composition of their rings, as they buy them in bulk, many containing cobalt. We can happily provide ring composition test reports, we know exactly what we are putting into our rings.

So if your looking for inexpensive mens rings, with unsurpassed quality, this is the place to be. We guarantee we will sell you a quality product at an affordable price.


Why Edward Mirell?

Quite simply, Edward Mirell are the best quality Titanium products in the world. The machining techniques and design team at Edward Mirell clearly seperate them from other manufacturers, and we are very proud to be associated with them.


Do you have a physical shopfront

No we do not. This keeps our costs much much lower and allows us to pass on savings to the consumer. We are based in Adelaide and are happy to catch up with our Adelaide clients in person to assist with sizing and decision making. However, even if you are not based in Adelaide, please contact us and we can discuss your purchase and how we can facilitate the perfect transaction.


I am concerned with online purchases

As well you should be. As a consumer, you need to do your homework. There are many shady websites out there peddling substandard products. Unfortunately the jewelry industry is no different. However Alpha Rings has been around for years and we are confident that we do not have a single dissatisfied client. Our FB page does not have fake “likes” and we dont write fake reviews. Please ask us as many questions as you can so we can assure you that our product and service is world class. Alpha Rings is an Australian family business based in Adelaide, ABN 75 799 427 141


How long does it take to get my ring?

If time is a concern, please contact us prior to purchase. If we have the ring in stock we will ship the next day. On the more expensive rings, we normally ship Registered Australia Post with insurance.

If the ring is not in stock, then it can take anywhere from 2-5 weeks depending on the ring style and complexity.


What if I dont know my size?

You should go to a jewelers to get an approximate ring size. Normally what we will do, is after purchase, we will send you several rings to get your correct ring size, then we can make it in that size.