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By now many Australians would either be using, or would have heard of Kaenon sunglasses. Kaenon is considered one of the highest performing brand of sunglasses that money can buy.

This US company gets their product made in Italy to this date. The founders of Kaenon weren’t happy with many of the products on the market, believing that both glass and polycarbonate lenses offered inferior attributes. The glass wasnt strong enough and the polycarbonate delivered inferior optics.

lens-comparison Kaenon Australia

With this in mind, they developed and patented a new lens product now known as SR-91. SR-91 offers 100% UV protection and superior impact and stress resistance. The SR-91 lens is a 7 layer construction of the finest materials known to man.

lens-treatments Kaenon Adelaide

Every aspect of the production of Kaenon sunglasses is treated with the highest level of control possible. From the hinges, the polarisation to the frame formation, exceptional quality is the hallmark of these glasses.

Kaenon has 4 different colour tints which are offered in most models. Grey, Copper, Yellow and Brown. There are also 3 different Light Transmission grades, 12%, 28%, 35 and 50%. 12% is the darkest tint, 50% lets the most light through.

sr-91 tint colours

As far as the frames go, there are no shortcuts here. Made in Italy with California style, Kaenon quality is evident in every model. From the lifestyle range found on the beach to the sports models worn on a bike, there is a model for everyone.

If a compound doesn’t exist that suits Kaenon’s needs, then they create one. If you’re serious about your sunglasses then you’d most likely to have tried Maui Jim’s and Serengeti. Either way, give Kaenon’s a go, we’re incredibly confident that once you try Kaenon, you’ll never go back. From the mountain, to the road, the beach to the backyard, Kaenon is at the pinnacle of optical excellents.


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