The One Thing Men Can Do That Women Can’t

It’s official…  Beards are back.  From Brad Pitt to George Clooney to Ben Affleck, it seems that everyone has been sporting them recently.  And why not?  Five-bladed razors are all well and good, but daily battling against something your body does naturally can be tiresome, if not on some occasions downright impossible.  If you’re looking to have a break from the razor, the good news is 2013 is the year of the beard!  Whether you want to dip your toe in the water with a bit of stubble, or are looking to jump in at the deep end by throwing away the razor and having a wild, laissez-faire attitude to your man fuzz, all systems are go!


No longer, is there the requirement for men to be freshly shaven to connote tidiness and cleanliness.  It seems that not only is 2013 the year of the beard, it’s also the year of the grunge, with young, fashion conscious hipsters sporting long beards, the more untamable and ironic, the better.  After all, when we get down to it, why grow a beard that still requires grooming?  The inner caveman in all men yearns to be wild and free from societal restraints like grooming and bathing.  Well, okay so consenting to shower regularly on behalf of loved ones, is sort of excusable, but surely the least you can do to please your inner caveman is grow the very symbol of manliness!


Growing a beard in some ways is a rite of passage.  How long can it grow?  What shape will it take?  Was grandma ginger?  A never ending learning experience as you discover whether people think you look better or worse with facial hair (heads up: a study by Behavioral Ecology found that the majority of women find bearded men less attractive however also at the same time, perceive them as deserving more respect and being more powerful and of a higher-status than their clean-shaven brethren).  Having a beard comes with a lot of perks. Wear it with glasses and you’re on the surefire route to being mistaken as a college professor…  Also, why not do something Justin Bieber can’t do?  The pint-sized teen might have made more money in his first paycheck than you’ll earn in a lifetime, but look on the bright side.  You can grow a beard. He can’t…  Score 1-0 to you.


Oh and if things really start to take off, you can always head over to the National Beard and Mustache Championships held yearly in the United States for your shot at $5000 of prize money!

But really, money aside, it all comes down to this:  With a beard, you get to look like one hell of a badass.

Just dont grow one if you play for the Melbourne FC!

Alpha Rings speaks to Adam Rosenberg – Part II


Nick Fox – What does Edward Mirell stand for, and how do you want to be known in the marketplace?

Adam Rosenberg – The brand Edward Mirell stands for, again with the background, history and heritage of our company, absolutely stands for quality, innovation – we’re definitely leaders in this category, we’ve introduced this category and we continue to lead in it. New processes, materials to achieve all the different looks that consumers are wanting to see in the market today.

Design is really important to us, we have some of the world’s most amazing designers on staff, headed by Eddie Rosenberg. So you will see as you look through our collection we’ve got about 20 men’s collections, we’ve got about 13 women’s collections and a countless number of wedding band programs in different materials. And again we stand for the quality of the materials that we use, but each collection is truly inspired. There is a real thought and emotion behind each collection that we bring to the market, that really brings something much more tangible to the consumer, something real.

NF – The Pallas band is the perfect example of that.

AR – Yeah the Pallas bands were actually inspired as we were thinking “what really gets the male customer excited?” And its that code of valour, strength that we like to adhere to, or like to at least believe we adhere to. And so we look back to the roman warrior era’s and samurai era’s and that’s where we actually came up with the Pallas collection. Looking at the different adornments on the swords and shields and armour from those time periods. The Templar collection actually came from the samurai era’s, so that’s two examples.

Edward Mirell Pallas Titanium Band

NF – And you’ve got the Samurai collection and Stealth aswell, they’re inspired collections

AR – Yeah each of the collections, even in the ladies, have the ordinary miracles collection which is the Koi fish and frogs and it really speaks of the strength of the female spirit. The Koi fish for example swims against current and survives in frozen water to come back in spring. And the frogs represent that metamorphosis of personality and person through their life so its definitely representative of the female spirit.

black-titanium-koi-fish-ringTitanium Frog ring

NF – And I love the Timoku bands, the joining of two separate materials

AR – Timoku is a really exciting new process that we have patented, it’s the first time that contemporary metals have been used in the Mokume process. The Mokume process is a Japanese metaling where they take two different materials and literally fuse them together through isostatic pressing and heat. It creates a sort of banded look which is why they normally call it the wood grain metal. But the story that the Japanese actually created for us, they say because it actually a merging of two metals, they say it’s the binding of two spirits that together make a stronger unit, but still retail their individuality. So it definitely speaks well for our wedding band program.

Bevelled Timoku Ringdomed Titanium TimokuTimoku Ring

NF – Thanks very much Adam!

You can see the full video here

Alpha Rings talks to Adam Rosenberg from Edward Mirell

ALPHA Rings Director Nick Fox recently caught up with Adam Rosenberg, VP of sales & marketing for Edward Mirell. This is the first of those conversations. The video can be found here
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Nick Fox – First of all I just wanted to know if you can give us a brief rundown of how Edward Mirell came to be?

Adam Rosenberg – Yes sure actually my family’s been in the jewellery business, I’m now 4th generation.  My father actually brought titanium into the consumer market, specifically the jewellery market it back in the late nineteen seventies.
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He was working as a bench jeweller prior to that my family’s been in manufacturing, wholesale and retail jewellery for generations now. He took a step outside the convention when he went to teach at Royal college in London in the trade of jewellery making and Brought titanium back from London back in the late nineteen seventies


The jewellery line was originally all anodised ladies jewellery which was pretty cool it did phenomenally well.

It was about fifteen years ago that we started manufacturing some mens bands and we sold two thousand units the first year in the second year result two hundred fifty thousand units.
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So that’s a pretty big leap and it really allowed us to realize that there was a market that was just unaddressed, men did not have a jewellery line that was designed and engineered specifically for them.
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And the brand name actually came from my father’s first name and his business partner Morella’s first name merged together. So that’s where Edward Mirell was born.
air jordan Denmark

We’ve reintroduced the ladies line about three years ago but the men’s line has been sort of a strong and heavy for us for the past fifteen years.

A cut above

mens crown cut

There comes a point in every man’s life when he’s expected to have found himself and his style. This is especially the case when a man reaches 30. The mistakes of his teens and twenties are behind him, making way for bold sartorial confidence.
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Hairstyles however are unique to the individual. Some men want it long, others lose theirs early on. No matter your age, choosing the right hairstyle can be a tricky task. First you have to decide on the right style for you, and then you have to learn to maintain it. Here are some great hairstyle ideas for men in their 30s and beyond.

  1. The Crown Cut

This style is the perfect choice for men with thinning hair, as it adds the appearance of more volume on top. Short on the sides with short-to-medium-length layers around the crown, this is a cut that is both stylish and easy to maintain.
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mens crown cut



  1. Deep Side Parting

The deep side parting is a huge style for 2013, as it really compliments every face shape. It has a retro feel to it that women love and is easy to slick down with the right product to create a high-gloss finish. Just avoid this style if you’re hair’s thinning, to avoid stepping into “comb-over” territory.
ray ban womens sunglasses
Deep side Part



  1. Shaved All Over

Having your hair short and sweet will never go out of fashion. Shaving your hair off to a low grade is easy to maintain, goes with any style and is effortlessly masculine. Whether you’re losing your hair or not, a short style all over is perfect for a man in his 30s and beyond.
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shaved head


  1. Long and Layered

It might not be the obviously choice of hairstyle, but many men wouldn’t have their hair any other way. Plus, if you’ve reached your 30s and still have a full head of hair; why not grow it long? The trick this year is to have your long locks layered. Don’t worry if you have to ask your missus what this means, just trust us it’s the way to go in 2013.

mens long hairstyle
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  1. Short and Messy

When all else fails, you can’t beat a short and messy haircut. All you need is a bit of wax, hairspray and a choppy style and you’re good to go. Just remember, the aim is to get the birds – not to get a bird’s nest!
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Contemporary vs Traditional Ring materials

In times gone by there was very limited choice for men when it came to wedding rings. Plain gold bands were pretty much the be all and end all of the Mens wedding Ring range.
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Since then more and more fancy rings have come into the market. Not only that but contemporary metals and a range of precious metals have become more accepted as materials to make rings out of. Precious metal rings include Gold, Platinum and Palladium, whilst contemporary materials include Titanium, Tungsten, Cobalt, Steel and Ceramic.
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Gold Rings in the current era are absolutely no longer the automatic first choice for a wedding band. The benefit of gold is its “perceived value”, and the fact it is deemed to be quite a traditional product. The huge downside is that gold becomes dull very quickly, is extremely expensive, and is one of the easiest metals to scratch.

air jordan i

Contemporary metals on the other hand have been engineered to remain scratch resistant for longer. All contemporary metals used in commercial jewellery applications have higher scratch resistance than Gold. All of these metals are also much much cheaper than gold.

A key point for selection of a contemporary metal ring is the quality of the product. It is absolutely imperative that the client does their homework and shops around to ensure they are comfortable with the quality of their new product. Like any product, the quality of mens rings can vary wildly. Cheap mens rings are out there and can be purchased on most online marketplaces.
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Contemporary products undoubtedly offer a great deal to the modern consumer. The styles that can be replicated are exclusive and cannot be made in materials such as gold and platinum due to uniquely engineered ductility and malleability. What this does is gives the consumer a great range of choice in designs. You will not find this with precious metal rings

Tungsten and Silver Bevelled ring
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Tungsten domed ring with silver

Tungsten rings offer the most superior Scratch resistance but due to their hardness are somewhat limited from a design point of view.


Titanium & Black Titanium Cable Ring
ray ban clubmaster eyeglasses
Titanium Fashion Ring

Titanium Rings offer an amazing blend of scratch resistance and design possibilities. The results are often quite spectacular.


Timoku Titanium Ring

Timoku-Silver-Ring TitaniumTimoku Rings are amongst the most aesthetically appealing rings found anywhere in the world. They feature all the advantages of grey and black Titanium. Exclusive to Edward Mirell due to the patent on Black Titanium.


Royale Black Titanium RingRose Gold Titanium RingBlack Titanium Rings can only be purchased in the Edward Mirell brand. This is due to EM owning the patent on Black Titanium. Products posing as Black Ti can be bought on the net, however these are just regular titanium coated black. Only the EM product has the unique properties that make Black Ti sought after by some of the worlds largest companies like Tiffany, Porsche and Harley Davidson.

Summer’s most popular mens jewellery – Black

Black Tungsten Mens Ring

With Summer now well and truly behind us and the ever unpredictable weather of Autumn upon us, we can reveal Alpha Rings hottest items over the past 3 months.
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Black has again been popular last season, with Edward Mirell’s Black Titanium continuing to prove popular. Tungsten lines were also popular with the strong contrast of black inlays again prominent. So in no particular order, here are some of the lines that clients made popular in the summer of 2013

Black Tungsten Mens RingAlways a popular item, this particular Tungsten ring was again a hit with the Australian public. Although this ring can be bought quite a bit cheaper off some of the popular “internet marketplaces”, we have tested some of these cheaper rings and the quality has been found to be significantly substandard to Alpha Rings products. Inlays that dont meet, poor quality resin and cobalt binders are just a few examples.
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Black mens ring with silverThe most popular ring in Summer from Edward Mirell was the Black Titanium ring with twin Silver inlays. A simply amazing product that looks better in the flesh. Although we also stock a similar item in ceramic, the Black Titanium version offers superior scratch resistance and is also lighter. The Silver will scratch the same on either ring.


tungsten and black resin
Low Price nike air max

One of the most beautiful Tungsten rings due to the stunning contrast offered by the black resin inlays. This has been a ring which has been very well received by our clients over the last few months and continues to be popular.


Pallas Titanium Cross Necklace

The above necklace was the most popular accessory last season. Incredibly light with a rustic almost medieval charm, one look and you can see why it has been a hit with our clients
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The above products have certainly been popular from Christmas onwards, however that should not necessarily sway your decision. The great thing about Alpha Rings is that our range is so diverse that there truly is something for everyone. As our store continues to grow strongly it is very apparant that clients love our wide selection. Unique and individual tastes are easily catered for to enable you to get what you truly want.
Ireland air jordan
So feel free to browse our Titanium, Black Titanium and Tungsten Ring collections here.