Edward Mirell Guardian Collection

One of Edward Mirell’s most exciting new ventures has been its unique “Guardian” collection. Edward Mirell has kept this collection very tight, preferring to produce a limited number of designs, but placing a great deal of emphasis on the the appearance of each piece. In fact, currently there are only 4 products in this current […]

Black Tungsten vs Black Titanium

When a client wants a black mens ring, there are two main products that they ask us about. The first product is Black Tungsten, the second product is Black Titanium. What clients want to know is, what is black tungsten? what is black titanium? is black titanium or black tungsten better? Lets examine some of […]

Cobalt Rings vs Tungsten Rings

ceramic and cobalt ring

Our clients have a great deal of choices and considerations to make when they decide what is the best ring for them. Factors that people consider are, first and foremost, price and quality. Most Australians want a really good quality product at a solid price. With the advent of contemporary metals, the landscape has changes […]

The Bevelled Tungsten Ring

Sometimes partners want some input into what ring they should buy their partner as a surprise. They want some guidance as to what the most popular rings are. Enter the Bevelled Tungsten ring with no inlays. This ring comes in with a few subtle variations. Firstly we make it in either a 6mm width or […]

Are ceramic rings dead?

black ceramic ring

Ceramic rings became extremely popular in the last decade or so. The reason for this is that they offered a new way to introduce permanency to the colour of mens and womens fashion rings. Stainless steel was able to be used and was subjected to coatings such as PVD (physical vapor deposition) where the ring […]

Wedding proposal ideas

Being in the business of wedding rings, you hear alot of stories about wedding proposals. Some of them are very ordinary, some of them are good, but there isnt enough of them that are great. A wedding proposal is one great chance to let your bride feel really special. What many guys forget though, is […]

Spray on Skinny Jeans

Just when you thought jeans couldn’t possibly get any skinnier, they have. Last month, Topman released their new wave of skinny jeans, aptly called spray –on jeans. They retail at 65 Australian dollars. Apart from the fact that they’re limited to the quite slim and metrosexual amongst us, they’re really quite comfortable. Yeah, I didn’t […]

Noam Carver Rings are here

Alpha Rings is proud to announce our new association with the multi award winning label, self titled “Noam Carver” Noam is based in Canada and has won several awards for his unique and aesthetically appealing designs including the prestigious “Centurian Emerging Designer Award” The basis of the Noam Carver designs is that a Silver base […]

Dating myths!

Skye, our amazing Parisian blogger, gives her two cents worth when it comes to a few popular myths about dating – from a womans perspective. How many of us have fallen victim to the claims in magazines or websites about the do’s and dont’s of dating etiquette?  In our eagerness to please the opposite sex […]

Men’s Wedding Rings – How To Choose A Great Fit


Compatibility doesn’t stop with your future wife. Ensure your men’s wedding ring is compatible with your ring finger too. A wedding ring is a unique item that only comes around once, (maybe twice, if you decide to marry a Kardashian sister), so choose wisely. It’s important you love the look, feel and fit. Wedding rings are […]