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About the Authors

Chris Gill

Chief Author

British fashion writer Chris Gill is currently based in London, where he specialises in menswear and contributes his work all over the world.

Having written for established fashion magazines such as Drapers and blogged for renowned brands including Reiss and Cocosa, we’re so excited to have the ambitious young writer on board at Alpha Rings.

Look out for regular posts by Chris, who will bring us all the latest fashion news and event coverage from London; as well as giving his expertise reviews  on our latest products.

Check out Chris Gill’s work on his blog, like his Facebook page and follow him on Twitter @ChrisWGill

Nicholas Fox


Alpha Rings

As owner of an online jewelry business, there are two things that Nick is passionate about. That is customer service and product quality. Sick of poor quality products being sold by people with attitude problems, Alpha Rings was born. Nick is a weekly contributor to the blog, focusing on aspects of fashion that relate to the average guy on the street.

Ty Henschke

Fashion Designer


Ty provides us with an incredible amount of insight into fashion with his vast industry experience. Ty was on Australia’s “Queer eye for a straight guy” which aired on Chanel 10 in 2005. Ty has since worked for some of the worlds largest fashion labels and now finds himself at Calibre.



Hello. I’m Afam and I hail from England, the rather dreary land that’s blessed with more bad weather than good. Well, most times the weather isn’t bad or good, it’s a befuddling sort of grey. It leaves you completely incapable of complaining or raving about it too much. You must congratulate me for I have been exceedingly polite. anyone who knows anything about the English knows that a conversation during which the weather is not mentioned at least once is not a conversation at all.

I am a little bit of a practical man and this means that I am a little bit on the conservative side when it comes to fashion and style. You’ll never hear me endorse the megging (leggings for men) or say that dresses and skirts are the way forward. At the moment I run my own blog, write for my University’s newspaper (The University of Manchester’s Mancunion) and blog for a little known designer brand based in London.

I’m very excited about my new role with Alpha Rings. As an avid fan of Men at Work and the Temper trap I have developed a healthy fascination with Australia and all things Australian. I am confident that we shall do well together.

You can check out my blog http://theramblingsofamadman-afam.blogspot.co.uk/ , like my facebook pagehttp://www.facebook.com/theramblingsofamadmanafam or follow me on twitter @Afam20