Black Titanium Rings vs Black Ceramic Rings

Black Titanium and Diamond Mens wedding band

An often asked question at Alpha Rings is “what is the difference between Black Ceramic, and Black Titanium Rings?” Alpha Rings stock both of these materials, however we focus far more on Black Titanium Rings. There is a very deliberate reason for this.
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Black Ceramic Rings start off as a powder and are super heated with tremendous pressure applied.  A blank is then formed whereupon the final shape is made. Inlays are carved, then squeezed in, and final polishing takes place.


Black Ceramic Ring

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The process for Black Titanium is quite different. Firstly, it is an Edward Mirell proprietary product. They own the patent to Black Titanium, and are the only company in the world that produces it. Elsewhere on the internet the term “black titanium” refers to regular Titanium which is then powdercoated or electroplated to give it a black finish. The problem with this is that the black will scratch off.

Edward Mirell Black Ti on the other hand does not use a powdercoating. As part of the process, certain metals are added and combined with extreme heat. The end result is that the Grey Titanium actually changes black at the molecular level. It penetrates into the Titanium a fraction of a millimeter.  This means if you happen to scratch Black Ti, it will scratch black.


Black Ti

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One of the other key differences is that Ceramic ends up being more brittle than Titanium. From a design and manufacturing point of view, that means that Ceramic designs are less intricate than Titanium ones. Titanium Rings are capable of being highly intricate, like the EM Koi Fish ring. That would be impossible to replicate in Ceramic due to its physical characteristics.
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Black Titanium combines the perfect blend of malleability, ductility, and scratch resistance.  Black Titanium has completely changed the game in both Mens and Womens jewelry in recent times. One of the most highly sought products in our range, Black Ti really needs to be seen to be believed.
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