The Quality of Men’s Wedding Rings from Alpha Rings

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The Quality of Men’s Wedding Rings from Alpha Rings
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Choosing from the numerous types and styles of men’s wedding rings is no simple task. You may be surprised to learn what different kinds of materials these bands can be made with. From gold to silver, tungsten and titanium, your options are endless.

Alpha Rings Are High Quality
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Men’s rings from Alpha are a great example of the diversity in mens wedding band design. As a company based in Australia, this manufacturer specializes in particular materials such as ceramic, tungsten, and titanium. Since Cobalt is not a great fit as a binder for Tungsten rings, Nickel is the only binder they use for hypo-allergenic quality. It won’t react with your skin or tarnish the ring itself. Their state-of-the-art production process brings exquisite Alpha rings to the market for men who are looking for a solid band with a stunning appearance.  In fact, the quality of some foreign rings is so poor, that it was recently reported in the media that some Titanium rings contained radioactive compounds. You can rest assured that will never happen with an Alpha Ring.
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What to Look for When Buying Men’s Rings

If you’re looking for a high quality ring made of tungsten or titanium, there are certain things you want to look for. First, be sure that cobalt isn’t being used as the binder as mentioned above (only for Tungsten rings). Next, look for warranties and terms of your purchase. These are important details that some men tend to overlook.
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Cobalt mixed with Cr & Mo is completely hypoallergenic. There is no risk with Cobalt when in this compound; in fact it creates an incredible silver hue. Perfect for mens rings.
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Finally and most importantly you want to be aware of the exact composition of the ring itself. When you see Titanium rings or Cobalt rings on the market, you may not be sure of exactly how much is comprised of that material. The balance matters – a high concentration means better quality and appearance. That’s why Alpha Rings prides itself on their 85% Tungsten rings. When you’re looking for the perfect ring, consider Alpha Rings.