Pay for your wedding ring with Crypto


Friends we have good news!

Alpha Rings will now accept certain cryptocurrencies as payment for your wedding ring!

Currently we will accept NEO, GAS, and other NEP5 tokens (such as Ontology, TheKey etc). We believe NEO is the most promising blockchain ecosystem with the ability to make a tangible, positive difference in the real world. NEO’s goals are lofty but they truly have a vision to make the world economy a better place!

At some stage we may accept Ethereum and ERC20 tokens. We do not plan to accept Bitcoin at this stage.

The Wallet address for paying with NEO, GAS or other NEP5 tokens is:

NEO – AU84Wfahev8iYWwFWs62ckqaehcLKybmim


We will give 10% off for any payment using Crypto, contact us for a coupon code.

Unfortunately as this is emerging technology, there is no payment gateway that we feel properly embraces NEO and so we haven’t yet implemented crypto into our shopping cart yet – but that will happen at some point. For now, please contact Alpha Rings to discuss the exact amount to be paid to the wallet. We will use for the calculation.

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Edward Mirell Necklaces

We believe at the bottom of our heart that Edward Mirell make the worlds best titanium rings. Our multi award winning US based manufacturing partner has proven over a long period of time that their fashion and wedding bands are not only sought after by our clients, but respected by judges and scribes the world over.

But many people might not know that they don’t just limit themselves to mens rings. Edward Mirell also produce a variety of other products. These products include a variety of womens jewellery lines, mens and womens bracelets, and mens and womens necklaces. Cufflinks are also made in their Florida facility. We thought we’d treat you to some of Edward Mirell’s incredible bracelets in this post.

These bracelets feature black and grey titanium, as well as their famous “memory cable” the same of which can be found in their black titanium rings

So check out their bracelets below, and if you’d like to know more, feel free to drop us an email or call for a chat.

black titanium bracelet 988_14-black-spinel-black-titaniu-and-black-titanium-memory-cable-bangle-bracelet_edward-mirell_b975b-s_l

10_edward-mirell_gray-titanium-bracelet-with-black-memory-cable_b953c-00000_l 667_black-titanium-bracelet-with-diamonds_edward-mirell_b551b-d1010-080_l 144_edward-mirell_black-titanium-and-sterling-silver-bracelet_b807o-00000_l 124_edward-mirell_black-titanium-and-sterling-silver-bracelet_b806o-00000_l 116_edward-mirell_black-titanium-and-sterling-silver-bracelet_b808n-00000_l 9_edward-mirell_gray-titanium-bracelet-with-black-memory-cable_b947c-00000_l 927_black-cable-wrap-bracelet-w-bronze-weave-end-cap-4mm-faceted-cab-amethyst_edward-mirell_b1050z-am000_l78_edward-mirell_gray-titanium-bracelet-with-black-memory-cable-18k-yellow-gold-screws_b975c-00000_l 340_edward-mirell_black-titanium-and-sterling-silver-bracelet_b838o-mlt00_l 218_edward-mirell_black-titanium-bracelet-with-sterling-silver-diamonds_b380o-d1010_l 164_edward-mirell_gray-titanium-bracelet-with-black-leather_b146a-l0000_l 341_edward-mirell_black-titanium-and-sterling-silver-bracelet_b838o-pnk00_l 143_edward-mirell_gray-titanium-and-sterling-silver-bracelet_b807n-00000_l 921_boulevard-steel-3-piece-hinged-cuff_edward-mirell_b3171p-00000-600_l 993_black-ti-templar-cuff-bracelet_edward-mirell_b550b_l 342_edward-mirell_black-titanium-and-sterling-silver-bracelet_b838o-tel00_l 87_edward-mirell_gray-titanium-bracelet-with-black-memory-cable-18k-yellow-gold-screws_b980c-00000_l

964_tango-3-cable-bronze-cuff-with-white-saphires_edward-mirell_b1000z-sw000-700_l 837_black-ti-24-ctw-blk-diamond-dbl-groove-nitinol-bracelet_edward-mirell_b980b-v0000_l 970_tango-5-cable-ss-cuff-with-blk-spinel_edward-mirell_b1001o-spn00-700_l 215_edward-mirell_gray-titanium-bracelet-with-sterling-silver-diamonds_b300n-d1010_l 217_edward-mirell_gray-titanium-bracelet-with-sterling-silver-diamonds_b380n-d1010_l 1007_south-beach-heart-with-pink-sapphire_edward-mirell_b127a_l


Anodised Titanium Bands

mens blue rings

Although the ability to anodise steel has been around for many decades, its application in jewellery has been mainly associated with female lines, in particular rings and necklaces. Anodising creates remarkable colours by a process which involves electrically charged particles.

mens blue rings

grey titanium with 2 inset channels of anodised blue

Recently however, Edward Mirell have given the anodisation process something of a renaissance! Mens titanium bands are now seeing a splash of colour through them which has not previously been seen in any of the Edward Mirell lines in the past.

anodized-black-titanium-band with blue

The blue anodised effect is more subtle with black titanium

One of the key features to note with the anodised rings is the slight recessed channels where the colour is situated. This has the effect of protecting the colour and greatly increasing its life because it is not surface facing and therefore has a considerably reduced risk of being scratched.

blue titanium ring

Although Edward Mirell have had the ability to create these designs for many years, these are quite new lines so they have only released a select few bands. The theme is predominantly blue mens rings  although other designs are said to be following soon. The products are currently limited to both black titanium and grey titanium. There are no plans to have anodised Cobalt bands at this stage.

mens pattern band

So come and check them out, they’ve proven to be quite popular so far, particularly the grey titanium variety as the contrast between the blue and grey is quite remarkable.

black and blue mens ring

Edward Mirell Guardian Collection

One of Edward Mirell’s most exciting new ventures has been its unique “Guardian” collection. Edward Mirell has kept this collection very tight, preferring to produce a limited number of designs, but placing a great deal of emphasis on the the appearance of each piece.

In fact, currently there are only 4 products in this current collection, which has fluctuated as the company refines its outstanding, world class catalogue.

At the center of its collection, as always are the rings. The first ring is considered to be one of Edward Mirell’s finest signet rings. Made of high quality Lapis that have an incredible bright blue appearance, it has a Sterling Silver setting which is in turn set in a base of high grade CP grey titanium

Titanium and Lapis mens ring

The intricate work in this ring is clearly visible even from a photograph. True to the Edward Mirell theme, not a detail has been missed. The accenting and highlighting is done by alternating polished and brushed titanium.

The next ring in the collection is a more aggressive look than the Lapis ring. This one features Dia Carnelian which is bright red in appearance against stark Black Titanium. The stone is once again set into Sterling Silver.


As one can see from the pictures, this ring is very bold and encaptulates old world charm with modern manufacturing technologies. The Dia Carnelian ring is a great choice for someone looking for an old world gothic ring. Whilst not typical of a wedding ring, for a fashion ring – this one certainly fits the bill.

Black Tungsten vs Black Titanium

When a client wants a black mens ring, there are two main products that they ask us about. The first product is Black Tungsten, the second product is Black Titanium. What clients want to know is, what is black tungsten? what is black titanium? is black titanium or black tungsten better? Lets examine some of those points below.


What are black tungsten rings?

There is actually no such thing as “Black Tungsten”. Black Tungsten utilises regular Tungsten, but then uses a PVD (physical vapour deposition) coating. This means that a coating is applied in an environment of extreme heat and pressure, to the normal Tungsten product.

This seems a completely counter-intuitive process however. The main benefit of a Tungsten ring is that its surface is extremely scratch resistant. So why on earth would you add a coating to that? Despite what retailers might say, Black Tungsten has very poor scratch resistance. The reason for this, is that when you scratch the coating, the grey of the tungsten shows through very easily.

Black Tungsten is normal tungsten with a PVD coating

Black Tungsten is normal tungsten with a PVD coating

So the facts are that there is no product that in and of itself, is real “black tungsten”, and the PVD coated Tungsten which is sold as “black Tungsten”, offers very poor scratch resistance.


What is Black Titanium?

Much has been written on this site about black titanium. However it is important, once again to distinguish the difference between Edward Mirell patented Black Titanium, and what is marketed in the industry as black titanium.

The only real Black Titanium product on the market is the Edward Mirell manufactured product. This is made in the USA at their South Florida facility. Edward Mirell has over 40 patents, with Black Titanium being one of them.

Black Titanium fashion ring

Black Titanium is superior in almost every way to Black Tungsten

This product is truly unique in the jewelry industry. It takes regular commercial pure grey titanium and a well guarded, proprietary blend of alloys, and subjects it to super heating. The result is that the outside of the grey titanium product turns black. The incredibly unique thing about Black Titanium though, is that it maintains much of the malleability and ductility of regular grey Titanium, with the added benefit of the ultra hard black  surface.

Non Edward Mirell Black Titanium is very similar to Black Tungsten jewelry – it is a PVD coating which is highly prone to scratching and fading, leading to an inferior product.


So which is better, Black Tungsten or Black Titanium?

After examining the facts about the two products, it really isnt a contest between the two materials.  The only place that black tungsten has the edge is with cost. Black Titanium is quite a bit more expensive. However you are without question paying for quality. Black Tungsten will definately scratch and fade over time, showing a grey colour underneath the black. Black Titanium is magnitudes more scratch resistant than Black Tungsten, and will stand the test of time well beyond that of other cheaper, inferior products.

Are ceramic rings dead?

black ceramic ring

Ceramic rings became extremely popular in the last decade or so. The reason for this is that they offered a new way to introduce permanency to the colour of mens and womens fashion rings. Stainless steel was able to be used and was subjected to coatings such as PVD (physical vapor deposition) where the ring was subjected to high temperatures and pressures to add a certain coating. Other types of coatings were things like enamels which were “painted” on. The end result is that there was a product that could be manufactured cheaply, with bright colours and patterns, but at the expense of long term quality and durability.


steel rings

steel and enamel ring

Enter Ceramic rings. Ceramic rings solved some of the problems that were around with steel rings.



Advantages that Ceramic rings held over steel rings include

– They didnt need any type of coating

– The base was not a “Silver” colour, but any colour that the manufacturer wished

– Ceramics are harder  and less prone to scratching

– If it did scratch, it would scratch the same colour

– Stainless Steel rings, are overwhelmingly renound for lacking quality due to being soft – they scratch very easily and bend out of shape too easily. Much like gold, which is shocking for rings and really only used for the status. (Gold is great for accenting and inlaying however)

– A true black colour was achievable, which is very appealing to men.




– Less intricate designs were possible.

– Lower malleability and ductility means less acute angles were possible so less variety of design

black ceramic ring

black ceramic ring

So whats the problem with Ceramic rings then?

Its not so much that ceramic rings are bad, its just that there are better products out there. The Edward Mirell black titanium product is superior to ceramic in every way. So the problem with Ceramic rings is that they have simply been superseded by a vastly superior product. Our customers also seem to know this, and that is why ceramic sales at Alpha Rings have plummeted, while Black Ti sales are on the way up.



Advantages Black Titanium has over Ceramic

– Incredibly versatile

– A staggering matrix of ductility, malleability, scratch resistance and ability to reflect light.

– Unique colour profile

– With the above characteristics is in no way physically inferior to ceramic



– Much more expensive


black ti Koi Fish – cutting edge engineering

Like most things in life, you pay for quality, and Black Titanium is without question more expensive than Ceramic. This tends to mean that retailers make lower margins on Black Titanium.  Black Titanium is not a marketing gimmick, far from it. Its an incredible product that Australian consumers now have the ability to take advantage of.  We still stock ceramic rings, because clients sometimes have an appeal to ceramic, and thats fine, however due to the nature of the product, there are far fewer choices in ceramic than black ti.


Alpha Rings has a great selection of black titanium rings or black ceramic rings right here



The Royale Titanium collection

Like the Rapture collection, one of the crowning achievements in the Edward Mirell range is the remarkable “Royale Collection” This particular collection includes Rings, Bracelets, Necklaces and cufflinks. All of these products come in both Black Titanium and the commercial pure Grey Titanium.

As you can see from the images, the most obvious feature of the Royale collection is the impressive diamond set. For example, the Royale Black Titanium Ring contains a total of .24ctw diamond accented with 18k gold. This makes the Royale ring an amazingly bold ring, and very much a symbol of masculinity, style and luxury.

mens titanium ring Royale

The workmanship of the Royale collection is everything you would expect from the Edward Mirell range – world class. Faultless on every occasion, the Edward Mirell brand leaves no stone unturned with this collection to show off a mans style and class.


One of the great features of the Royale collection is the fact that it is perfect to wear for those high fashion functions. Nothing says class like a pair of Royale titanium cufflinks on a crisp white shirt under a tuxedo. Great for weddings and formal engagements – in fact that has proved to be exactly what most people want these cuffs for.

black titanium necklace

And lets not forget the necklace. This one will be sure to capture the eye of those around you, with its glimmering diamonds set in the patented black titanium. Such a unique piece, set in the most unique material.

Gray Titanium Royale Ring

We should not forget to mention that all of these products come in the outstanding Grey Titanium also. Moving away from the Black Titanium decreases the contrast with the silver and the diamonds and makes this jewelery piece much more subtle. Some people like this because they actually dont want attention drawn to themselves. Thats the wonderful thing about most of the Edward Mirell pieces, there is generally something for everyone.

Titanium Rings – Bulletproof, Nothing To Lose

“I’m bulletproof, nothing to lose, fire away, fire away. Ricochet, you take your aim, fire away, fire away. You shoot me down but I won’t fall, I am titanium”.

Love or loathe the song, (aptly named ‘Titanium’), it seems French superstar DJ David Guetta is a fan of the strength and powerful qualities of titanium. It’s fair to say his 44 million Facebook fans would agree as well!


David Guetta & Aussie Singer Sia – Is that a titanium ring, Sia?

At ALPHA Rings we’ve been a fan of the qualities of titanium for quite sometime. It’s a durable, strong and scratch proof metal. We haven’t tested our titanium rings with bullets like Mr Guetta, yet. We will leave that decision with our Director, Nick Fox. What do you think Foxy? Shooting range soon with a box of Edward Mirell’s finest?

Why choose a titanium ring?

Aside from the fact that international DJs are producing songs about it, you might be wondering what is so special about titanium. Simply, it is a metal which was discovered in Great Britain in 1791, and named after the Titans of Greek mythology. It is a ‘lustrous’ silver metal, meaning  it is shiny or glossy.

It makes great men’s rings as it is highly resistant to corrosion, strong, lightweight and mixes well with other metals. Because of these properties, it is used in the construction of spacecraft, mobile phones, missiles, sporting goods and more. Still not convinced about titanium’s Superman like strength? Here is a fact which is difficult to ignore;

The two most useful properties of titanium are corrosion resistance and the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any metal.

That’s quite a statement and you can read it for yourself in this article about Titanium.

So, apart from being strong, lightweight and all the other qualities mentioned above, why else should you consider a titanium ring? Another great reason;  titanium rings are less expensive than their silver or gold counterparts. That’s a positive reason we often hear from our Australian customers.

What types of titanium rings are available?

The popularity of titanium is growing as Australian men look for alternatives to traditional silver and gold rings. We provide a large selection of finely crafted titanium rings in gray and black varieties.

As titanium mixes well with other metals and is naturally glossy, our range of titanium rings combine with gold, rose gold, silver, diamonds, polished leather, black and silver cable. All of our titanium rings and black titanium rings are made to measure.

Check some out for yourself and let us know what you think. Fire away, fire away.









Great Fathers day gifts – Black Titanium

With fathers day fast approaching, it is not uncommon to be completely out of ideas when it comes to getting gifts for the special man in our lives. And if you are sick of getting the same of old thing, such as a shirt, a pair of slippers or a new wallet, perhaps a Black Titanium product might be the answer.

Why I hear you ask. For a start, Black Titanium is an incredibly unique product, in fact only one company in the world has the patent on this product. So having something that everyone else does not have, is quite refreshing. It creates a great talking point when you wear your new piece.

Edward Mirell’s Black Titanium products are very versatile. There is something for everyone. That includes incredibly intricate designs, to more subtle low key designs.

Black Titanium Ring

Some Edward Mirell rings are quite simple, but stunningly effective in design

Interestingly, no one style of Black Titanium product is particularly more popular than another, which would indicate that there is something to cater to most peoples needs. The feedback that we get when clients receive their product is always extremely positive. The quality of the product is what stands out to most customers.

Black Titanium Necklace

The stunning Rapture collection of Black Titanium products, accented with a diagonal run of diamonds

So whatever you think the man in your (or your kids) life will like is very much a personal choice. However its generally not hard to work out from his personality if he will like a more basic design or something more complex.

Why not browse our range of black titanium rings and black titanium necklaces and bracelets, you might just find something that hits the spot this fathers day.

Alpha Rings talks to Edward Mirell about Black Titanium

Here is another instalment of our completely unrehearsed, unedited catch ups with Adam Rosenberg from Edward Mirell! To see the youtube footage, click here

Nick Fox:  Ok We’re here again with Adam Rosenberg from Edward Mirell, and Adam is going to just give us a bit of a rundown on Black Titanium

Adam Rosenberg: Yeah! Patented being the key word! First, as a quick snapshot, all of the materials, we have over 30 patents on materials and processes at Edward Mirell and Spectore Corporation which is our parent company.

Black Titanium is definitely one of our most popular, we actually came across it by accident. We were making a bracelet for Eddie Van Halen, and he wanted a design carved with a gold inlay into the bracelet, so when we were creating the material we had to soften the metal up because Titanium is so naturally hard. So we used an alloy, and then we’re trying to naturally melt the gold into the channel of the bracelet for the design that we made. We placed the bracelet in the oven and through the heating, the material turned black.

What actually happened, we thought, maybe we burnt the metal, but we actually made a molecular transformation, not to get too “science” here, but we changed the metal, we turned in black from outside in, creating this phenomenal ceramic hard surface. The problem with ceramics typically is that they are so hard that they’re brittle, and that they can crack under certain pressure.

Black Titanium barrel ring

Edward Mirell owns the patent on Black Titanium

Black Titanium still has that metal ductility in the centre, meaning that it has give, so if you were to drop it or hit it or anything like that, it cant break. But it has that absolute beautiful hardness, its got a brilliant shine to it, and it is absolutely one of our number one, it is our number one selling material right now.

All of the metals that we work with here at Edward Mirell are all medical grade, from our grey Titanium to our Cobalt to Black Titanium. We certify all our pieces within our collection with a certificate of authenticity, that really speaks of that quality level.  That’s something that you’re just not going to find in any other brand or any other product that doesn’t come from our manufacturing facility here in the USA.


Black Titanium offers the benefits of ceramic whilst still maintaining ductility

Black Titanium offers the benefits of ceramic whilst still maintaining ductility

NF: And when we talk about Black Titanium how does that differ from the Black Titanium, or what is marketed as Black Titanium out in the marketplace that is NOT Edward Mirell.

AR: Excellent question and this is definitely one of those buyer beware moments. Typically, well what they ARE doing, is that Titanium is the base metal for that piece of jewellery. But what creates that black is a PVD process. PVD stands for Powder Vapour Disposition, and its basically the same thing that they do with lawn furniture. So it’s a coating that’s on the surface of the metal that makes it black, and that can chip or scratch or basically flake away, so the metal itself is not black. We do own the patent on that process and that material. So that’s the only place that you’re going to see that is from our facility in Florida.


NF: One of the keys being there that if you scratch the powder coated “Black Titanium”, it will scratch a grey colour underneath, whereas the Edward Mirell one wont.

AR: Correct, yes. The Black Titanium in the Edward Mirell line is a ceramic hard surface, it’s the metal itself, its not a coating, so it can’t chip away.  The inside actually is somewhat grey in the centre of it – that’s what gives it the ductility, but it creates an oxide on the outside of the surface and it creates that ceramic hard surface.

NF: And I believe there’s some fairly large multinational companies that are interested in your Black Titanium product?

AR: There are, again that’s where pieces coming from our facility are the true Black Titanium, so there are some world class brands that really understand the importance and the growth of a contemporary metal jewellery category. And they want it done right and with the highest quality, and with the best material, with our patented processes, so there are some world class brands that you’ll see that do have Black Titanium. But so far as your standard jewellery brands that you may see shopping on the internet that tote themselves as Black Titanium, that’s where you really do need to be careful because we do own the only natural black metal in the market.