Popular mens rings in 2014

blue and silver ring

Sometimes people contact us because they know they want a ring of some description but they’re just not sure exactly what to go for. There are a lot of guys out there that haven’t yet developed a personal taste of their own. Sure they might know what looks good but they really don’t know if its cool or popular, and don’t want to part with their hard earned cash if they think their mates will think its crap.

So one of the questions we get asked quite a lot is “what are your most popular rings for men.” That is a question that gets a different answer depending on what time of the year it’s asked. But 2014 has been a little bit unique in that there has been quite a theme running through the popularity of our products.

We have seen a big growth in the interest in the more contemporary designs. So there has been a leaning towards more of the plain varieties of titanium and tungsten, which we’ll show you below.

The big drop off in 2014 was the interest in Silver inlaid rings. Our amazing customers really didn’t take these up, which is surprising because 2013 was quite big for Silver inlaid products.

So although we can’t necessarily influence a persons style to a great degree, we can tell you what is hot at the moment. Below is a list of some of the most popular rings we sold in 2014, which as we’ve said, are all very plain and traditional in their style. Thats not to say we didn’t sell lots of other rings. The great thing about Alpha Rings is that there is such a diverse range that people are always going to find something they like!


blue-and-titanium-mens-ring instep titanium ring titanium-milgrain-ring Cobalt-mens-ring 6mm-unisex-tungsten-ring plain-titanium-ring-australia mens-Tungsten-Bevelled-Ring Brushed-Tungsten-Beveled-Ring-men



Life Lessons under London’s Lights

Whether you’re a fan of self-help or not, stop whatever you’re doing and read this book

Many of us live busy lifestyles in busy cities. So busy in fact, that we often forget to take the time to consider the things in life that really matter.

Sure, we love going out to fancy bars and restaurants. We love spending our time shopping (especially at Alpha Rings!), but deep down there does often seem to be something within us that feels like it’s missing.

Enter Chris Gill’s Oracles under City Lights. Now, we don’t tend to spend much time hanging around the self-help aisles of a book shop, so thankfully ‘Oracles’ avoids the cliché of this genre (or any other genre, for that matter).

The 25-year-old British indie author has drawn from the experiences he has gone through over the past three years since moving to London to create a contemporary, stylish and entirely relatable handbook for combating the stresses and strains of modern living.

From breaking into fashion writing and working London Fashion Week, to the experiences of the 2011 riots and other social, political and environmental events that have taken place over the last few years; no theme is left uncovered.

As you turn each page of this beautifully designed book, you really do travel through the eyes of the young author. The first chapter, City Lights, sees Chris starting out in the city with green eyes, an ambitious dream and an endearing sense of naivety that many will be able to relate to when thinking back to the start of their own careers.

It’s his career that then takes full focus in the second chapter, Creative vs. Commercial. The writer reflects on how he took a couple of media sales jobs in the hope that he would easily cross over to the editorial side of the magazines; turns out it wasn’t going to be that easy. Then once he finally makes the professional transition, Chris explains how fulfilling his ambitions did not lead to instant inner fulfilment.


The third and fourth chapters of Oracles, An Alternate Vision Part One and Two, cover everything from Amy Winehouse’s death to the Occupy movement; before the final chapter, An Inner Light, attempts to draw lessons from all of the experiences Chris has gone through up to that point. This is where the book reaches its height of ‘self-helpness’, by this point you are ready for the author to shed some ‘light’.

On top of this, Oracles under City Lights includes a middle section (printed on contrast duck egg paper) of poetry, titled Verses 2.0. Picking up from where the independent author’s debut collection of poetry left off in 2011, expect a modern day take on the literary art that comes across as fresh as it does gripping.

If poetry’s not for you, then maybe you’ll prefer the final addition to this bold and unique book. Right at the back, Chris has included the first chapter of a ‘post-apocalyptic sci-fi novella’ he is currently working on, titled Surface to Air. Not only does it appear to have enough action to keep any man glued to the book, but the main character ‘Red’ sounds like one hot chick!

Whether you’re a fan of self-help or not, stop whatever you’re doing and read this book. We guarantee that it will change the way you look at your entire life.

Read an extract from the book and order your limited edition now: http://prntd.co.uk/oracles

Summer’s most popular mens jewellery – Black

Black Tungsten Mens Ring

With Summer now well and truly behind us and the ever unpredictable weather of Autumn upon us, we can reveal Alpha Rings hottest items over the past 3 months.
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Black has again been popular last season, with Edward Mirell’s Black Titanium continuing to prove popular. Tungsten lines were also popular with the strong contrast of black inlays again prominent. So in no particular order, here are some of the lines that clients made popular in the summer of 2013

Black Tungsten Mens RingAlways a popular item, this particular Tungsten ring was again a hit with the Australian public. Although this ring can be bought quite a bit cheaper off some of the popular “internet marketplaces”, we have tested some of these cheaper rings and the quality has been found to be significantly substandard to Alpha Rings products. Inlays that dont meet, poor quality resin and cobalt binders are just a few examples.
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Black mens ring with silverThe most popular ring in Summer from Edward Mirell was the Black Titanium ring with twin Silver inlays. A simply amazing product that looks better in the flesh. Although we also stock a similar item in ceramic, the Black Titanium version offers superior scratch resistance and is also lighter. The Silver will scratch the same on either ring.


tungsten and black resin
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One of the most beautiful Tungsten rings due to the stunning contrast offered by the black resin inlays. This has been a ring which has been very well received by our clients over the last few months and continues to be popular.


Pallas Titanium Cross Necklace

The above necklace was the most popular accessory last season. Incredibly light with a rustic almost medieval charm, one look and you can see why it has been a hit with our clients
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The above products have certainly been popular from Christmas onwards, however that should not necessarily sway your decision. The great thing about Alpha Rings is that our range is so diverse that there truly is something for everyone. As our store continues to grow strongly it is very apparant that clients love our wide selection. Unique and individual tastes are easily catered for to enable you to get what you truly want.
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So feel free to browse our Titanium, Black Titanium and Tungsten Ring collections here.

Are Tungsten rings breakable?

Tungsten Rings

Search in Google and you will find the question posed “are tungsten rings breakable”, or a variation of that question. The reason that this question gets asked so much is that many retailers advertise their Tungsten rings as being “unbreakable” “indestructible”.  However this is simply wrong. Tungsten rings, like any other material, are far from indestructible.
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Tungsten rings are manufactured to embrace the qualities of the material in order to enhance their incredible toughness. This means they become more scratch resistant. This hardness does come at a cost however. It makes them somewhat more brittle. If you watch some of the youtube footage of people hitting tungsten with a hammer, it is almost always a soft tap, or the ring is on a soft surface such as wood.
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I believe this is unscrupulous and a bit of trickery quite frankly. By definition of what the product it, Tungsten rings can be broken. However this should not be looked at with disappointment. It might be a dangerous product to wear if it was truly indestructible as you may get the ring trapped and not be able to remove it. Titanium rings will bend, but a Tungsten ring will not. This means that if you can hit the ring hard enough, it will shatter.

What becomes critical at this point is the composition of the Tungsten ring. If the Tungsten/Carbon ratio is not exact, along with the correct proportion of trace materials, you may very well be purchasing inferior materials.

For the purposes of day to day wear, Tungsten rings are an extremely durable product. They are the most scratch resistant product on the market, more so than titanium, cobalt, platinum, ceramic, gold or silver. The trade off is the ductility/malleability of the metal. Tungsten does not excel in these characteristics.
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Consumers need not be overly concerned with the above, we believe Tungsten to be one of the finest and most resilient materials on the market. There is no reason why you should be concerned that it will break, in fact if you manage to shatter your tungsten ring, you will most likely shatter the rest of your hand as well. I have worn many many tungsten rings over the years, and with general wear I have never broken one – ever.
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The intent of this post is not to deter you from purchasing a Tungsten ring – far from it. We wouldn’t sell them if we didn’t believe in the product. The intent is to get you to use caution where you see retailers advertising “unbreakable” products, and then only go on to warranty against manufacturing defects! Use you keen eye to distinguish deceptive marketing techniques in the jewelery industry, if companies are willing to deceive you on this fact, what else are they keeping from you?

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Alpha Rings is upfront in saying that Tungsten Rings you buy ANYWHERE are not indestructible. But we also offer what we believe to be the highest quality product money can buy. Its tried and tested, and we know that you’ll be extremely happy with your purchase – or your money back.
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