Gold Jewelry Salesmen & Their Pointy Noses

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I’d like to share an experience I had today. I caught up with a customer to give him his brushed tungsten wedding ring, and we sat down and had a bit of a chat, lovely guy! He mentioned what great value he found the Alpha Rings products to be and said he had been looking in shop fronts for quite some time. He went on to mention that there was a store selling men’s wedding rings in Adelaide which had some great men’s rings, but mainly with gold, white gold and other precious metals.
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So I decided to go and have a look. Its always a good thing to see what the competition is doing I thought. So I went in there pretending to know nothing about rings. The friendly salesman greeted me and told me how good the products were in the store. I asked “do you have any Tungsten, Cobalt or Titanium rings”

“Oh no” he says “they’re dangerous metals” we dont sell them!
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“Dangerous?” I asked.

“Oh yes, they’re industrial metals, if you get your finger caught, you’ll likely get your finger cut right off! No, we dont go anywhere near them, too dangerous. Don’t have one as a wedding ring, maybe a fashion ring if you have to”

Hmmm, very dismissive.

I couldnt believe my ears. The bloke is flat out incorrect. Those three metals are not at all dangerous. They are all hypoallergenic (Tungsten is when a Nickel binding agent is used) and they are no more difficult to get off in an emergency than a gold ring.
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– Tungsten should be struck, with something such as a hammer, or squeezed until it shatters.

– Titanium and Cobalt should be cut twice, at opposite ends of the ring to remove it.

There is no more “danger” in wearing a contemporary ring than there is wearing a Gold, Silver or Platinum ring. Not only that, but I was astounded at the price of Precious metal rings. The cheapest one was $800 and I saw one just under $4000.
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No, the reason that this salesperson was so against Tungsten and Titanium rings is because he is well aware that these rings offer such strong competition to the ailing gold jewelry market. That and the fact that the profit is not anywhere near as great. The fact is if you have a shop in the middle of a capital city, as opposed to an online only store – when it comes to overheads there is no comparison at all. That expense needs to be recovered somehow, and that is with over inflated gold jewelry.

What do high Gold Prices mean for Gold Jewelry?

Gold bullion has taken quite a hit in the last few weeks which is coinciding with strong economic data coming from the US. (gold prices and the US$ are paired together)  However the fact of the matter is that over the last 10 years, gold have become a great investment. Gold Bullion that is.
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Gold in jewelry is arguably not a great investment at all. The gold in most rings, bracelets, and necklaces is an alloy, so the total amount of gold in any particular piece is reasonably low (chains can have quite a high amount of Gold by weight due to the total weight)
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Broken Gold Ring

Gold has seen its day in mens rings

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And over the years as the Gold prices has soared, gold jewelry manufacturers have looked at ways to cut costs. The biggest way that cost cutting occurs is to make the same ring but put less Gold in there. This is done generally by hollowing out part of the ring or reducing the thickness in the bottom section of the ring. This reduces the weight of the ring and makes it cheaper to produce. It also may reduce the integrity of the structure. There is just so little Gold in most rings these days that it just doesnt make good investment sense. If you are going to buy Bullion as a long term investment strategy, Gold and Silver Bullion is generally considered a far better option due to the purity of the product.
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Not only do you get less bang for your buck with Gold jewelry these days, but as with most traditional metals, interest is tailing off in favour of contemporary metals. Traditional precious metals have many disadvantages compared to  contemporary metals, including

– High cost

– Poor scratch resistance
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– Too malleable

– Limitations on design

– Outdated appearance



Gold, great investment, but not with jewelry

Titanium 5 year price

Titanium is much cheaper than gold


Very rarely do I ever get asked if we can supply Gold jewelry to a client. In fact, we have very few rings that even have Gold inlays in them, they are just not popular anymore.  Feedback from clients is always that the price is too much, it scratches way too easily and looks ordinary way too quickly.
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With that in mind, consumers are quite lucky because of the recent explosion of contemporary metals into the jewelry industry. Edward Mirell has mastered Titanium production and was also heavily involved in the design of Cobalt rings (known as BioBlue)

Cobalt Ring

Cobalt closely resembles the colour of Platinum


Cobalt is an absolutely brilliant colour, very mirror like and its finish quite closely resembles platinum. The scratch resistance of Cobalt is superb and it blows Platinium away in that area all day long.  Clients are always impressed when we show them a Cobalt ring which has been worn for 2 years. They look near new.

Titanium offers even further versatility, maintaining great scratch resistance with great machining properties to give designers great opportunities for unusual and visually appealing designs.

Black and Gold mens ring

The black and Gold mens ring pictured above is a wonderful example of combining contemporary black titanium with traditional 14k Gold, for those who wish to have some Gold still in their ring.

For a full range of Titanium rings visit our titanium rings section here!

Midnight Cable – Black Titanium Ring, Cufflink and Chain collection

Midnight Cable by Edward Mirell is one of the most alluring collections currently available. At the core of every Midnight cable piece is the proprietary Edward Mirell Black Titanium. In each piece is set Black Titanium memory cable and in almost all cases, black diamonds. The effect is moody, strong, and incredibly titanium mens ringThe above ring has two Black Titanium memory cables inlaid, with one black diamond bezel set into the black ti. Such a unique look and yet so remarkably attractive.
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gents ring black titaniumThis particular ring doesnt have diamonds yet it maintains the same philosophy of the Midnight Cable collection – Black Ti with a band of Black Ti memory cable and the barrels equally placed along the cable.
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black titanium gents ringOne of the showpieces of the collection, this ring is simple yet so powerful in its appearance. Again with Black Ti, an inlaid Black Ti cable and a single Black Diamond, this is one of the most incredible rings in all the Edward Mirell collection.
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Mens black titanium cufflinksThe Black Titanium Cufflinks are in the same theme as all the rings in the Midnight Cable Collection. 2 Black Ti memory cable complete this piece to give a wonderful visual effect. Black Mens Cufflinks never looked so good.
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Necklaces and mens bracelets are also available in this collection. We have found that there are quite a few people out there that love the Black Ti, but want a slightly understated look. Using Silver or Gold inlays or cables can often bring out the personality of the ring too far. Black cable is a way to slightly tone down the image of the ring, giving a great textural contrast between the base metal and the cable, but subtle because the colours are common.

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Midnight Cable is proving to be a much admired collection amongst the Edward Mirell range. Alpha Rings is delighted to stock all of the collections range. If black mens rings are what you are after, look no further than the Edward Mirell Midnight Cable collection.

Green Tea – Why every man should drink it.

Green Tea

There isn’t much point spending money on great clothes and great fashion accessories if you look & feel like crap. There are some products on the market that are promoted as superfoods which will stave off every disease known to man and slow down aging – which end up being nothing more than a fad that got someone rich.  Green Tea is not one such product. Green Tea has been the most popular tea in China throughout the ages, and below it will be explained why.
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Simply put, Green Tea is probably THE most healthy thing a person can drink. One of the most extensively studied products, Green Tea is absolutely choc full of health promoting goodness. It is the unique way that the leaves are prepared that makes Green Tea, well Green Tea. It undergoes the least amount of processing which keeps the goodness in the leaf to a large extent.
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One of the things about Green Tea that makes it so desirable to drink is its massive antioxidant content.  The main antioxidant compound that is believed to provide the most benefit is called epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG). EGCG is considered right up alongside vitamin C for its free radical scavenging abilities.

Specifically relating to men, there are an abundance of reasons why 3 cups per day should be the norm. With countless studies showing the health giving effects, here is a summary of some of the key points of interest (all based on scientific studies)

– Green Tea has been shown in lab experiments to improve the LDL to HDL cholesterol ratio
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– A study published in 2004 showed a reduced risk of high blood pressure in moderate drinkers of green tea

– May increase protection against various cancers, including prostate, colorectal and lung cancer.

– Improves insulin sensitivity in type 2 diabetics

– Assists with fat loss.

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Whilst the above might sound far too good to be true, the fact is that Green Tea is one of the most heavily studied compounds we consume. There is a counter argument that much of the research is lab based and there have not been enough significant real world studies to verify these claims. However with the sheer number of research papers devoted to the benefits of Green Tea, and given the scope of its actions, there is still a compelling argument for the consumption of moderate green tea to replace unhealthy options like soft drinks and coffee.



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ref: 23 Feb 2013
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* The above article is for information purposes only and should not be relied upon as medical advice. This website accepts no responsibility for acting on the advice above without consultation with a medical practitioner.


Steinhart Ocean Vintage Military Watch

Steinhart Ocean Military Watch

Its only occasionally that I look at a product and say “I just have to have this.” Normally there is some aspect that keeps my enthusiasm in check, be it the price, the quality, or whatever. The Steinhart Ocean Vintage is one product where an immediate emotional buy is not followed by the post purchase let down.
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The Steinhart Ocean Vintage Military (OVM) is a watch which bases itself on a very rare Rolex that appeared in the 1970’s. This particular submariner – the 5517, was a military issue for the English NAVY. Two quite unique features about that watch was the thick minute and hour hands and the individual minute markings rather than the normal markings from 0-15 only. There is only somewhere around 1000 of this type of watch in circulation, and they most likely fetch a price of somewhere around $100,000
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STEINHART Ocean Vintage Military

The OVM has thick minute and second hands

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Fortunately for us, Steinhart has come to the rescue. The OVM ticks so many boxes its crazy. The reputation of the company to produce high quality watches at very reasonably prices is well known. Built quality of this watch is exceptional, you’d be happy with what you get paying 5 times what the watch is worth. Some people dont like Homage watches, I get that. The beauty of this watch is that it doesnt try to be a Rolex 5517, it uses it for inspiration whilst still being its own watch.

The watch is a “medium sized” watch, 50mm lug to lug, meaning it should look ok on someone with a wrist as small as 6.5″. One consideration though is that the lugs are quite flat so if you have a curved wrist then you can expect it to not sit flat – which could bother some people. On bigger wrists that is no issue.

The bezel of the watch is brilliant, you can tell as soon as you turn it – the click resonates of quality.

People seem to be really into lume right now for some reason, not sure why. The lume on the OVM is reasonable, not great, but a pass mark.

Mens Fashion Accessories

The Green Lume does a decent job

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Many people knocking about will feel the need to get rid of the factory bracelet and replace it. This particular watch being a military watch does lend itself to Nato straps & leather. Lug width is 22mm.

Modern Mens Watches

The OVM looks great with non factory straps


I’ve seen and owned watches far more expensive than this one with far worse aesthetic appeal or build quality. The Steinhart Ocean Vintage Military provides a wonderful looking watch at an unbeatable price. At the time of publication, this watch is only selling for 295 Euro, if thats not a bargain then I dont know what is.  This one is a dead set keeper.

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Case: Stainless Steel
Movement: ETA 2824-2  25 Jewel Automatic

Lume: Old Rhadium
Lens: Domed Sapphire with Double Internal AR
Case Back: Screwdown
Dimensions: 42mm, 50mm lug-to-lug
Thickness: 13mm
Lug Width: 22mm
Water Res.: 300m
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2013 Menswear Trends from London

Fashion accessories Australia

Chris Gill Alpha Rings

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by Chris Gill



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Writing from the misty yet incomparably stylish city of London, Alpha Rings is excited to share this year’s hottest trends. So from colourful suits to military rucksacks, here’s the lowdown on everything you need to own this year; straight from the fashion capital.


Three’s the magic number
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Tailoring continues to nod back to days gone by this season, with the much-anticipated forthcoming release of The Great Gatsby leading the way. When it comes to picking the perfect suit, the classic three-piece is taking a welcomed return to the spotlight.

Mens Fashion Trends 2013


Brighten up

Forget black and navy, 2013 is all about colourful suits. Whether its brights on brights or block colours, more is more when it comes to tailoring right now. There’s no way you’ll ever fade to grey on your morning commute.
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The sporty hybrid

2013 is officially the year of the baseball bomber. This stylish hybrid is best known for its cropped military-style outer layer and contrast sleeves; perfect for zipping up over a gingham shirt or printed tee. Game on.


Double act

Stride ahead with this year’s most essential style of footwear: the double monk strap shoe. Whether you opt for luxe leather or stylish suede; two truly is better than one this season.

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In the bag

Once reserved for school kids or for wearing strictly with casualwear, rucksacks have made a huge comeback over the past couple of seasons and the trend is set to continue. Opt for a military-inspired style, or one with leather tabs and woollen material to give this classic style a contemporary update.

male fashion accessories

So there you have it – five of this season’s most essential trends. Question is, what stylish piece of jewellery will you choose to finish off your look? Here are five of our must-have rings that will seal the deal to your 2013 look…
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Black Titanium and 14k Gold Ring

Mens black and gold ringEdward Mirell offers incredible contrast with its Black Titanium and Gold Ring. This elegant ring is stunning in every aspect of its design and manufacture.

Mens Titanium Ring with Cable and Diamond

Titanium Ring with Cable and Diamond

An incredibly stylish Titanium Ring is produced once again by the award winning design team at Edward Mirell. Featuring a beveled Titanium Ring, with a generous .16ctw diamond and black titanium cable, this is a stunning lookair jordan

Mens Black Titanium Ring – Rapture

mens Black Titanium Ring

 An absolutely breathtaking piece. One of the flagships of the Edward Mirell collection, this Black Titanium Beauty has Silver, Diamonds, and Black Ti together to create a contrast like no other

Black Titanium Necklace

Mens Black Titanium Necklace

A very unique looking mens necklace which gives quite a rustic appearance due to the Black Titanium finish with silver accents.

Timoku Titanium Ring

Edward Mirell Timoku ringnike air max Canada

Edward Mirell Timoku is like no other.  Only Edward Mirell Timoku features true Black Titanium – no electroplating or powder coating goes anywhere near an Edward Mirell black Ti ring.

Chris Gill is here!!!

Chris Gill - Alpha Rings

Finally, the long anticipated wait is over. Alpha Rings has searched the www long and hard to find what we consider to be some of the highest quality fashion writers we could find.  We cant tell you how happy we are to have Chris on board with us! Chris has been hand picked due to his current experience in both fashion and the written word. Without further ado, let Chris Gill introduce himself to you all!!
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An Introduction

Chris Gill
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Chris Gill Alpha Rings

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Greetings from the Old Dart! My name is Chris Gill and I’m officially Alpha Rings’ brand new chief author.

Having written for established fashion titles in the UK such as Drapers Magazine, as well as renowned designer brands, I’m bringing with me a wealth of industry knowledge; as well as an eye for what’s hot and not – straight from the stylish streets of London. I also contribute to other fashion blogs, run my own website and have a brand new book in the works that will be out later this year.

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I am extremely excited about my new role at Alpha Rings. Not only have I always had an obsession with precious jewellery, but I’ve always had an obsession with all things Australian. I have a feeling this new partnership will be a match made in heaven…
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Check out my own blog here, like my Facebook page and follow me on Twitter @ChrisWGill.

The 5 worst things men can do on Valentines day

forgot valentines day

Valentines day is one of those days that a great deal of men struggle to get excited about. But the forward thinking male will understand that whilst there is an expectation that goes along with Valentines day, it also creates a great opportunity. Pull off a great Valentines day and your stock goes up big time in the eyes of your girl. Screw it up and all her friends will know what an average bloke you are. If you’re keen on keeping your partner, make sure you take heed of the following points. Tick off 3 or more of the below in one Valentines day, and it might well be the last Valentines you spend with her.
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Forget it

This goes for birthdays, anniversaries and of course Valentines day. If you forget Valentines day then your probably too self absorbed to have a girlfriend anyway. We get hit with weeks of marketing from every company under the sun, there is just no excuse for it. Put a reminder in your mobile or on a sticky at work if your prone to forgetting. Shocking excuse and won’t stack up at all.
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forgot valentines day

Perve on other women

This one is so obvious, and it goes for any day of the year, but no more so than Valentines day. Your Valentine expects that you will devote yourself to her, so checking out other women in front of her will earn you 3 strikes straight away. Show some restraint. I wouldn’t imagine if she catches you looking at porn on your computer she’ll be thrilled either.
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perving on women
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Dont watch Sports

As men, there is a strong chance that Sports are a part of your culture. Valentines day is one day (as well as your wedding day), where you have to put that aside. If the big game is on, complain about the moronic administrators that did the fixturing, and just record it. A large portion of women dont like watching your sport, so she aint gonna be happy doing it when your supposed to be paying her attention.
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Denmark Oakley sunglasses

Dont use your mobile flat out

Although using our mobile phones is becoming a habit –  nothing says to a women “disengagement” faster than looking stuff up on google all night at the restaurant. Put it on flight mode and dedicate a few hours to your partner, its not a big ask. When you’re spending all night on your technology, your partner is thinking you love your phone more than her.

using mobile phone
air jordan UK

Dont buy crap gifts

Rubbish gifts are a wonderful way to get the day off to a bad start. Gift certificates are shockers. They show that you put absolutely no thought or effort into a it and you’re totally clutching at straws. Gym trial certificates are a great one for telling a women you think she’s fat. Big chance she’ll be dropping hints weeks before Valentines day as to what she’s after. Look for the strategically placed cataloges in the lounge room.
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gift certificate


Valentines day really isn’t as difficult as a lot of blokes make it out to be. Some women just want a bunch of flowers and to be told that you love her. Others want the worlds most expensive romantic adventure – if thats your woman, thats what you signed on for and you cant blame her if that’s what she wants.

Put a little thought and effort into it. Think about what she wants and what she’d like to tell her friends. If tomorrow she’s telling her friends how awesome a day you made it for her, then as a man, its job done.


Our blog is changing shape!

Alpha Rings Australia

Alpha Rings will be making a considered shift in the type of content that gets posted on our blog. We will no longer be a blog that posts just about jewelry.
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It is obvious that there is a greater need for men to be informed about practical ideas that can help them in their day to day task of being male! So with that in mind we will be providing great content that we think guys will really enjoy. And with that, their partners will enjoy it too. It will be obvious why that is soon enough
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We have a great new blogging team coming on board shortly, including the highly acclaimed, published author Chris Gill who will be bringing his style and fashion updates fresh from London.
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We will have our hand selected female bloggers to help guys with ways to impress their lady – product reviews, gift ideas and the like, all aimed at making a guys life that little bit easier.
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We will still make regular posts about our great range of titanium jewelry, but this will no longer be our priority.
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So stay tuned – culture, fashion and style has a brand new home.

If Fashion updates are not for you, don’t stress, Alpha Rings will continue to provide Australians with the highest quality mens fashion jewellery, with an industry gold standard warranty and returns policy.


Edward Mirell – The worlds best Wedding Bands for Men

Edward Mirell Titanium mens wedding rings

Edward Mirell rings have attracted a great deal of hype of late, with countless celebrities sporting their modern designs in the US. However Edward Mirell is relatively new to Australia’s shores, and so we have written this blog post to delve into the phenomenon that is taking the jewelery industry by storm.
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Jon Cryer shows off his Edward Mirell bracelet at the Emmys

Oakley sunglasses Online
Edward Mirell is a collaboration between Edward Rosenberg and Mirella Connor, who created the label.  Central to the belief of both Edward and Mirella was the belief that Titanium offered incredible opportunities to make Jewelry that was somewhat outside the square. Both Eddie and Mirella wanted to create a product that was of exceptional quality, was versatile, bio-compatible and of course, visually appealing. In 2010, Edward Mirell was given the prestigious “Titanium Development and Advancement award” by the International Titanium Society.
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Edward Mirell Titanium Ring

Edward Mirell is known for thinking outside the square



Edward Mirell are the pioneers in the contemporary metal department. They currently own the worldwide patent on Black Titanium, an incredible product that changes Grey Titanium to black at the molecular level. EM Black Titanium rings are innovative, attractive and visually unsurpassed.
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Where Edward Mirell separates itself from the competition is the technology and quality control that is central to the operations of the business. All aspects of design and production are contained in-house, including:


EM factory

All aspects of the process take place in Deefield Beach, Florida


Design – EM’s award winning design team are experts in all manner of CAD programs including Matrix, Rhino, Pro Engineer and Master Cam

Machining – A full compliment of CNC lathes, full 5 axis mills, swiss machining and mini mills.

Tool Room – Well equiped tooling room including presses and manual machining centers

Casting – In 2007 EM aquired  American Casting company Tinomics which was North America’s leading full service casting company
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Assembly – EM, through 30 years of experience has developed a huge array of proprietary tools and equipment specifically for working with Titanium and the physical attributes required to do that.

Other aspects of the process include Welding and joining technologies, marking, stone setting, anodizing, heat treating, etching, manual and mechanical finishings.

QA – EM ensures worlds best practices throughout the entire process, ensuring that nothing passes the QA stage without undergoing rigorous examination.


Every single client that has purchased an Edward Mirell ring from us has been very much satisfied with the product. Titanium products coming out of China can be purchased cheaper, however we believe that there is absolutely no substitute for quality, particularly when it comes to wedding rings. To say that Edward Mirell offers the highest quality Titanium wedding rings in the world is something that we feel very strongly about, having tested countless Titanium brands in the past.
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EM ring

Edward Mirell are capable of the most intricate and stunning designs


The coming together of Alpha Rings and Edward Mirell was somewhat by accident. Alpha Rings was in need of a custom designed black Titanium Wedding Ring. We went to Edward Mirell due to their reputation in the industry for exceptional outcomes, and so the relationship was born. Alpha Rings are the only place where EM can be purchased in Australia or New Zealand.
Switzerland nike air max

Black Titanium Ring

Ultimately this was the ring responsble for EM and Alpha Rings coming together


Alpha Rings is an Adelaide company, specialising in Mens Wedding Rings. Our reputation for providing exceptional customer service and offering world class quality products, has only been enhanced since partnering Edward Mirell. Our corporate goals are almost identical. Both companies treat clients as we would like to be treated, the lost skill of Customer Service is firmly on display when you purchase an EM product in Australia.

The Edward Mirell Warranty and rings for life resizing program ensure that your Mens Wedding Ring stays on your finger for life.