$9.90 cobalt rings, don’t bother!

The other day whilst checking out what our competitors were doing, I came across a website that had the cheapest rings I’d ever seen. So as most organisations do, we purchased one to do some market research. What I discovered was both sad and disappointing really. Alpha Rings prides itself on providing customers with exceptional […]

Comparing types of materials for mens wedding rings

One of the most frequently asked questions we ever receive revolves around the question “what is the best material to make mens wedding rings out of?” This is a really tough question, and only the individual can really answer this, but here is a bit of a breakdown to help you make the decision. These […]

What ring sizing system works best?

Sometimes customers ask us why we use the US sizing system, so here we explain why that is! You’ve seen the different Australian bricks and mortar stores that use the Australian, or more accurately, the “British” sizing system. Why Australia uses this system is beyond the scope of this article but one thing is certain […]

worlds stupidest wedding rings

While surfing the net the other day we came across some really dumb wedding rings which we thought we’d share. Nothing ground-breaking here, just some ugly rings we don’t suggest you use for your wedding! Most of them are womens wedding or engagement rings but you get the point – sometimes going too far out […]

How to choose a mens wedding ring

Titanium Black Ring edward mirell

Choosing a wedding ring for a man in Australia is rather different than most other countries around the world. Due to our geographic sparsity, shoppers just don’t get the opportunity to look at as many retail outlets as is the case for say, Americans or the Brits. And unfortunately when you get to a retail […]

Why buy a Cobalt ring?

Being in the wedding ring game for quite some time, we’ve seen all sorts of trends come and go. We’ve also seen new products come into the market that have really added to the product suite that men have to choose from. Cobalt is one of those such products. Cobalt rings are a relatively recent […]

Popular mens rings in 2014

blue and silver ring

Sometimes people contact us because they know they want a ring of some description but they’re just not sure exactly what to go for. There are a lot of guys out there that haven’t yet developed a personal taste of their own. Sure they might know what looks good but they really don’t know if […]

Hottest mens fashion rings of Winter 2014

With winter well and truly upon us, it often makes for a subtle change in the products that our customers purchase from us. This season, the more popular rings have been the simpler style of rings, not necessarily having any inlays or intricate work on them.  Below are some of the products which have been […]