Anodised Titanium Bands

mens blue rings

Although the ability to anodise steel has been around for many decades, its application in jewellery has been mainly associated with female lines, in particular rings and necklaces. Anodising creates remarkable colours by a process which involves electrically charged particles.

mens blue rings

grey titanium with 2 inset channels of anodised blue

Recently however, Edward Mirell have given the anodisation process something of a renaissance! Mens titanium bands are now seeing a splash of colour through them which has not previously been seen in any of the Edward Mirell lines in the past.

anodized-black-titanium-band with blue

The blue anodised effect is more subtle with black titanium

One of the key features to note with the anodised rings is the slight recessed channels where the colour is situated. This has the effect of protecting the colour and greatly increasing its life because it is not surface facing and therefore has a considerably reduced risk of being scratched.

blue titanium ring

Although Edward Mirell have had the ability to create these designs for many years, these are quite new lines so they have only released a select few bands. The theme is predominantly blue mens rings  although other designs are said to be following soon. The products are currently limited to both black titanium and grey titanium. There are no plans to have anodised Cobalt bands at this stage.

mens pattern band

So come and check them out, they’ve proven to be quite popular so far, particularly the grey titanium variety as the contrast between the blue and grey is quite remarkable.

black and blue mens ring

2 thoughts on “Anodised Titanium Bands

  1. Hi I am either after the black titanium with the silver inlays or the anodised black titanium band.
    Can you tell me which ring is the most popular or looks better in the flesh
    Is the black titanium easy to crack if they’re so hard?

    • Hey Jason!
      Thanks for the message. As to which one looks better, that’s a tough call because wedding rings are such a subjective thing. Just because I think one ring looks better than the other doesn’t mean you will!
      The anodised titanium bands do look very cool but the blue is much more subtle than the silver inlay on a black ring.
      Black titanium is incredibly difficult to scratch. I’ve worn one as my more formal ring when I go out, for about 3 years and mine still doesn’t have a single scratch. The only thing that matches that performance is tungsten.
      All the best!

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