Wedding Gifts – 5 Great Groomsman ideas

Mens Bridal Cufflinks

For many years men have been quite limited in what they can use as adequate gifts for their bridal party. Usually it has been things such as plain cufflinks, pewter mugs, hip flasks or watches. However men quite often ask what they can get that is something outside of the square. We’ve identified some groomsman […]

Edward Mirell Timoku Rings

Timoku & Silver Ring

Alpha Rings is proud to bring the award winning Edward Mirell “Timoku” range to the Australian public! fake ray ban sunglasses EM Timoku rings are a high quality blend of Black Titanium and Grey Titanium, fused together to create the incredible rings that you see before you. air jordan 1 The name Timoku comes from […]

Stainless Steel Rings – Good, bad or ugly?

Steel Ring

The manufacturing numbers for Stainless Steel rings have exploded in the last decade. In every jewelry store in every mall in every city you can find stainless steel rings in abundance. Why is this? buy oakley sunglasses The reason is that Stainless Steel Jewelry is very easy to manufacture and its easy to make quite […]

Sydney swans Tungsten Ring

Sydney Swans Ring

With Sydney winning the 2012 premiership, what better way to show your support than to have this Sydney Swans style fashion ring? air jordan Germany This particular ring has a Tungsten Carbide base with 3 resin inlays, red, white and red, to create the distinctive Sydney Swans look. payday loans in rio rancho nm nike […]

What are Cobalt Rings?

mens engagement rings

One of the challenges of an online store selling men’s wedding bands is conveying the quality of our product to the customer. We believe that we provide amongst the best quality products in the business, and its difficult to get that message across prior to purchase. replica sunglasses oakley Never is this more apparent with […]

Are Tungsten rings breakable?

Tungsten Rings

Search in Google and you will find the question posed “are tungsten rings breakable”, or a variation of that question. The reason that this question gets asked so much is that many retailers advertise their Tungsten rings as being “unbreakable” “indestructible”.  However this is simply wrong. Tungsten rings, like any other material, are far from […]

How to get the correct ring size

ring size tool

The most important issue when purchasing a new ring is an obvious one, choosing the ring you like best!! The next most important point to consider is, what is my ring size, and how do I find out? ray ban sunglasses Ireland Finding the correct ring size is extremely important. Firstly, if a particular ring […]

Engraving Tungsten & Ceramic Rings

Tungsten Ring Engraving

We get asked quite frequently about engraving contemporary ring materials such as Tungsten, Cobalt and Ceramic. Questions such as “ can tungsten rings be engraved?“, “How much does it cost to engrave a ring?“, and less common (but we still get asked), “How do they get engraved?” nike air max uk First of all its important […]

How Tungsten Rings are made

Tungsten Rings

Much has been made of Tungsten Rings recently. Tungsten is one of the modern rings, or contemporary ring materials that has gained incredible popularity of late. ray ban sunglasses for men This popularity is for a few reasons, such as the incredible scratch resistance and the mirror like finish. However a number of our customers […]