How to get the correct ring size

ring size tool

The most important issue when purchasing a new ring is an obvious one, choosing the ring you like best!! The next most important point to consider is, what is my ring size, and how do I find out?
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Finding the correct ring size is extremely important. Firstly, if a particular ring is not in stock (and in most instances with more complex designs, this will be the case), then the ring will need to be custom made. With this in mind, its critical to get the ring size absolutely spot on. Failure to do so will require the ring to be returned, and another ring made. This can certainly become an issue if there is a Wedding date fast approaching.
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There are several mechanisms you can use in order to get your ring size correct. We will give a brief discussion on each, from least effective to most effective method.

1/ Paper ring size tool

ring size tool
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This is probably the least effective method for getting your ring size correct. It involves printing a piece of paper and sticking your finger through a hole that you create in that paper. The big problem is that the paper is far too flimsy, and its also way too thin, so you dont get the correct size because your only measuring a width of a fraction of a millimeter. Alpha Rings do not recommend you use this at all.
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2/ String

string to get correct ring size

This method is pretty much the same as the above method in terms of effectiveness – Not at all effective. This method involved getting string, wrapping it around your finger until a “string ring” is formed. From there, the joining point is marked and cut. Once that is done, it is measured and cross referenced against a ring size chart off the internet to give a size. The big problem with this method is:
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– Is the string ring too tight/too loose?

– Does it overlap slightly?

– The string is far too thin, so it doesnt give the correct width perspective.

Just as with the first method, we do not recomend you get your mens ring sized this way at all.
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 3/ Plastic ring size tool

Ring sizer tool

The plastic ring size tool is a reasonably popular method for getting the correct ring size. It has its positives and negatives, but it is a much better method than the first two. You should generally be able to get close to the correct size with this, we would suggest with between 1/4- 1/2 size error margin. The issues with this method are that generally the plastic tool is not “comfort fit” (an inner domed effect) and that point alone will fractionally alter the size. Also, the material is plastic, and prone to flexing.


4/ Jeweler – professional steel ring size apparatus.

ring-sizer mens rings

This is one of the best methods for getting your ring size correct. It involves walking into a jeweler and asking them to size your finger. This generally produces a favorable result. There are a couple of issues with this method however. The first and probably worst for most people is going in to a bricks and mortar store to get their finger sized when they have no intention of buying. Savvy customers are well aware that these stores are selling essentially the same product, but at greatly inflated prices.

The other issue is that the actual tool itself is usually only a few millimeters wide. That creates an issue in that the jeweler often has to use two rings which can create a slightly false result. This, however is probably one of the best methods for getting the ring size correct.


5/ Using actual rings

When you purchase your ring from Alpha Rings, we will call you or email you and have a discussion with you about your purchase. True to our mission statement, we want every customer to have the best experience possible. That means first and foremost finding the best ring for you, and secondly getting the size right. If you have any uncertainty in your size whatsoever, we will actually send you a few rings to size your finger. Whilst it can add a couple of days to the production time, there are significant benefits.  The big benefit of this is that you will be using an 8mm ring which is the exact width of the majority of rings we make. Secondly, it is comfort fit, like all our rings. And thirdly, you have rings with sequential sizes, so if one is a touch tight and one is a touch loose, you will be able to pick which one is going to be best for you.

Unfortunately some men have fingers which make it hard to get the correct ring size. Big knuckles on lean fingers creates a problem in that the ring is hard to get over the knuckle, but loose in its resting position. Its only when you use actual rings that you can ensure your fit will be perfect.

The other issue is that Edward Mirell Rings cannot be returned if the size is wrong, as they are custom made and ordered. This then means that it is essential we get the size spot on.

Here at Alpha Rings, we use the US sizing system. This system is a much more straight forward and methodical system to allow you to get the correct ring size. We also purchase most of our products in America using the US system. So when we get an Edward Mirell product custom made for you – we need the US size. Thats no problem because once you have your size in the British/Australian system, you can use this ring size guide to convert the size easily yourself.

Alpha Rings ensures that you have every opportunity to get your size right the first time.


Engraving Tungsten & Ceramic Rings

Tungsten Ring Engraving

We get asked quite frequently about engraving contemporary ring materials such as Tungsten, Cobalt and Ceramic. Questions such as “ can tungsten rings be engraved?“, “How much does it cost to engrave a ring?“, and less common (but we still get asked), “How do they get engraved?”
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First of all its important to understand, briefly the characteristics of these types of rings. The ideology is different from times gone by where Gold, White Gold and Platinum were the typical materials used for mens rings. These metals served their purpose, there was a sense of value to them and their alloys made sound wedding rings.
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Times have changed however and peoples needs have evolved. Contemporary metals offer a look which is the equal of any of these traditional metals with the main difference being their superior ability to withstand the punishment of day to day wear and tear.
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However to every plus their is a minus, and that minus was that these rings, particularly Tungsten, are near on impossible to engrave with traditional engraving techniques. These techniques essentially scratch the surface of the ring, which creates a “pattern” on the surface of the ring.

This really isn’t possible with Tungsten rings, the surface is far too hard. The solution then, is laser engraving. Laser engraving is exactly as it sounds. A laser of incredible temperature “burns” the surface of the Tungsten, Ceramic or Cobalt to create the expected result. Laser engraving on Tungsten has a light gold appearance which is very pleasant.

laser engraving

A laser engraving machine

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Laser engravers have computers which set, with incredible accuracy, what they are engraving. This takes any of the human element out of the engraving process.

Laser engravers do cost a quite a large sum of money however they are very much indispensable in the wedding ring business these days.
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All Alpha rings are inscribed with our brand “alpha” first of all, then the first 3 letters of the material, such as “COB” (cobalt), TUN (Tungsten) and then the size.
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We can do custom engraving in certain circumstances however its very important that you email us first. Custom engraving also means you cannot return the ring, because the inside of the ring will be engraved, the ring will therefore be unsellable. We do not charge extra for the engraving process as its a service to our customers. We think if we were customers this would be a minimum expectation.


How Tungsten Rings are made

Tungsten Rings

Much has been made of Tungsten Rings recently. Tungsten is one of the modern rings, or contemporary ring materials that has gained incredible popularity of late.
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This popularity is for a few reasons, such as the incredible scratch resistance and the mirror like finish.

However a number of our customers have asked us – how are these Tungsten rings made? With that in mind, it became appropriate to write a post on the topic.
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First and foremost, and as I’ve touched on with other posts in the past, and will certainly do so in the future, the quality of these contemporary metals fluctuates greatly. Poor quality rings are, unfortunately found all over the internet. Due to this, its most important that you do your research and ask questions which you can gain from this, and other posts within our blog.

First of all, Tungsten has the chemical symbol W, and has the atomic number 74. It is a greyish white metal. Importantly it has the highest melting point of all metals, at a whopping 3422 degrees. Tungsten rings are around 10 times harder than 18k gold, 5 times harder than steel, and 4 times harder than titanium.  Tungsten also measures somewhere around 8 to 9 on the Mohs hardness scale. Diamonds are a 10.

Tungsten in its pure form is prone to scratching and is quite brittle, so it needs to be combined with other materials, the main one being carbon. It is only at this point that it gains its incredible strength and scratch resistance. This is where the term Tungsten Carbide Rings comes from.
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Making Tunsgten Rings

Tungsten Rings start as a powder

Each Tungsten ring goes through approximately 30 stages, and they are individually crafted. This is another step in the process where error rates can creep in so it is essential that the quality personnel are used to ensure a high quality end product.
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For the purpose of making mens rings the tungsten starts off as a powder, containing Carbon, Nickel, Tungsten (around 85% is ideal) and various other trace components. This composition is critical to the finished product. This combinatin of powders is then highly compressed & fired in a furnace & this produces a blank ring of incredible strength and integrity.

From there the manual process begins where artisans go through various processes to create the finished product. Diamond abrasives and diamond cutting tools need to be used when machining the Tungsten blank, because of how strong the product is. The main stages to consider are the shaping of the ring which occurs with diamond grinding tools. This includes the inlay channel which is cut out. From there polishing occurs. Because of the hardness of the product, this is one of the most labor intensive stages.
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The resulting product is an astonishingly hard ring with a brilliant shine. If looked after properly these rings will last forever. I have had many tungsten rings over the years and they all look as good as when I got them.
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Check out our new website!

Alpha Rings for Men

Finally our new website is available! We will be adding back all our customers favourite men’s rings and cufflinks, and many new ones.
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The new site will be essentially the same however we think we will be able to provide a better customer experience. There will be more media, more blog posts, more specials and better and more detailed descriptions of our products. All this adds up to making it easier for the customer to choose your ring.
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It will also be much easier for you to share any products that you want your friends to see.Coupon For Oakley sunglasses

Alpha Rings for Men

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Here are a selection of my rings. The pictures have a more artistic flavour than purely a photo to showcase the ring for the point of selling to the consumer. All of these rings are Tungsten or Ceramic, with a silver inlay.

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Above is the logo to our webstore, located at, the home of our “alpha tungsten” range. You will note that the mirror finish of the Tungsten actually soaks up much of the background, giving the rings a much darker feel.

This ring is amazing. It shows how the Tungsten, once brushed, gives a very much gunmetal appearance.

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A stunning polished Tungsten ring with a 4mm silver inlay.

air jordan 7 olympic
One of the most amazing rings I’ve ever seen. Polished mens Tungsten ring, this one has beveled edges, and a 3mm silver inlay. The workmanship is quite stunning. This is always our most popular design. The “alpha tungsten” brand ensures its not rubbish that will tarnish aswell. You can see from the second picture how amazing it does look.

Traditional shape for a male engagement ring or mens wedding ring. This Tungsten ring has a domed shape with a silver inlay. The Tungsten is polished and the inlay brushed, which creates the most stunning of contrasts.

This mens tungsten ring is a concave design. It makes the ring almost look like molten metal. A great ring to wear because of the way the ring catches light and the angles of light on its surface.
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Becoming very popular now. The mens Tungsten band which is polished, and has 2 polished Silver inlays. A great ring. Most people get it as a male wedding ring, but also popular as a male engagement ring, and of course a day to day mens fashion ring.
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For this selection of stunning rings, and many others feel free to drop in at

Thanks go to Alberto for the photography.