New Edward Mirell rings!!

mens black rings adelaide

Edward Mirell have been at it again! Some great new designs that have been produced and released to the market! And Alpha Rings is lucky enough to be able to take advantage of it!

As Australia/New Zealands sole Edward Mirell distributor, we’re always delighted when new stuff comes out of Florida. There are a range of collections that have either expanded or newly introduced.

Edward Mirell’s rigorous design and QA process ensures that these new products are very well tested before they are sent out to market. This gives the consumer the assurance that the product won’t in anyway be adversely damaged or be prone to breakage over time.

Many new anodised designs have been introduced which offers a range of colours to suit a variety of peoples needs.

As always, if you’re interested in any of these products, please contact us first to discuss the product availability.

Brushed black titanium thorn ring offers a much more subtle contest than the Silver

titanium thorn ring

The incredible contrast of Silver and Black Titanium


Black Titanium and anodised copper


Anodised grey titanium creates stunning coloured within the protected titanium channel


The anodised blue offers a wonderful cool contrast against the grey titanium


Engraving Edward Mirell products

When it comes to symbolic ceremonies, its hard to go past weddings. There are so many aspects of a wedding that elicit profound acts and statements. Love can move mountains!

We often get asked when people purchase an Edward Mirell ring, if they can be engraved. Engraving allows a small but impactful statement to be added to the inside of the ring for its entire life.

However the question is not so simple. Titanium rings are generally quite easy to engrave. They are of a reasonable hardness and colour where a laser engraver will be fine to engrave them. We generally have no issue recommending laser engraving for Titanium Rings.

Black titanium however is a different story. Black Ti rings are so black and hard that engraving them generally doesnt give terrific results. The laser engraving will often be very subtle, and not always deliver the results the client is after. Alpha Rings doesnt recommend engraving Black Titanium Rings.

The other issue is that if a customer wants a manufacture engraving, there is no opportunity to do a size exchange if the sizing is wrong. Thats a big worry because if your size is not 100% spot on, then unfortunately the customer is stuck with the ring.

Its for this reason that we urge customers to very strongly consider after market engraving. Edward Mirell has become reluctant to offer manufacture engraving because its never desirable to leave a customer anything less than 100% satisfied.

Ring size and changing seasons

Well most of us will agree that change is upon us! With Spring well and truly here we can all start to feel that the weather is warming and our body responds to that change in season. Having worn wedding and fashion rings for many many years now, this change is evident in swelling of the fingers.

Apparently this swelling occurs as a natural mechanism for the body to help regulate temperature. This means that the circulatory system is more able to get blood to the surface of the skin and keep the body at its optimum temperature.

So what does that mean for jewellery? Well quite obviously if our bodies are swelling then our fingers are too. This funnily enough can be a big issue for some people, and not much of an issue at all for others.

People with quite fleshy fingers will often be affected by this phenomenon, where as people with very bony fingers will often not notice all that much. From a personal perspective, from the coldest to the warmer days, my fingers will swell a bit over half a size. In the coldest months I can wear a size 8 comfortably, but in the warmer days an 8.5 fits me (albeit a fraction tight).

So the question is how do you address this issue before you purchase a ring? Well what we ask our valued customers to do is that when they receive their ring, they should try it on under different conditions. For example, they should have a hot shower or do the dishes, and then try the ring on. Balance that out by putting their hands on a much cooler basin of water and see how much of a difference there is in the apparent size of their finger.

From there an educated decision can be made on what the most appropriate size is. The middle ground is always the best option.  There is an old saying that there is no “perfect” ring size, and this is exactly the reason why. However when you take a bit of time and thought to work out what will happen in the opposite season, you can’t really go too wrong.

Happy spring!

Spring is here!

Tungsten & wood ring

Spring is here at last! Amazing flowers, snakes and Hayfever are but some of the wonderful things we can look forward to over the next few months! At ALPHA Rings we love spring because it marks the ramping up of the wedding season. We start to notice a lot of people desperately needing a ring at rather short notice from about late August onwards.

So if you are planning to get married over the next 6 months, we strongly suggest that you do your research nice and early so you have a good idea what you’re after nice and early. Then you can make sure, if the ring has to be made, that you’re getting it made with plenty of time to spare.

Theres nothing worse than finding your ideal ring, only to find out that its not possible for the ring to be made in time! At this time of year, Alpha Rings works on about 4-6 weeks to turn around rings that we do not have in stock. Almost all Edward Mirell stock is made fresh for our customers, in their Deerfield Beach, Florida manufacturing facility.

We hold a good selection of Tungsten, Titanium and mens Cobalt Rings but again, please contact us nice and early so that if we do not have it, we are able to project how long this will take to get made.

Here at Alpha Rings we’re all about making sure that you’re experience is as good as we can possibly make it. If that means we don’t have the ring you’re after, we’re never going to try and sell you something you won’t be happy for you. We want you to have the product you love, and we hope that you find that product right here!

Do Cobalt rings scratch?

cobalt rings

If you’ve been following Alpha Rings for long enough then you’ll know that we’re a massive fan of cobalt rings. Cobalt rings offer plenty of reasons to make them an addition to your wardrobe. They combine an incredible lustre with unparalleled value in our opinion. When you consider that the Cobalt product was designed to closely resemble Platinum, you can see just from the cost difference alone the value that it offers.

cobalt rings

rings made from Cobalt offer a lustre very similar to Platinum, at a fraction of the price

However price to people is (correctly) not the deciding factor when choosing their ring. The more important question is “how long will it last”. And thats really a question that every bride or groom should be asking before they make their purchase.

If you have a look at our ring material comparison chart you can see that we have Cobalt right near the top of the tree. Cobalt’s ability to withstand the rigours of daily wear are quite exceptional. Probably the only products of note that hold their original form better would be Black Titanium and Tungsten. And neither of these have the same “silverish” lustre that Cobalt offers.

cobalt ring scratch

Cobalt Rings are very hard to scratch

The above image is one of the rings I wear most days of the week. This ring has been worn for almost 3 years. Although only taken with a phone camera, you can clearly see an absence of obvious scratches. There are a few very fine scratches, but the form of the Cobalt ring is very similar to how it was when I first started wearing it. This is one of the reasons I wear Cobalt.

So when deciding if Cobalt is the right product for you, consider the incredible scratch resistance that it offers, as well as its amazing appearance, smooth feel and low price point. With all these factors considered, Cobalt is truly one of the prime materials to make a wedding ring out of.

Buy Kaenon sunglasses in Australia at Alpha Rings!!

By now many Australians would either be using, or would have heard of Kaenon sunglasses. Kaenon is considered one of the highest performing brand of sunglasses that money can buy.

This US company gets their product made in Italy to this date. The founders of Kaenon weren’t happy with many of the products on the market, believing that both glass and polycarbonate lenses offered inferior attributes. The glass wasnt strong enough and the polycarbonate delivered inferior optics.

lens-comparison Kaenon Australia

With this in mind, they developed and patented a new lens product now known as SR-91. SR-91 offers 100% UV protection and superior impact and stress resistance. The SR-91 lens is a 7 layer construction of the finest materials known to man.

lens-treatments Kaenon Adelaide

Every aspect of the production of Kaenon sunglasses is treated with the highest level of control possible. From the hinges, the polarisation to the frame formation, exceptional quality is the hallmark of these glasses.

Kaenon has 4 different colour tints which are offered in most models. Grey, Copper, Yellow and Brown. There are also 3 different Light Transmission grades, 12%, 28%, 35 and 50%. 12% is the darkest tint, 50% lets the most light through.

sr-91 tint colours

As far as the frames go, there are no shortcuts here. Made in Italy with California style, Kaenon quality is evident in every model. From the lifestyle range found on the beach to the sports models worn on a bike, there is a model for everyone.

If a compound doesn’t exist that suits Kaenon’s needs, then they create one. If you’re serious about your sunglasses then you’d most likely to have tried Maui Jim’s and Serengeti. Either way, give Kaenon’s a go, we’re incredibly confident that once you try Kaenon, you’ll never go back. From the mountain, to the road, the beach to the backyard, Kaenon is at the pinnacle of optical excellents.


*** Counterfeit products have been found on popular “marketplace” websites. If the price of a pair of Kaenon sunglasses seems too good to be true – it most likely is counterfeit, despite the assurances of the vendor. Buy with confidence, buy from Australia’s Only authorised Kaenon Retailer – Alpha Rings! ***

New Season wooden rings. Winter 2014 Fashion Collection.

One thing that our customers have told us they love is our range of Tungsten and wood rings. There are a few reasons that these rings have proved popular. One reason is that they are a little different from the norm. They are not your plain, standard variety that every man and his dog has. The individuality is something that clients continue to come back to our site for, and the wood collection has individuality in spades.

The main reason that people like the Tungsten and wood rings is the simple fact that they lo0k fantastic. The character of these rings is again very unique, and the subtle differences mean that there is something for everyone.

All of our rings are sensibly priced and are of the highest possible quality. Below are is the full collection of Tungsten and wood rings. Enjoy!!



Tungsten Ring with wood edges

This ring has 3/4 of its face being Tungsten, with the edging made of wood. One of the most popular wooden rings we stock

Mens bevelled Tungsten ring with wooden inlay

An amazing looking ring which features is made of Tungsten with bevelled edging and an inlay made of wood

Tungsten and Wood domed ring

A more traditional style of wooden ring due to the fact that it has a domed finish

Mens full face wooden ring

A great looking ring with a full face of wood that has a 2mm stripe of Tungsten

Wedding proposal ideas

Being in the business of wedding rings, you hear alot of stories about wedding proposals. Some of them are very ordinary, some of them are good, but there isnt enough of them that are great. A wedding proposal is one great chance to let your bride feel really special. What many guys forget though, is that it isnt just the night of the proposal that she feels special. She will (if things go well) recount this night to friends for the rest of your marriage. Hopefully, for all the right reasons. This post highlights some of the key considerations for that amazing day when the groom asks for his partners hand in marriage!


The vibe

If it doesnt feel right in the moment, dont do it. You need a plan B. Sometimes things happen that are our of our control. Perhaps your partner gets sick the day you plan to propose to her. Sure, its a hassle, you’re probably going to do a whole lot of planning and your going to blow some money, but do you want to propose while she’s crook as a dog? No way!

A mate of mine was going to propose to his wife down at one of the local beaches. It was an ok proposal idea from what I remember, he packed the boot with a picnic, and off he went. Two problems, he drove a crap car and chose the hottest day of the year. Car broke down, him and his girlfriend were pushing the car in 40 degree heat, and he still ended up proposing to her! Memorable, yes, for the right reasons, hell no!




Impromptu proposals can be exactly that, impromptu. But best not to do it, say “in the heat of a steamy moment”. Its really not a very flattering proposal.

A good wedding proposal takes time and efffort, no matter how you do it. Even if you are going to a cosy place in the hills, you still need to plan. You need to think about what your partner likes to eat, drink, how they like to relax. You certainly want to prepare how you are going to say it!

If you are dining out beforehand, you need plenty of time to book the restaurant.

Are you choosing a ring, or are you getting your partner to choose their own?

Are you getting someone to take photo’s – a friend or a professional?


What do they like to do?

This one is really important. If your partner doesn’t like sport, don’t take them to speedway or a game of footy to do it. Not cool and you wont be in the good books.

Some women actually hate being embarrassed. If that’s the case, don’t embarrass her.

As silly as it sounds, I know some ladies who don’t like surprises. Hate them. So tell her you are going to propose. Its ok to keep her guessing a little bit, maybe just don’t spring it right out of the blue.

If she loves flowers and gets stuck into you for never buying her flowers, then organize the biggest bunch of flowers she’s ever seen.


 Blow her away

If you are going to ask a woman to marry you, then you owe it to her to make it a night she will remember for the rest of her life. Really put in some effort

Watch this video, this is just awesome and encapsulates the effort that some men will go to – and I recon its amazing, the best proposal I’ve ever seen!



For my proposal, in brief, I ordered a limo, went to an amazing restaurant in the city, had a horse and cart pick us up and take us around the city, went to a beautiful park this some incredible architecture in the background. I had planned ahead and got a friend to put a card table in the middle of the park, with rose petals, wine, chocolates and a fortune cookie. I’d used tweezers to take out the note that was in there, and I replaced it with “will you marry me”.  The horse and cart pulled up next to the empty table in the middle of the park, I told her to sit down, got down on one knee, and gave her the fortune cookie! Once she said yes, we had a drink, got back on the horse and cart and rode around the city for a bit, ending up at a lovely hotel.

It was a great experience because it was on valentines day, love was in the air, and people were clapping as we went past. When we got out at the hotel, a woman got out of her partners Porsche, and said to her man “Hey! why didnt you get me one of those!!!”

I’m happy with my proposal because I planned it, and incorporated things that I knew she’d like. She felt really special, and it was great hearing her tell her friends what I did.


Things like Gondola rides, hot air ballons etc are great because they are slow, and it gives you time to create tension and atmosphere, and that is what women love. But all this takes planning, you cant just ass it on the night, you need to make an effort, and if you do, you will be very well rewarded!!

Oh and one other thing, DONT FORGET THE RING!!!!!!

burger rings, calamari rings and other assorted foods are not cool.

The advantages of prints


The motto of the Stark’s of Winterfell is “winter is coming” – tell me you watch the Game of Thrones if not, this is a little awkward awkward – but this is a rather daft motto because, it says nothing of what we must do when winter arrives. One can hardly be expected to be looking forward to the winter when it’s there with you, day in day out. Anyway, as the clouds roll in, the rains come down, and the world becomes colder and greyer the high street has provided us with vibrant prints that we may distract ourselves from the chilly weather and the shorter day light hours.


Topman seems to be pushing this trend a little bit harder that the rest of its competitors as it’s carrying African fabric inspired print trousers by Dent de Man and a print heavy collaboration with Agi and Sam, who are well known for their use of eccentric prints.


The greatest advantage that this trend provides is that you will always stand out, as the vast majority of men in the world will be too conservative to even think about trying it. You on the other hand will be a commander of attention and a starter of conversation. The conversations you start and the attention you command may not always be positive, but it is infinitely better to be talked about than it is to be ignored.


Dent de Man trousers image

Dente de man

This pair of Dent de Man trousers from Topman provides an excellent middle between the extraordinary and the ordinary. They’ll allow you to express the fruitiest side of yourself, without being too conspicuous.


Agi and Sam suit image


If you’re a more risqué fellow, who doesn’t believe in moderation then this Agi and Sam suit is the one for you. Of course I’ll recommend that you at least wear a different coloured shirt from the suit to avoid blending in with the couch, or the wallpaper.

Great Fathers day gifts – Black Titanium

With fathers day fast approaching, it is not uncommon to be completely out of ideas when it comes to getting gifts for the special man in our lives. And if you are sick of getting the same of old thing, such as a shirt, a pair of slippers or a new wallet, perhaps a Black Titanium product might be the answer.

Why I hear you ask. For a start, Black Titanium is an incredibly unique product, in fact only one company in the world has the patent on this product. So having something that everyone else does not have, is quite refreshing. It creates a great talking point when you wear your new piece.

Edward Mirell’s Black Titanium products are very versatile. There is something for everyone. That includes incredibly intricate designs, to more subtle low key designs.

Black Titanium Ring

Some Edward Mirell rings are quite simple, but stunningly effective in design

Interestingly, no one style of Black Titanium product is particularly more popular than another, which would indicate that there is something to cater to most peoples needs. The feedback that we get when clients receive their product is always extremely positive. The quality of the product is what stands out to most customers.

Black Titanium Necklace

The stunning Rapture collection of Black Titanium products, accented with a diagonal run of diamonds

So whatever you think the man in your (or your kids) life will like is very much a personal choice. However its generally not hard to work out from his personality if he will like a more basic design or something more complex.

Why not browse our range of black titanium rings and black titanium necklaces and bracelets, you might just find something that hits the spot this fathers day.