Dating myths!

Skye, our amazing Parisian blogger, gives her two cents worth when it comes to a few popular myths about dating – from a womans perspective.

How many of us have fallen victim to the claims in magazines or websites about the do’s and dont’s of dating etiquette?  In our eagerness to please the opposite sex we can often be too willing to take advice about some of the most personal relationships in our lives.  But here’s the thing… We’re all unique individuals.  Trying to put us all into boxes doesn’t work as what might work for one person might not work for the other and vice-versa.  Here are some silly dating myths we want to expose…


“Don’t call her back straight away or you’ll look too keen.”

We all want our prospective partner to know how cool, popular and in demand we are, but unless you’re circumnavigating the globe, it doesn’t usually take a week to respond to a text message, and trust me, the lady will know this too.  Some men think that if they respond too quickly following a date, they may appear too eager which can in turn, put their date off, but showing you’re interested is actually a turn-on not a turn-off.   There’s nothing that makes a lady feel good about herself like knowing that she’s desirable…  Just so long as you don’t journey down the stalker path….  That’s the turn-off.


“Online Dating is Only for Creeps and the Desperate.”

We live in a technological age where we’re almost constantly connected either via mobile phones or laptops.  Online dating is only a logical conclusion.  It can be hard for singles to find any decent people to date, especially if they’re new to an area and lack contacts to go out with.  Sure, you can hit the local bars, but you’ll most likely end up with a one night stand as opposed to a long term relationship.  Online dating however is an easy way to find suitable partners from the comfort of your own home…  Most will offer personality and compatibility tests allowing you to narrow down your search and find people with similar interests and values making online dating far more likely to end up in a second date than conventional methods…  What’s not to like about that?


“Any Food You Eat With Your Fingers Is Romantic.”

Who thought this one up?  It might look good in the movies, but the thought of sitting across a partner, fingers and mouths covered in greasy oil can’t be much of a turn-on for either partner.  Not only this, but even if you were eating the cleanest, most well-presented food on the planet, it’s very unlikely that we’d be paying enough attention to our date to warrant the claims.  After all, if there’s food on the plate, aren’t we too busy trying to cram it in our mouths?  Just saying.

Men’s Wedding Rings – How To Choose A Great Fit


Compatibility doesn’t stop with your future wife. Ensure your men’s wedding ring is compatible with your ring finger too. A wedding ring is a unique item that only comes around once, (maybe twice, if you decide to marry a Kardashian sister), so choose wisely. It’s important you love the look, feel and fit. Wedding rings are cherished and sentimental symbols, so invest in a ring which stands the test of time.

We’d like to do Australian men a favour and offer these expert tips to ensuring you find a men’s wedding ring you will love forever.

How to find the perfect men’s wedding ring

1. Get your ring size correct

A really obvious first pointer, but you’d be surprised how many rings out there are either too tight, or too loose. You can measure your own ring finger with a soft tape measure. This will give you a measurement in millimetres (mm), on how large the inner circumference of your wedding ring needs to be. Our ring sizing chart helps match up these measurements to Australian ring sizes.

Example: You measure the circumference of your ring finger and it is 55mm, which in Australian ring sizes is an O size. We recommend you go up at least 1 – 2mm to  a P or P and a half size to ensure your wedding ring is not too tight.


Ring Sizing Guide Showing Diameter Measurements

ALPHA Rings encourages you to go to a jeweller to try out test rings to find the best fit. Or, we can send out test rings to your home for you to try on, before you order.

2. Choose a ring that matches your personality

A wedding ring is a symbol of love and a life long commitment. Ensure you love the look of your ring and that it’s an extension of your personality. This way, you’ll feel comfortable wearing it and showing it off. Today there are so many styles and different designs available. So much more than the traditional gold or silver wedding ring. Truly, there is something for every man’s taste.

Are you bold and daring? Maybe a black titanium wedding ring could be the striking statement of your affection that you are looking for.

Black mens ring with silver

Something more conservative and classic? Gray titanium rings are naturally glossy, strong and come in a variety of styles. They also inlay well with gold, silver and diamonds.

Do you want a unique wedding ring which shows off your unique character? Our tungsten rings come with carbon fiber, pearl, silver, wooden and coloured inlays. Our tungsten range also comes in a variety of bevelled, domed and faceted edges.

faceted tungsten ring

3. Choose a ring that suits your lifestyle

If you are going to be wearing your wedding ring all the time (it’s ok – we won’t tell your wife if you don’t), give consideration to choosing a ring that is constructed of material that’s appropriate.

Example: a concreter, builder, plumber or mechanic might want to choose a ring made of titanium as opposed to gold or silver, because titanium rings are much stronger and scratch proof.

A man employed in non-manual labour will not have to be so concerned about scratching or ring wear and tear.

We hope this has helped you with your decision to choosing a men’s wedding ring. Please feel free to contact us for any further questions or concerns.



The Royale Titanium collection

Like the Rapture collection, one of the crowning achievements in the Edward Mirell range is the remarkable “Royale Collection” This particular collection includes Rings, Bracelets, Necklaces and cufflinks. All of these products come in both Black Titanium and the commercial pure Grey Titanium.

As you can see from the images, the most obvious feature of the Royale collection is the impressive diamond set. For example, the Royale Black Titanium Ring contains a total of .24ctw diamond accented with 18k gold. This makes the Royale ring an amazingly bold ring, and very much a symbol of masculinity, style and luxury.

mens titanium ring Royale

The workmanship of the Royale collection is everything you would expect from the Edward Mirell range – world class. Faultless on every occasion, the Edward Mirell brand leaves no stone unturned with this collection to show off a mans style and class.


One of the great features of the Royale collection is the fact that it is perfect to wear for those high fashion functions. Nothing says class like a pair of Royale titanium cufflinks on a crisp white shirt under a tuxedo. Great for weddings and formal engagements – in fact that has proved to be exactly what most people want these cuffs for.

black titanium necklace

And lets not forget the necklace. This one will be sure to capture the eye of those around you, with its glimmering diamonds set in the patented black titanium. Such a unique piece, set in the most unique material.

Gray Titanium Royale Ring

We should not forget to mention that all of these products come in the outstanding Grey Titanium also. Moving away from the Black Titanium decreases the contrast with the silver and the diamonds and makes this jewelery piece much more subtle. Some people like this because they actually dont want attention drawn to themselves. Thats the wonderful thing about most of the Edward Mirell pieces, there is generally something for everyone.

ALPHA Rings Announces Launch of Timoku Rings

timoku mens ring

ALPHA Rings is pleased to announce the fresh arrival of our latest men’s rings range, the Timoku series. Timoku rings are yet another world class product, direct from United States jewellery designer, Edward Mirell.

Bold. Stylish. Captivating. Timoku.

The new Timoku range we find to be one of the most captivating men’s rings we have seen. These rings are appealing for many reasons; starting from a unique construction technique, right up to a modern looking, stylish and bold finished piece. We hope you find these rings as appealing as we do.

timoku mens ring

The history of Timoku

‘Timoku’ comes from the Japanese metal working technique called ‘Mokume Gane’, where extreme heats and pressure fuses thin sheets of metal together, which forms a banding pattern. Edward Mirell has adopted this technique for working with it’s already famed titanium rings. The first part of the Timoku name comes from the atomic symbol for titanium, which is Ti.

The Timoku series is available in a range of widths, sizes and we offer domed, concave, round and bevelled finishes. There is also this beauty of a ring which combines the strong Timoku construction with a sterling silver liner. A truly captivating ring – check it out in the below image and let us know what you think;

timoku silver ring

Timoku ring with silver inlay

ALPHA Rings is the only supplier of the Timoku line in Australia. Every single one of our men’s rings is custom fitted for your finger and includes free shipping Australia wide. Please feel free to contact us for any inquiries about your next online ring purchase.