New Season wooden rings. Winter 2014 Fashion Collection.

One thing that our customers have told us they love is our range of Tungsten and wood rings. There are a few reasons that these rings have proved popular. One reason is that they are a little different from the norm. They are not your plain, standard variety that every man and his dog has. The individuality is something that clients continue to come back to our site for, and the wood collection has individuality in spades.

The main reason that people like the Tungsten and wood rings is the simple fact that they lo0k fantastic. The character of these rings is again very unique, and the subtle differences mean that there is something for everyone.

All of our rings are sensibly priced and are of the highest possible quality. Below are is the full collection of Tungsten and wood rings. Enjoy!!



Tungsten Ring with wood edges

This ring has 3/4 of its face being Tungsten, with the edging made of wood. One of the most popular wooden rings we stock

Mens bevelled Tungsten ring with wooden inlay

An amazing looking ring which features is made of Tungsten with bevelled edging and an inlay made of wood

Tungsten and Wood domed ring

A more traditional style of wooden ring due to the fact that it has a domed finish

Mens full face wooden ring

A great looking ring with a full face of wood that has a 2mm stripe of Tungsten