$9.90 cobalt rings, don’t bother!

The other day whilst checking out what our competitors were doing, I came across a website that had the cheapest rings I’d ever seen. So as most organisations do, we purchased one to do some market research. What I discovered was both sad and disappointing really. Alpha Rings prides itself on providing customers with exceptional quality products at fair prices.

Unfortunately not everyone shares that same philosophy. The ring we purchased was absolute crap. I could tell that there was an unusual hue to the ring, only very subtle, but noticeable to someone that had been in the industry for a significant period of time. When I wore the ring, it left a grey mark on my finger when I was sweating. We also subjected the ring to an impact test. It performed horrendously.

You simply can’t make and sell a cobalt ring for under $1o if it is a quality product – its simply not possible. When making rings, there are a number of trace elements that need to be part of the process so that the colour and hardness is exactly as it needs to be. Some manufacturers will cut corners however.

Some types of rings (tungsten is the perfect example) use binding agents in the process. Very cheap rings use cobalt which should not be used for this purpose (cobalt is fine as a co-chr-mo ring). Some retailers advertise “cobalt free” tungsten rings, but that doesn’t tell the full store. The binding agent they use can leach out into your skin with is quite unhealthy. Our rings have passed Nickel release tests which means an unacceptable level of Nickel does NOT leach out.

Online marketplaces such as ebay and amazon are absolutely flooded with what can only be described as waste product masquerading as quality jewellery. Please do some research on your product before you make a purchase where the price seems too low to be true. If it costs about as much as a beer, then I wouldn’t want it on my finger, heaven knows what you might be purchasing.