How to wear prints

  Coupon Code For nike air max Menswear has been getting bolder and bolder over the last few years, which might feel like a big step for many guys. With so many styles, trends and colours to choose from… where do you start? Particularly if you’re more than happy living in your favourite pair of […]

Camelbak HAWG NV Daypack

Introducing one of the greatest daypacks that Camelbak has produced, the HAWG NV.  Its niche use is for mountain biking, however this versatile back is equally as useful as a trekking/hiking pack or general daypack. The pack comes in at around 16lt + a 3 litre reservoir/hydration system. oakley straight jacket sunglasses Whilst this might […]

Winter is coming


According to the infinitely good Australian government summer is at an end and autumn is upon us. Even though temperatures are still in their high twenties and low thirties you mustn’t necessarily turn your collective gazes north to investigate what your brothers in the Northern Hemisphere will be wearing in the spring and summer. Reduced […]

Edward Mirell Black Titanium Rapture Collection

One of Edward Mirell’s most celebrated lines is the “Rapture” collection. The rapture collection features both patented Black Titanium and Gray Titanium within its product suite. Stunning is an overused word in the jewelry industry, but I think its fair to say that the Rapture collection is exactly that. Featuring intricate designs and precise angles, […]

It’s in the details

Flecked Tie

Whether you’re wearing a finely tailored suit or your favourite pair of casual denim jeans, no man’s look is complete without the charming finishing touches. When it comes to the perfect ensemble, here’s our round-up of everything you need to own to stylishly seal the deal. ray ban sunglasses warranty   Formal Finishing Touches So […]

Carbon Fiber Tungsten Rings


  nike air jordan 14 Carbon Fiber Tungsten Rings have been quite the rage for some time. They have been a consistently popular product at Alpha Rings for some time. Which one is most popular, and why? Well lets answer the second question first. Tungsten rings, due to their incredible hardness, are somewhat limited in […]

Your Capsule Wardrobe part two


Following on from last week’s capsule wardrobe post, here are the final five essential items every man needs in his collection. pink air max   6.       The Jeans Sometimes it seems like we spend our whole lives searching for the perfect pair of jeans. Our recommendation is to stick to a straight leg pair in […]

Ross Leidy – Table Tennis Blade guru

Ross Leidy Table Tennis

As the director of an online fashion store, one of my passions is truly excellent service. The art of customer service seems somewhat lost to us in this day and age, as rude salespeople with an attitude become the norm. Not only that, but purchasing products that are made with love have been replaced by […]

Lexus LFA – A car to dream about

Lexus LFA

  air jordan Outlet Online   Rightly or wrongly, nothing says success like your car. Your car speaks volumes about your sense of style and to a large extent your personality. Picking up a date in a 1980 Volvo is quite cringeworthy indeed! ray ban sunglasses for women Oakley sunglasses Italy Were there one car […]

Black Titanium Rings vs Black Ceramic Rings

Black Titanium and Diamond Mens wedding band

An often asked question at Alpha Rings is “what is the difference between Black Ceramic, and Black Titanium Rings?” Alpha Rings stock both of these materials, however we focus far more on Black Titanium Rings. There is a very deliberate reason for this. nike air total max uptempo Black Ceramic Rings start off as a […]