Edward Mirell Timoku Rings

Timoku & Silver Ring

Alpha Rings is proud to bring the award winning Edward Mirell “Timoku” range to the Australian public!
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EM Timoku rings are a high quality blend of Black Titanium and Grey Titanium, fused together to create the incredible rings that you see before you.
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The name Timoku comes from joining the term Mokume Gane and the atomic symbol for titanium, Ti.

Mokume Gane is an age old technique from Japan used to make swords. Loosely translated, it means “wood-grain metal.”
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The most romantic part of Timoku rings is the concept of two inter-twining souls, the sum of both being stronger than each individual one. It is a representation of harmony with nature, and the joining together of two parties.

The distinctive layered effect of Edward Mirell Timoku is hard to mistake. Only Edward Mirell offer true Black Titanium, meaning that this ring will not have the black scratch off.  Given the ripple effect that is created, any scratches will be less visible than a standard ring and will look a part of the design. Once again Edward Mirell sets itself apart from the competition with their unsurpassed quality and style.

Timoku rings are very light because they are made of Titanium. The average Timoku ring would range from around 5-7 grams which is quite light.
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Alpha Rings Timoku range can be found here
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Stainless Steel Rings – Good, bad or ugly?

Steel Ring

The manufacturing numbers for Stainless Steel rings have exploded in the last decade. In every jewelry store in every mall in every city you can find stainless steel rings in abundance. Why is this?
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The reason is that Stainless Steel Jewelry is very easy to manufacture and its easy to make quite intricate designs out of. It is able to be mass produced in Asia, and as such it can be bought by retailers at very low prices. This allows large profit margins when the product is bought at such low prices in bulk.
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Alpha Rings has a policy that we don’t stock Stainless Steel rings. Opportunity for profit have never been a motivation. Alpha Rings prides itself on providing our clients with the highest quality products, at the lowest prices possible. It is the quality aspect of Stainless Steel Rings that prevent us from selling them with confidence.

Stainless Steel Ring

Steel Rings offer versatility at the expense of scratch resistance

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Probably the biggest fault of Stainless Steel rings is their very low scratch resistance and malleability. Because Steel is soft (in comparison to Titanium, Cobalt and Tungsten), this is what makes it an easy product to work with. Quite intricate designs can be worked, as well as being open to anodising.
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But Steels greatest attribute is also its greatest weakness – the ease with which it scratches and bends. A ring that looks great today will certainly show signs of wear within the first few weeks of use.
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At Alpha Rings we believe that you shouldn’t sacrifice price for quality. Titanium Rings offer similar attributes to Steel but with far greater benefits. We believe that the extra investment in your ring will be well worth it as your Titanium Ring will look much better for longer. It is true that Titanium will still scratch to some degree, but not anywhere near that of Stainless Steel.

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