Hitting the wedding

It can be said with a somewhat scientific degree of accuracy (although this might not stand up to a rigorous panel) that just about single guy that gets a wedding invite isn’t going to see their mate make a lifelong commitment to the love of their life.  Sure, it’s great…  For them.  But having to […]

Alpha Rings has a new website!

If you are reading this post then you have visited the new website of ALPHA Rings! Featuring a responsive theme to create a better user experience no matter what device you are browsing with. We think the new site is cleaner and easier to navigate and so far the feedback from our customers has been […]

Wearing a Ring Might Just Save Your Life One Day

Things have changed a lot since several generations ago, when men rarely wore wedding rings.  Following World War II, when many soldiers fighting abroad began to wear wedding rings as a fond reminder of their loved ones back home, now almost all married men choose to wear a wedding ring, both as a symbol of […]

A Bolt from the Blue

Sometimes the clothes we see sent down the runways are far more wacky than wearable. This season however, the fashion police are telling us that a far more accessible trend is all the rage. That’s right guys, good old-fashioned blue is back. From Hermes to Burberry, all the top designers included shades of blue in […]

The One Thing Men Can Do That Women Can’t

It’s official…  Beards are back.  From Brad Pitt to George Clooney to Ben Affleck, it seems that everyone has been sporting them recently.  And why not?  Five-bladed razors are all well and good, but daily battling against something your body does naturally can be tiresome, if not on some occasions downright impossible.  If you’re looking […]

Alpha Rings speaks to Adam Rosenberg – Part II

  Nick Fox – What does Edward Mirell stand for, and how do you want to be known in the marketplace? Adam Rosenberg – The brand Edward Mirell stands for, again with the background, history and heritage of our company, absolutely stands for quality, innovation – we’re definitely leaders in this category, we’ve introduced this […]

A cut above

mens crown cut

There comes a point in every man’s life when he’s expected to have found himself and his style. This is especially the case when a man reaches 30. The mistakes of his teens and twenties are behind him, making way for bold sartorial confidence. nike air jordan melo Hairstyles however are unique to the individual. […]

Contemporary vs Traditional Ring materials

In times gone by there was very limited choice for men when it came to wedding rings. Plain gold bands were pretty much the be all and end all of the Mens wedding Ring range. France ray ban sunglasses Since then more and more fancy rings have come into the market. Not only that but […]

Summer’s most popular mens jewellery – Black

Black Tungsten Mens Ring

With Summer now well and truly behind us and the ever unpredictable weather of Autumn upon us, we can reveal Alpha Rings hottest items over the past 3 months. jordan air nike Black has again been popular last season, with Edward Mirell’s Black Titanium continuing to prove popular. Tungsten lines were also popular with the […]